Finding a lost scent: Taji by Shulton circa 1965

Tonight after years of searching, I found the name of a beloved fragrance from the past: Taji by Shulton, production date around 1965. Oh no! I’m showing my age!  Oh well!  My grandmother had it, it was a light oriental… Continue Reading

Acqua di Parma Profumata Blu Mediterraneo’s Mandorlo di Sicilia: Afternoon in Capri (Kay)

What to wear in the warm weather? Sometimes I get tired of green fragrances, marines aren’t what I need and the smell of suntan lotion isn’t exotic enough right now.  With this in mind I went stalking the elusive “something… Continue Reading

Sweet things: Prada “Candy” and “Serendipitous” by Serendipity 3

“Are you finding everything you need?” The grocery clerk asked me with a look of concern.  I had my nose pressed up against a bag of cat litter.   “Oh yes, I’m fine” I replied. “Thank you.” I guess it did… Continue Reading