Perfumes for Strength and Comfort

Okay – before I tell you the story, let me tell you this:  HE’S FINE!


photo stolen:

photo stolen:

Here’s the backstory.   About 10 days ago I noticed that Carmine had difficulty yawning and chewing…thinking he had, at most, an abscessed tooth, I took him to the vet, he was going to get a tooth pulled, probably a lot of antibiotics and crabbing.   No.  He has cancer in his jaw.  Whew.  Okay.  I was able to write that without fainting.  Okay.  Feeling a little less shrieky now.  It’s aggressive, relatively common, alas, not treatable (unless I want to remove 40+% of his jaw and even with that there is a 70% chance the cancer would return and he’s 10 and he’s a dog and they don’t like to do without 40+% of their jaw, y’know?)  and he’s going to be fine until it’s apparent that he’s not (pain), then we are going to ease him out of this world, with all the love in our hearts.  In the meantime, he’s eating canned dog food, which is the Treat of the Century for him, getting pretty much Anything He Wants, bugging the crap out of the Girlz, snuggling me and his dad and generally seems to be having a gay-old time!  This time is a gift for El O and me –  I didn’t wake up to find him dead on the floor ( brutal, that – it’s happened to me.) – we’re fortunate to have the opportunity to adjust to this and  do what we need to do to make this okay for us, which can Only Be Good for Carmine, since he’s already spoiled rotten (El O made him a Breakfast Burrito on Sunday…and in that way that humor wiggles its way into the weirdest places:  I was telling a friend about the situation and that we don’t know how much time we have, etc and  he was to be spoiled and given soft foods and El O bought him Gravy Train and  a package of hot dogs and he broke in, saying “GRAVY TRAIN & HOT DOGS ARE NOT HEALTHY!!!”……I just hummed the Jeopardy theme song until the penny dropped …he was sooo mortified, poor thing.  Then we laughed.  People mean well.)

As you might imagine, though, it took me a few days to get to this point.  And while I was trying to get my nerves out of my ears and ease the weight off my heart I desperately needed a Protective Comfort scent.   Patty and I were discussing my choice –  it was, oddly enough, Chanel No5 “hmmm…that is an odd comfort choice” she said…until I told her it was a 80s vintage perfume.  “Ohh!  Well that makes WAY more sense!  I don’t see the Chanels as comforting – until you get to the parfums.  Then I would follow them down whatever rabbit hole they wanted to take me!”.  Truer words never spoken.  Chanel is not the first House I think of when I think comfort scents, either; Chanel No5, particularly in EdT,  always carries that chilly, Hitchcock Blonde vibe for me.  Yet something in the perfume both softens and bolsters the chilly armor of the scent, a cashmere-lined velvet glove, encased in a metal fist, wielding a mace.  It was, for me, just. like. that.  I could withstand most anything because I was both cosseted and armored.

And…okay, this is probably both sacrilegious and crazy, but….there is a neutrality to No5 (especially the vintage parfum) that is very calming.  Perhaps it’s the ubiquitous nature of the scent – after all, it’s been around longer than I’ve been alive  – and I don’t think there are many people who don’t have at least some idea how No5 smells.   Maybe it’s in that continuity that I find comfort.  Who knows?  But I can tell you that those 4 days, awash in No5 parfum, gave me the protection I needed so I could catch my breath and start to figure out the next steps for our baby boy.

Does this seem like an odd scent choice to you?  No right/wrong answer here;  I was surprised by it, myself!  But just sniffing Mitsouko made me so gnashy I scared even me and warmer scents gave me hives and everything else just lacked the …the HEFT! I needed to get my pins back in line.  No5 ticked all my ‘needy’ boxes!  Who’dathunkit!?

What are your perfumes  for strength and comfort? Have you been surprised by your choices?

