Vero Speaks!


Unless you are a) living under a HUGE rock or b)(gasp!) Not On Facebook  you are probably aware that the incredibly lovely and talented Vero Kern is poised to unveil a new fragrance!  The new scent, .mito. is poised to launch in September of this year.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms Kern a little while ago and thought you might want to know what all the fuss is about.  I haven’t yet sniffed the scent but the notes are wonderful:




Citrus blend, Magnolia grandiflora, White magnolia champaca, Jasmine



Galbanum, Hyacinth, Cypress blend, Moss – and in Vero’s deft handling are sure to combine to a fragrance that is every bit as swoonalicious as her previous three, Kiki, Rubj and Onda.


(I cribbed the notes from Michelyn’s wonderful article in CaFleurBon – you can read it  here) .  I loooove Patty’s rockin’ description, here.  I can’t wait to try this perfume!!! 

I decided that since there were so many great interviews on the fragrance already in the works I would ask her some questions that focus more on the heart/mind/soul behind these gorgeous perfumes.  She is such a gracious woman – and such a good sport – she answered every single one of them! Didn’t hit me with a stick or nuthin’!

Interview is below!


PP: Vero, Hello! and congratulations on your Fifth Jubilee and
the launch of your new fragrance

VK: Hello Anita! Thank you for the congratulations! I am
overjoyed that I can celebrate this anniversary. Not self evident              
in this difficult kind of business…

PP: There seems to be such secrecy surrounding this launch,
and on your website, the descriptions of your perfumes invoke
the word ‘secret’ quite often. I love the idea of perfume being
secret, giving up those secrets, teasingly, over time. When you
are working on crafting a perfume, do you think of the secrets
the finished product will hold for the wearer?

VK: The mystery surrounding on the new perfume has to do
with “TIME”. The Perfume making process takes time and for
the time being the future scent remains in the background and
is only gradually approaching. Just like the bud of a flower that
slowly opens… We live in an age in which we can conjure up on
everything with a simple computer CLICK. Just like that … The
mysteriously waiting around the perfume creation moves into
a delicious anticipation – everybody can dream up so his own

PP: do you find that, even after you have spent so many hours/
months/years working on drafts and then the final, finished
product, that your perfume still can hold secrets for you? Or does
it reveal all of itself to its creator?

VK: even the finished product can never cease to amaze me.
Especially when I read in the forums or on the blogs how
OTHERS anticipate my fragrances. I then read scent impressions
I’ve never perceived as such, but for those describing the smell
are these impressions a reality. Once again this confirms for me
that personal scent perception is something totally subjective.

PP: continuing in that vein, a quote attributed to
Michelangelo: “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until
I set him free”. Do you approach perfumery thus? Or is your
approach more scientific?. Do you think it’s possible to do both
within the confines of creating a scent?

VK: Fragrances are known not to be perceived visually, but my
approach is similar. I have a certain “scent picture in my head”
and trying to work out and realize it. This is the artistic part, and
then there is also the other one where I have some important
technical aspects to consider about.

PP: In the Facebook press surrounding your 5th year there
are a lot of references to Marilyn Monroe. Is there a connection
between the iconic actress and Vero Profumo?

VK: Marilyn in this case was an aesthetic choice! I love Marilyn
but those anniversary pictures on FB, are primarily there for
the film SOME LIKE IT HOT, with emphasis on HOT. I love this
movie! On one of my profile pictures on FB, you can see me
with my original movie poster in the background. The film has
a vibrant mood and I have chosen scenes where the GIRLS are
playing music, considering it as a kind of private orchestra that
plays for the anniversary. Marilyn with her ukulele as she sings is
simply irresistible, and the other two images of her with birthday
cake and firework fit perfectly with the theme.

SOME LIKE IT HOT is a guiding principle for my creations and
me. It matches my life energy – to speak with a wink.

PP: You’ve been asked, many times, whether you consider
creating perfume is an art form, like creating a symphony or a
painting. My personal opinion is that it is an art form and the
best perfumes require an artist’s touch as well as a craftsman’s
skill and diligence – and the best artists, like yourself, are also
craftsmen. Do you engage in other artistic pursuits?

VK: I am involved in various cultural projects involving
implementation of a purely artistic fragrance and odour
perception. For example, the various contributions at the Smell
Festival in Bologna Italy. At the moment I am involved in a
project commissioned by the Swiss National Science Foundation
and directed by the Berne University of Art. We are a group of
artists and scientists studying a particular topic. I’m interested
to increase in more group projects with the interface art and
science involved.

PP: Is there any significance in your launching this new scent in
Italy? Do you see any difference in the way Italians approach

VK: The inspiration behind the new fragrance is a wonderful
Renaissance garden at Tivoli near Rome. The new fragrance is
not only an anniversary fragrance; it is also dedicated to Italy.
Italy has a wonderful and unique fragrance culture, and here
lives also my partner: The family di Liello from Campomarzio70,
with not only the most beautiful perfume shops worldwide
but also with an absolute flair for artistic perfumery and the
culture of perfume. They enable and help me to survive with my
creations. I’m so lucky!

