Just Not That Into You: Tom Ford Noir

tom ford noirI have a lot respect for Tom Ford, an healthy dose of it grudging. It was brilliant that he basically saved Gucci’s bacon and his one line of stuff is very good. Some of his “shocking” advertising seems to be on a 14-year old’s level of taste, but I suppose that’s the point- you’re looking at it, talking about it, perhaps even railing against it. But you’re paying attention.

There are several of his scents I have liked, some of which had been discontinued. A friend of mine was in Neiman Marcus the other day and scored a sample of Tom For Noir, and thought it was a little more masculine and that perhaps I’d like it.

I do and I don’t.

I do in that Ford has brought a little drama and some, well, chewiness is the word that comes to mind to a department store price point.

From the blurb: An oriental, sensual fragrance that captures the twin facets of the Tom Ford man; the refined, urbane sophisticate who the world gets to see and the intriguingly sensuous, private man they don’t.

Yeah, whatever.

Notes (from the indispensable Basenotes)

And you get all of that- this isn’t some wispy eau de nil thing. So why am I not liking it? I think it’s the fault of the price point. You get the feeling that this was designed to use up lower quality ingredients. It’s better than 90% of what’s in the department stores, but for around $40 more you’re in Lutens territory. Since quite a few Lutens cover this shift and should be applied with a toothpick, I know where my hard earned Holiday cash would be spent.

Sorry Tom.

$90 for 1.7oz and $140 for 3.4

This one is available all over the place, including Nordstroms, from whom I stole the image

  • Darryl says:

    I remember a collective perfumista shrug when this was released, but I quite liked it. That said, I agree with you about the disproportionately high price tag for what is essentially a nice ambery musk – dark, yes, and sexy in a pressed-tuxedo sort of way, but not for a second did I consider buying it at full price.

  • me says:

    Sometimes Tom Ford’s “private lines” show up discounted as Estee Lauder’s outlet cosmetic chain at discounted prices.

  • eldarwen22 says:

    I remember trying out Tobacco Vanille and liking it but I’ve always debated on if I should sink the money into getting a full bottle.

  • AnnieA says:

    @Rosarita the Sahara Noir reminded me of one of the CdG incenses and probably half the price.

  • rosarita says:

    I really like this one, but of course I swapped for my mini bottle. I wouldn’t buy a full bottle just because I have so many perfumes in this category, but I do like Noir better than most of the pricier Private Collection line. The woman’s version, Sahara Noir, is good too but to my nose almost identical to Satellite Padparadscha, which is a much better price point. Thanks for the review!

  • Ann says:

    Hi, Tom! I haven’t sniffed this one in quite a while so can’t speak to it specifically, but I did feel pretty “meh” about his Sahara Noir. On me, it was OK but just sort of flat — no development, no real interest. And you’re so right; at that price point or somewhat above, you can get some neat stuff.

  • Portia says:

    Did you see the video he made for this Tom, all about how this was the most him fragrance ever made etc etc etc?
    Portia xx