And…by the way…HE’S FINE!  He really is.   He’s the persack same dog he was 5 days/ 5 hrs ago.   Just more precious than he was 5 days/5 hrs ago, if that’s even possible.  (he is getting pretty sick of me just sitting there, staring at him, though.  At one point he just raised his head, looked at me and GROWLED! LOL!)


Stop staring at me. I’m FINE!

  • Lizzy says:

    Oh, Musette, I’m so glad that Carmine is just FINE 😉 our little Lily (a Boxer girl) is FINE, too–the cancer we hoped we’d cleared when she lost most of one ear to remove it about two years ago came back and went EVERYWHERE: her spleen, bones, lymph nodes. We’ve made the same choice this round as you, to keep her comfy and spoil her as much as we can with one other Boxer and a 9 month old human baby in the house <3 Hugs and snuggles and sloppy Boxer kisses all around at your house!

    Nothing comforts me like rose and sandalwood and cocoa; for this I usually layer something like Sonoma Scent Studio Rose Volupte and Cocoa Sandalwood, or Liz Zorn's Riverwalk with INeKE Briar Rose. There's just something about the spiritual sandalwood (and patchouli) along with the euphoric cocoa and sensuous rich roses–complete with the sharp green thorns–that makes me feel both uplifted and protected at once. No. 5 is a good one for me too, though: soft and plush on the inside but polished and elegant outside.

  • VannyBL says:

    I was reading this with my two-year-old Parson Russell on my lap, and oh my did I feel your pain! I hope Carmine stays fine for a long long time… while enjoying hot dogs!

  • Holly F. says:

    I’m right there with you, Musette. This time *is* a gift. Spoil him senseless, and take comfort in your mutual love. Our furbabies are so special to us! It’s like we understand each other on a different level, you know? My twelve year old boxer mix has cancer, too, and his remaining time with us is too short. It hurts. But he’s not short on love, that is for certain. I’m grateful for every moment I spend with him. What he wants, he gets. He knows it, too. Much love to you, and big kisses and hugs for that handsome boy of yours. As far as comfort scents go, Anne Pliska edp has given me warmth on several dark, cold nights.

  • Liz K says:

    I am late to the party here ’cause I kept losing my post yesterday but I am soooo sorry to hear about Carmine. I just lost my kitty girl to cancer and it is awful to lose a fur kid. I find that No. 5 EDT (mid to late 90s era) is a comfort scent for me. No idea why as Mom never wore it (she has a bottle that I need to rescue but I have never smelled it on her). It is also my armor scent. I just feel like I can’t break down smelling like No. 5- it would be completely unacceptable.

  • Elena says:

    Oh no, your dog baby. 🙁 The worst thing about pets is that you always have to watch them go. We lost our 13 year old boy greyhound this fall, and it is so hard to know when to let go. Thinking of you! And Chanel is my armour as well, whenever I am feeling unsure and need to steel myself for something… out comes no. 19. Belly rubs to the old man.

  • Tara says:

    I am so sorry to hear about this diagnosis, but you are doing exactly the right thing by spoiling the heck out of him and enjoying whatever time you have left. I am only on my second dog, the first died suddenly in my arms of a stroke, which was not at all what I was expecting, him being so healthy and all, which absolutely knocked me on my ass. My current dog was diagnosed with impaired kidney function at the age of 2 so I am treasuring every day with her – she is 6 and still doing well, doesn’t know she is anything other than a normal dog, but I spend a lot of time looking at her and knowing how bad it’s going to hurt when she does go. Dogs rip out a piece of your heart when they die but they also fill a place in your heart that you never knew was empty. Big hugs to you and skritches to Carmen.

  • Lisa D says:

    Sweetheart, I want you to give Carmine a big ol’ hug and kiss from me, and maybe a big bag of Cheetos. I can totally see that darling mug covered in orange cheesy dust!

  • Tom says:

    oh kiddo- I wish I was there to give you a big hug. (actually, considering the weather I wish you were here. Mmmmm Roscoes.. Carmine would love it!)

