Musk Perfume Sample set Winner & comments, etc

Musk perfume sample set winner is Jennifer C and Catherine M!  Congrats to both of you!  Just click on the Drop Us a Line at the top of the page, send me your address, remind me what you’ve won. I’ll shoot you a quick e-mail back so you know you didn’t wind up in a spam filter, and I’ll get your sample set out to you!  

Comments. Sigh….  Our old commenting system inexplicably quit working when I switched themes. I don’t know why, support doesn’t know why, and after I spent like 6 hours on it and got nowhere and saw no possible answer within my technical range short of flipping back to the old theme, which I didn’t want anymore! – too cluttered – I put in Disqus.  Which we are kind of stuck with now.   After using it a while, I sorta like it, but here’s the cliff notes on how to get them to work well.  

You don’t have to register with Disqus to comment at all.  But if you do, or if you use your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ log-in, then you can get e-mail notifications, as well as log into Disqus and see all replies to any comment going back however far you want!  You can edit your comments, too. It has a lot of nice features.  

Another cute thing, at the top where comments start, on the left where it says Discussion, if you want to see the newest comments first, click that and click on Newest. If you want to see the oldest, click Oldest.  So you can do your own sorting of comments based on what you want to see. I do like having the newest at the top so you don’t have to scroll down so far!  for those of you that haven’t noticed, all the comments don’t load, and when you get to the bottom, you do have to click Load more comments, and then it will bring in a bunch more.  

So do you really hate them, or can everyone live with them? I thought they gave us most of what we wanted – not requiring people register to comment, but letting people who register or use another account log in to have access to more features.  If you guys want me to keep looking for something else because you really hate them, I will!  

Thursday I’ll be posting all the discounts on perfume/beauty sites I have. You’ll have one place to go to find discount codes for the big sale weekend!  If anyone knows of a sale going on I don’t have listed, just shoot me an e-mail so I can add it. See? I think of you guys all the time. 

Hey, Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

  • nozknoz says:

    I guess I’m just grateful there is a way to comment without having to register – I’m just so sick of all the etailers that force users to set up accounts and passwords. The most annoying thing about this to me is that it doesn’t seem to link to gravatar very effectively and all the gray silhouettes are kind of creepy. But I’m not going to worry about it, because I know it won’t be too long before you get bored with this format and try something new! 🙂

    • nozknoz says:

      And the stupid Einstein gravatar that shows up for multiple people is also annoying. Nothing against Einstein, but he’s the only one who should ever be allowed to use it!

    • Patty White says:

      Yeah, I get it sometimes for ordering stuff, but I hate it for commenting. I’ve got so many stupid user names and passwords laying around that I have to remember to post a comment on someone’s blog, I just won’t do it anymore because after three tries of trying to remember what I’ve signed up with, it’s just, um, no!

      Ah, you’re on to me. I kinda like this one. I’m waiting for Anita to make me the logo of my dreams. Until then, I’m just playing with filler. 🙂

  • Liz K says:

    Doesn’t seem too bad to me now that I have figured it out. Took me a few hours of quietly muttering at my computer (I would have been yelling but I was at work) to figure out that I needed to unblock Disqus if I wanted to post. I do find it hard to use the “1 new post above” and “load new posts” sometimes but I think the program is just a bit spastic- I’m sure it isn’t user error 😉

  • Sharon C. says:

    Agree with Lisa D about Swapmania. Found the most useful Disqus feature was the ability to collapse (and expand) comments using the minus sign (-) in the upper right corner of each commenter’s post. Found this by accident; it only appears if you move the cursor over the correct spot. The drawback was that, if you closed the Posse post and reopened it later, you had to do the Collapse Dance all over again.

    Love the Best/Newest/Oldest sort feature, and the ability to go in and edit items as they were swapped, tho’. Never figured out how to do that the last Swapmania.
    And thanks for hosting Swapmania again–made several great exchanges (waves at Lisa D.)!

  • Lisa D says:

    Well, I wouldn’t say that I HATE them……:-) I think the comments via Disqus are sufficient for day to day posting, but not for something as extensive as Swapmania. I was among the ones who, having been through previous swaps, thought that posting as early as possible would be beneficial, but as it turns out, this wasn’t the case. Early posts got deeply buried (and some got lost). It was difficult to search through the comments, looking for particular scents or swappers. Lest this post be all gloomy, though, let me say that I made some fun swaps, found posseites as wonderfully fun and generous as always, and offer up my sincere thanks to the Posse for hosting this event!

    • Patty White says:

      Yeah, I know it was a little tricky with so many posts. I don’t think anyone minded, though, if you re-posted later with an updated list so it moved further up. I’ll try and give better instructions on how to make comments work better for people next time so they know registering is really the way to go, that they can collapse, and they should re-sort from Oldest lest they miss some really great stuff posted earlier! I’m not sure how well the search feature works inside of Disqus? I’ve never actually tried that!