PP: Last question (more of a plea, really). Patty and I (blog
partners on Perfume Posse) have discussed the legendary
Jacques Fath scent Iris Gris and agree that you are the best
perfumer to do a current interpretation. We know you are
focused on your own original creations but have you ever
considered tackling that scent? If so, we would love to be your
focus group!

VK: Oh this is very flattering; thank you so much for your
confidence in my work!

Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to smell IRIS GRIS
Jacques Fath, is not only dreaming of this fragrance but also
demanding an immediate re-composition – including myself!
But I think this scent is so unique that it can hardly be redone.
It would always be THE COPY of… never to come close to the
original for various reasons. And above all, we can no longer
dream of…

Sure, one day I will create a fragrance with an iris topic. Then I
will get back to you – and if you still want to, I will happily invite
you to be my focus group. YEY!

Thanks so much for your time. We are eagerly awaiting the
launch of your newest creation!!!

Thank you and I do hope you will enjoy the newborn „CHILD“!

Vero Kern for vero profumo, June 13, 2012.


Photo of the beautiful Vero Kern:  Courtesy of Diego Comi Ph.;


that absolutely darling illustration: Sofo Berdzenishvili

  • Ann says:

    Hi, sweetie — what a wonderful read! Vero is one classy lady (as are you). I can’t wait to try her latest creation. And everyone is spot on about her resemblance to Helen Mirren — I kept looking at her, wondering who she reminded me of and it was Ms. Mirren indeed. Hugs to you …

  • Joan says:

    This is a really dignified, thoughtful interview on both ends. Thanks for the heads-up about the new perfume.

    • Musette says:

      Joan – you actually gave me pause, since the words ‘dignified’ and ‘thoughtful’ don’t always describe the ol’ :Devil: here. Ms Kern, yes. :Devil:, not so much!

      Thank you for the lovely compliment!


  • Suzanne says:

    Thank you for this wonderful interview with Vero, Musette! I got the opportunity to sample Mito and it is dreamy and enchanting!

  • Sam says:

    Thank you for this interesting interview! I love “seeing behind the creative curtain” through Q&As with artists. Ms Kern’s statement that the finished product never ceases to amaze her really gets to the heart of creative effort, don’t you think? …That the finished product has a life of its own, and–as she said–people who smell/wear her perfume will find elements in it that she, the perfumer, was unaware of. Such an incredible process (and true for all artists, I think, whatever their medium). Thanks for sharing this.

    • Musette says:

      You are welcome! That really spoke to me, too! As a painter, I start out with a preconceived notion…and am always startled when the painting decides to go in another direction! Ditto when someone else sees something, especially in the early stages, that I didn’t know was there. Once made aware, of course, it becomes impossible to un-see! I like that she’s secure enough in her talent to allow that to happen.


  • OhLily says:

    Hyacinth, galbanum and moss = count me in!

  • FragrantWitch says:

    Great interview! Vero sounds like a very interesting lady which is no surprise given the fragrances she had created, and this latest one sounds very intriguing as well. She was very gracious as well-, unlike a certain perfumer who looks down his nose at blogs!

  • Musette, I am right there with you on the crush thing. Total Vero fangirl–work and gracious lady. Yay!

    • Musette says:

      Well, our society in general would have us believe that women are mostly invisible after 50 (and I’m certainly past that tipping point myself). And I love that there are so many women out here who are, if anything, BETTER than they were in their youth. I don’t think Ms Kern could’ve created Onda while in her 20s. I hope I do her no insult by comparing her to Helen Mirren (I wish someone would compare ME to Helen Mirren)…but I consider Ms. Mirren way sexier now than she was in the Cook/Thief days.

      xoxo :Devil:

      • FragrantWitch says:

        Helen Mirren is simply fabulous and better with age I think. Judi Dench ( she rocks her silver crop) and Vanessa Redgrave as well. I think the key is that they are damn happy to be who they are and enjoyed the journey to become who they are. I imagine they would be the same without the celeb status- class just tells doesn’t it?

        • Ann says:

          I second you, M, on those wonderful actresses (and let’s not forget Maggie Smith) — great ladies all!

      • Austenfan says:

        Funny thing, when I saw that photo of Ms. Kern I immediately thought of Dame Helen, in Prime Suspect. I think she became really good looking in her late thirties/ early forties. Great woman!
        And I love the Vero Kerns. ( Haven’t tried Onda yet though).

  • Amy says:

    Thanks for this interview!

    Gee, she is just so…charismatic. As are her creations. Can’t wait for Mito!

    • Musette says:

      I KNOW!!! She’s got that Helen Mirren Fabulous thing going – looks, brains, talent galore. Gives a Cranky Old Bat like myself hope!

      xoxo :Devil:

  • Great questions and lovely accurate responses, thanks for the great read.
    I’d love to pick Vero’s brains one day! 😛

    • Musette says:

      I have such a crush on her work – and I suspect I have a crush on her as well. I don’t know her personally but everything I read about her suggests that she is every bit as charming and erudite as her responses.

      xoxo :Devil:

  • Charming and insightful interview, Musette!