    I think you’re making the right choices. I had a friend who put her cat through chemo twice before losing her and while I was supportive I privately thought that it wasn’t fair to the cat to put her through painful procedures like that when she couldn’t be made to understood why they were happening and what the outcome could be.

    I also understand the Vintage No 5. Some of those old scents are battle cloth: No 5, Joy, Miss Dior in vintage all have that aspect of “Fu&k you, You can jackboot your way up the Champs Élysée of my life and I am still going to find the joy in it, a$$hole, and there is zero you can do about it.”

    Sending you a big cyberhug from the left cost, and a cyber waffle with de-boned chicken and gravy to Carmine.

  • Mary K says:

    I am very sorry to hear about Carmine’s diagnosis. My best friend and her hubby have always had dogs, and when an older one had health issues a while back that were not treatable, they fed him hot dogs, spaghetti-o’s and little pizzas, which he loved. Everyone in the household felt better about things and they felt the dog knew more than ever that they loved him. So give Carmine all the goodies that he enjoys and you will know that you are providing him with some happy moments. And I think that any perfume that can really get your mind off of things is good at a time like this.

  • Sorry to hear about Carmine’s cancer, Musette! I tear up when I think about my dear departed pets, I loved them so. Shaliimar comforts me, as does vintage Emeraude parfum–yes, I am hoarding a last few drops of that. Chanel No. 5 extrait makes sense to me, too, though, as a comfort scent. I should go find my tiny amount of the vintage–don’t know why I almost never wear it; probably, I am waiting for the right moment, which never seems to come until it’s too late.. I will wear it tonight in your and Carmine’s honor. Big lick-y smooches to Carmine :-X

  • kizzers says:

    Oh Musette, I’m so sorry about Carmine. There were little puddles on my desk at lunchtime when I read this. I wish I had an ounce of your strength and grace. All we can ever do is be there for them, be their friend, their Mum and their ear-scratch buddy. Because its all they know and want and need from you, and it makes everything just fine.

    Wishing you happy times to come, and great memories you’ve yet to make.

    • Musette says:

      Kizzers, thank you! But I suspect you have more than an ‘ounce’ of strength and grace, yourself! It’s what we do when the situation presents itself that matters. And what we do with the information we have. I wasn’t always here – I’m 7 dogs in. So my first attempts weren’t quite so graceful, alas. But I know they forgave me my ignorance and loved me just the same.


  • Dear lady! I am sorry about Carmine. I’d cover him in smotherly love and treats. You are so wise to recognize that time is short, and enjoy all you can. Love him all you can. He will enjoy every moment!

    I completly agree with your Chanel No. 5 comfort scent. I wear it to shore me up in tough moments (funerals) in awkward moments (interviews) and when I just feel low. Like so many have mentioned, it has been a signature scent for my mom for years, in extrait, so it reminds me of her. Comforting indeed. She’s so very kind and loving that it tinges any situation better for me. Who knew aldehydes could do that? I don’t really think they do–for me, it’s their associations ;D Be well.

    • Musette says:

      Hi, sweetie! So happy to see you here! I think a lot of moms wore No5, which is lovely! My Tia Cornelia was the No5 lady (my mom was Shalimar) and Tia was such an elegant lady….something about No5 always says what mals up there said so perfectly!!!

      Carmine is having a GREAT time, working over his dad and me. Even his brother is helping, by getting yelled at every time he jumps on Carmine – so Carmine is feeling pretttttty smug! LOL!


  • Janice says:

    Oh, Musette, just adding my sympathies for your news and a plea to give Carmine an ear-scratch and a treat from me too. We were in that situation too about 8 years ago, so I can just imagine how spoiled and happy that dog is feeling right now. I laughed out loud picturing El O making him a breakfast burrito. I think you are doing exactly all the right things.

    I don’t even remember what I was wearing back then (it was before the full-blown perfume obsession set in) but I think now the comfort scent might be Bois des Iles.

  • Ann says:

    Oh, sweetie, I am sorry to hear this about your beloved Carmine. But glad to see that you’re finding the joy in spoiling him rotten and slathering him with TLC — each day is a gift. Give him a big smooch for me. Will be praying for you and am sending you big hugs. Hang in there!

  • tammy says:

    Well, f*ck. I suppose I ought not to type that, so I’ll use the asterisk, but f*ck. But how wonderful that you get to shower even more love in him.

    I have never smelled No. 5. I mean, I’m sure I have on other people, but I couldn’t tell you what it smelled like. I’ve never bought a sample or tried it in a store, because the other Chanels have been too aldy for me. (Except for my beloved 19) But I can see where a chilly Hitchcock-blonde of a scent would give you strength, (iris does this for me) and that the beauty of it would comfort you, because great beauty does that for me, too.

    Smooches for Carmine and fragrant hugs to you.

    • Musette says:

      We type all sorts of stuff here! 😀

      And ….if you DO decide to smell No5, the Queen of the Aldehydes, make sure you start with the EdT or parfum. The EdP gives a whole other interpretation.

      And thank you for the smooches and hugs!!!!! xoxoxoxoA

  • eldarwen22 says:

    This makes me think of the three dogs that I’ve lost in my life. One was going blind and was hit by a car while searching for deer, the second we had to put down because of huge aggression issues, and the 3rd we lost to old age. Each and every time, it hurts like hell. No. 5, no matter what the concentration can get you through a lot of bad situations.

    • Musette says:

      I’m so sorry that you had to go through all that, eldarwen! That is the heartbreak of any love, I think, the possibility that we can/might/will lose them. No5 RULZ!!!


  • Portia says:

    Hi there Musette,
    CHANEL No 5 vintage extrait is the perfect answer to a bucketload of shit news.
    Here’s a hug and some strength.
    Portia xx

    • Musette says:

      Hey, babydoll! Did you find your phone?
      You are right – and I love how you put that: ‘a bucketload of shit news’! LOL!

      Thanks for the strength and the hug – I love your hugs!


      • Portia says:

        The phone was handed in on the train. Get it back when it catches up with me I think I love Austria and Austrians. Not having it has been both a blessing and a bummer.
        I love your hugs too. Hopefully I can get one in Chicago in November?
        Portia xx

  • Dina C. says:

    Okay. So you’re fine, sorta. And Carmine’s fine. For now. But me? I’m sitting here tearing up. This is why I can’t have any more pets. Well, that plus the fact that I’m terribly allergic to cats and dogs. I’m so so sorry that this has happened to your boy. I understand, I think, why No. 5 was a comfort to you. I’m a big Chanel fan; it’s my favorite house. I’m not a Hitchcock blonde. Ha. That’s pretty funny. Nor am I icy, frigid or aloof. Only my hands and feet are cold, and that’s the Reynaud’s fault. No, I’m a big sappy, sentimental, romantic ball of emotion. I just love the way Chanels smell and the iris they use. My favorites include: No. 19 edp, 28 La Pausa, 31 Rue Cambon, Bois des Iles, Sycomore, Cristalle eau Verte and Cuir de Russie. 1932 is my newest fav. I also appreciate Eau Premiere as a very wearable version of No. 5. I’m gonna go dab on some vintage No. 5 in honor of Carmine and send up a prayer on his and your behalf. You’re doing the right thing by enjoying each and every day. Please keep us posted.

  • Kandice says:

    Musette, I’m so sorry to hear about your fur baby. I have lost pets both suddenly and over an extended period of time. It’s hard either way, but there is much to be grateful for in having the time to love them a little bit longer and spoil them rotten. I have never smelled the EDP version of Chanel No. 5 so I don’t know how it differs from the EDT. And while I don’t have a comfort scent, I’ve found Vanillary by Lush very soothing lately and White Shoulders always reminds me of my mom (who is still here but wearing other scents these days). Please give your fur baby a kiss on the head for me!

    • Musette says:

      Consider him kissed. And NOT the EdP – the parfum. The EdT and parfum are the same smell & closest to the original, imo. The EdP, while pretty, smells totally different from the other two.

      Love your scent choices. That Vanillary gets a lot of votes!


  • Michelle says:

    Oh, sweetie, I’m so sorry for you and your family. We’re feeling for you over here. Returned home late last night and the kitties are pretty much glued to me. On some of the worst days (sshhhh, don’t tell) I enjoy my pets much more than my children. Pets are just steadiness, love and loyalty, all for the small sacrifice of a few pieces of furniture.


  • Alison says:

    Musette, my heart goes out to you and I have been in your shoes. Our Puck died of an oral tumor, his was under his tongue. He was only 7. Best thing about it was that he had no idea he was sick, and only knew that he got to ride in the car and visit the nice people in scrubs several times a week, who gave him cookies and made a big fuss over him. He also got to eat a smorgasbord of soft foods prepared by Mom each day.

    As for Chanel, I have never bonded with No. 5 but No. 22 is one of my Top Three favorites. Wear your No. 5 and prevail!

    • Musette says:

      Oh, hon. I’m so sorry to hear about Puck. But you got it in one – Carmine has NO idea he’s sick and he’s exactly the same crabass he was 5 minutes before the diagnosis. No. I take that back – he’s way better. Because hot dogs. 😀


  • sweetharmony8 says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your dog! I’m one of those crazy people that acts like dogs are children. Mine are my babies! Of course, I don’t have any real babies so maybe I’ll feel differently when I have some. My Lady died this past summer while I was on my honeymoon and I would have given anything to make her feel extra loved before she passed. I know its not much of a comfort, but I sincerely hope that making the rest of his life absolutely wonderful brings you peace in the end.

    As to my perfume, I wear (for comfort) the first perfume my mother ever bought for me, Jasmine and Rosewater by Mary Kate and Ashley. It gives me a wonderful sense of being loved and enfolded in her arms.

  • rosarita says:

    Oh Musette, I’m so sorry about Carmine. That face is too funny! The sad truth is that animals just don’t live long enough. …you know that going into the relationship but it is the hardest thing. Still, you can take comfort knowing that you’re doing the right thing and have fun spoiling him rotten – man, hot dog farts are the worst and I haven’t thought of gravy train in years, remember those commercials with the chuck wagon? I’ve never smelled #5 in parfum but I sure have been craving the edt lately. Shalimar is my backbone comfort scent wall. This Saturday marks a year since I had to have my beloved Maine Coon put down and I know I spent a month wafting huge Shalimar clouds all through the house. Big hugs to you, my dear.

    • Musette says:

      Hugs right back, darling! I remember when you had to go through that and my heart broke for you. It’s amazing how many people consider Shalimar their go-to comfort/strength scent!!! Amazing – but not surprising. Even though I cannot wear it I certainly can attest to its power and beauty!

      xoxoxoxoA – and yes! with the GT commercials!

  • poodle says:

    So sorry to hear about the diagnosis. I can relate to having sick dogs. I had a rough year with my little one but she seems to have made a bit of a turnaround for now at least and I’m thrilled. I never thought she would make it until thanksgiving and she’s still here. Enjoy Carmine and spoil him. Finding out they have something that isn’t curable is tough but it does give the chance to make sure the rest of their days are filled with happiness and love.
    Much love and many hugs to you and your pooch.

    • Musette says:

      I was hoping to hear that Glasses up there was okay!!!! Glad to know it! I’m working to live ‘in the moment’ as well – it’s absurd for me to waste a lot of his (and my) time feeling sad – he’s having a lovely time, Poodle. I need to focus on that!


  • Solanace says:

    You are such a strong woman, Musette! I love your no nonsense approach, very fitting to your perfume choice. I remember when my husky died. My comfort back then was the fact that he was old and had lived a full life, instead of having been killed years before by a car in one of his insane runaways – or by the neighbor, when he ate all his chickens, who had names, btw.
    Shalimar is my comfort scent. It just makes me feel good. On the other hand, I tried YSL Saharienne at the airport and it had an awful effect on my mood, made me anxious and blue, like nothing I had ever tried before.

    • Musette says:

      Holy Cats and Crackers! ALL the chickens? And they ALL had names? The fact that your babe made it to old age is a testament to the Vagaries of the Universe! LOL!

      I’ve tried several scents that have made me so anxious and skritchy that, for just a moment, I wondered if I was losing my mind! A quick scrub (or, if it’s really a bad’un, a quick hot shower) and BAM! it’s Back to Normal! Step Away From The Saharienne!!!


      • Solanace says:

        He dug a hole under the hedge and… yep, all 15 of them, Catarina, Mariazinha… The hedge had to be substituted by a brick wall that same week!

  • jilliecat says:

    I think it was Kipling who wrote something like “give your heart to a dog to tear” on the loss of his beloved mutt. It’s because we love them so much that it hurts when something like this happens, but you’re right – you can now spoil him all the time instead of only half, and keep telling him you love him, no matter how much he protests. My comfort scent is vintage Samsara parfum whose woody sweetness has hugged me on many sad occasions.

    • Musette says:

      Kipling knew of what he wrote, that’s for sure. You know what I love best about this? Carmine has figured out Something Is Up – and he is now determinedly milking the living hell out of it! He’ll come up, looking all ‘arrrrrrowww’ ….and I’ll give him a bite of hot dog. He doesn’t push it too far – he’s too canny for that. I’m watching him parse out his manipulations, which is giving me much-needed giggles. And I allow him every latitude! LOL!


      ps. I can’t wear Samsara worth a damn – but I love it on other people!!!

  • Jackie b says:

    Firstly Musette you are doing the Right Thing…I had an old dog with that exact cancer and I tried everything to get him better. In the end I wish I had let him have peaceful last days.
    Just after Christmas I had to put my cat to sleep…mouth cancer again but no operations. Better.
    I wore La Pausa, it is soft and gentle, like she was.
    All the best from my gang to yours.

    • Musette says:

      Jackie, I think we all have to go through it once (or watch someone else do that) before we can make that decision to NOT do that. I did that, with one of my girls (Rottweilers are notorious for throwing spleens and livers left and right). An extensive surgery, to remove her spleen – and she was so weak that she couldn’t even take whole blood for a xfusion – they gave her synthetic. She survived but then succumbed to an infection – the spleen loss, y’know? When her brother came down with similar issues + a liver problem, we just kept him happy and comfy and enjoyed the hell out of our time with him. Much, much better.

      Your dog knows you were only trying to do right by him. xoxoxoxoA

  • Lej says:

    Musette big, huge hugs to you& your El O! I understand how you feel I lost a paw baby to cancer 5 yrs ago. Bananas, strawberry yoghurt were 2 of his favorite treats.
    Chanel No 5 is the perfume my Mom has worn for the past 63 years and huffing that sprayed on Kleenex got me thur many a first day of class, oral presentations, recitals and any time I needed a little extra comfort/reassurance or strength. A hug from my mom wearing 5 could right my world, so I totally agree with your choice of it. The funny thing is I can’t wear it, my skin & it just don’t get along. But I’ll still huff it on Kleenex when I need strength. She’s had minor surgery twice and each time I sat in the waiting room with a wad of Kleenex sprayed w/ Chanel 5 in my pocket. Pats, ear scratches and belly rubs to Carmine!

    • Musette says:

      What a lovely story! I’m so glad you are able to get so much strength and support from it!!!! I think that sometimes it’s enough just to smell it. My mother wore Shalimar, which I cannot stand to wear. But I have a touch of the vinty parfum and I do as you do, when things get rough. It really does help!


  • foxbins says:

    Oh, that news must have been terrible for you…I was where you are with Carmine last June with my Luna. Up until the last, she had a great life and I spoiled her silly when I knew our time was short. L’Heure Bleue is my comfort scent–I find it warm and the parfum envelopes me, somehow, like a cashmere shawl. I have worn it for 30 years but find myself saving it for days when I need to feel cheered up or special in some way.

    Give Carmine a belly rub for me and a kiss on his sweet nose.

  • Jennie says:

    Best wishes to you Musette, as it’s the owners that have the hard job in these circumstances.

    Luckily animals live in the moment and don’t need to be bothered by all the backstory and things that haven’t happened yet.

    I’m sure Carmine is feeling extra loved because he’s home with mum and dad and is being given treats – a dog’s delight.

    Ombre Rose is my comfort and strength perfume, actually it’s more on the comfort side. Have you ever cuddled your pets when you’re wearing perfume and later detected a little whiff has rubbed off on their fur? That’s really spreading the love.

    • Musette says:

      that whole ‘in the moment’ thing is what is so cheering. He’s just all ‘wow! Gravy Train! cooool!!!’ and ‘oooh! a hot dog! for ME? yay!’. I don’t think he’s looking at pictures of Yosemite and saying ‘maaan. I wish I’d gone there when I had the chance’

      and I’m worse than you, hon – I have sprayed a bit of scent on my hand and ‘accidentally’ rubbed a dog head or two. Carmine regularly smells like Dia!


  • Nemo says:

    I am glad he is fine! In fact, it sounds like he’s living the life 🙂 I am sorry about Carmine but it sounds like he still has many good days ahead of him. Utimately, I imagine that it’s lucky that you know as much about the situation as you do so that you can all make the most of it!

    • Musette says:

      Thank you!!! and thank you for ‘getting it’ – it’s tough when people don’t, especially my friends who can’t see the joy in this.


  • mals86 says:

    “I SAID, no staring. You’re creeping me OUT. Seriously, stop.”

    No. 5 parfum makes total sense. It is luxurious and comforting and protective somehow encases you in this cocoon that says, “I am rich enough to afford the Chanel parfum… and you don’t know me.” There is a very… I don’t know…

    Wait. It’s like tinted glass in your limousine. You can see out, but nobody can see in and see how messed up you are, and you look perfect and smooth and rich and cosseted on the outside, and that lovely backboney drydown just pats you and says, “It’ll be okay, baby.” Of course, my mom wore it when I was young so I might find it, or aldehydes in general, more comforting than other people, but still. I getcha.

    Pass on an ear scritch to Carmine for me, please.

    • Musette says:

      OMG! Mals! You SO nailed it. It is persackly like you said.

      And Carmine thanks you, too. He is freakin’ SICK of being stared at. He comes into the front room (where I work) and I keep working…but you can tell I’m Doin’ the Bedlington, with that left eye rotated to the side of my head. After about 7 mins Carmine gives this exasperated SIGH! and gets up and goes back into his room. He’s soo freakin’ OVER me! LOL!


  • Martha says:

    I am sorry about Carmine. What can I say? Well, I advise you to continue feeding him hot dogs and Gravy Train (I won’t even try to imagine the flatulence resulting from THAT combo). How old is Carmine? Poor baby. It is really hard when a pet is sick. Oh, about the perfume. I can see Chanel No. 5 as a comfort scent. I don’t wear it, but my mother did, and I remember that it had this lotion vibe going on. Not baby lotion, but something like Aquamarine. Very pleasant, soft, comforting. Take care.

    • Musette says:

      He’s 10. And considering some of the grimmer alternatives (I wasn’t kidding when I said I’ve awakened to a dead dog)….this one is Not So Bad (though it still sucks).

      Vintage No5 is ridiculously comforting! xoxoxoA