Messy Musings from Musette..and Winners!

Humans are perverse –  at least this human is.  So I’ve been shrieking like a third-grade girl with the snow and the sub-zeroes and all that…so now, it’s 50F+ and I whining like a weasel because I’m ankle deep in mud and dog poop.  But!…you wanna know why I’m reeeeealllly whining?  Chicken guano.  Chicken poop.  The Chicken Depository.  3 months and 4 feet of snow meant those girls were locked in that coop yard for a long time.  Long.  Time.  And it’s not like chickens are in the kitchen, baking cookies and watching The Price Is Right….  that coop yard is 5″ deep in…stuff.  It’s like quicksand…and it’s slippery as hell.

And I fell in it.  Went down like a sack of feed.

Un-liking the chickens right now.  Not liking them at all.  If they were smart they’d be laying eggs of solid gold, just sayin’.

But once  I got showered I slathered on the Jergens.  Ah, Jergens.  Isn’t it weird: I’m awash in $100+ body creams and yet…something about Jergens still says ‘luxury’.  I think it’s because my mom wore Jergens when I was a little girl – but not every day – and she would only let me dab a bit on my arms every now and then.  Funny how that works, isn’t it, that a $2 bottle of lotion can evoke memories of luxury.  I looked into a couple of almond-scented perfumes (Heeley L’Amandiere, Mona di Orio’s  Musc, the fun, frolicking l’Artisan Jour de Fete, even the lovely, creamy Nuit Andalouse, which is not almond blossom but has that same feel – and is really pretty!)….the ones I mentioned here are gorgeous, every one of them…but for sheer luxury?  Gimme that Jergens!!!.

Pickles.  Here’s a question for you.   Pickled garlic.  Hot pickled Brussels Sprouts.  Pickled onions.  love them. LOVE THEM ALLLL!

so why don’t I love pickles??


Walks.  Oh, baby!  Do you know how good it feels to be able to walk the dog without the Dreaded Butt Clench?  We’ve been walking everywhere!  So nice.  Alas, we’re expecting 3″-5″ snow tomorrow.  Crap.  Massive Thunder.  Starting to rain.  sigh.  What kind of weather are you having?

Daylight Savings Time.  I hates it.  At least right now.  Later I’ll love it but right now it’s pitch-black at 6a and there’s a lot of slickery chickenshitty mud out there.  Gol.den. Eggs.    Get TO it, girls.


Oooh!  Amouage Opus 8 WINNERS!  are spiker!  seth! and poodle!  go over to perfumepossedawtcom (it’s anitaAT – sorry for all the drama with the email but yikes!  soooo much spam)


What’s going on in your world?  Thunder?  Lightning?  Sharks?  ( ‘Jaws’ is on – still as terrifying as it was 30+years ago)  Sharks with Lasers?  


  • sorry Im in the uk dont know about the snow and ice here. Have tried the jergens lotion though and think its cool.

  • Mary K says:

    Sorry to hear about the vast amounts of chicken poop! The fact that it is slippery, too, makes it dangerous!

    I remember the Jergens lotion, and my mother used to do the same thing as yours – she saved it for certain occasions or any time she wanted something special, and I was always happy when she brought it out, as she shared some with me. SOTD for me is Teint de Neige. Somehow, that one has an almond note on me. It’s still sort of cold outside where I am, so I am wearing what I consider wintery scents now before I switch over to more springlike ones.

  • Tiara says:

    Weather? Quite a variety here in the Ohio Valley. 74 and sunny on Tuesday afternoon, heavy rain Wednesday with 54 degrees in the morning, snow flurries mid-afternoon with gusty winds and a windchill of 24. Thankfully no accumulating snow and for that I am so grateful.

    After reading your chicken stories, I’m more grateful than ever for the eggs I buy at the grocery store. Might not be the most tasty but certainly less hassle. And I stay clean. Hope you didn’t hurt your back in the fall.

    My great aunt used Jergen’s cream on her face forever and at age 88, barely had a wrinkle. She swore by Jergen’s.

    Have you tried making your own pickles? A friend and her mom used to make them in the summer to keep up with her dad’s garden. Quite yummy and different than what’s on the store shelves.

  • wefadetogray says:

    NYC is getting better. The weather is nicer for sure. Will it last? I have been wearing my beloved Bois Blonde (PG) this week and I just want so badly to walk across a green grassy sweetened land somewhere in the world, eating pickles because I love them. I cannot have enough pickles. I eat them on a daily basis. I prefer them without garlic for the safety of others 😉

  • einsof says:

    girl. are you sure you’re not huffing the chicken guano? i only kept up with all that because i’m totally ADD and have had a pot of coffee already. 😉

    jergens. weeeeellllll…. being a boy of the late 70’s/early 80’s, jergens says something COMPLETELY different to me. *ahem* not that i would know.

    why-o-why-o-why do we hate pickles? because they are a mutated cucumber. i think. i dunno. i like pickels ON things but very rarely pick a whole one up and go “YUM”. pickled garlic? *drool*

    the weather here is bi-polar. yesterday we got almost a foot of snow and then it was 50F for the rest of the day. the dying throes of winter.

    awwwww. all these poor australian sharks!! what gives? like they aren’t just going to make MORE sharks. but whatever… i have yet to rule australia. 😉

    no sharks in wyoming. of course we have no pavement, no public transport, no perfume shops and if someone doesn’t feed that one poor gerbil running in it’s wheel, we may loose electricity altogether. on the bright side, we have… um… uh…. hm. well, we have…. tumbleweeds. except it’s not the right season for them… so we have… LOOK SOMETHING SHINY!

    *runs away distracted*

    • Jackie b says:

      Please come and rule Australia, I am certain you would do a better job!
      And we have several perfume shops….and electricity…and um, two sharks.

      • einsof says:

        *LAUGH* why thank you! but… um… do you think we should give Portia Turbo a crack at it first? >;)

  • malsnano86 says:

    The BUTT CLENCH!!! So funny.

    Since Saturday we’ve had weather in the upper 50s or above (ducks chicken poop missiles), but we’re supposed to get more snow – yes, snow – early tomorrow morning.

    Am dying to see my girl, home from spring break, on Friday.

    I love almonds, but a lot of “almond” fragrances wind up smelling more like Play-Doh than marzipan to me. I’d far prefer the marzipan. Favorite almond scent so far is Montale Amandes Orientales, but I have not tried Jour de Fete or that Hilde SOliani (Conaffetto?). And I hate Jergens. It smells soapy to me, as if I didn’t wash all the lather off in the shower. My grandmother used to use it.

  • solanace says:

    I’m sending you the huskies. 🙂

  • Sherri says:

    Very warm and spring-y here in TN. Half my kids home (or away in FL) on Spring Break and half still in school. Son sprained, perhaps fractured his wrist yesterday. He has a cast for a week. He’s upset because he just got over mono, and the very first soccer practice back got hurt. Maybe it’s a blessing; I’m kinda glad he is forced to fully recover! Trying to spend some time with college dd, which is a challenge due to her schedule…they grow up so quickly!

    Whew, those chickies are alot of work! I have a fluffy white bunny giving me the same issue! How is it that the most adorable things produce the most poop?? Hope you are all done with the worst of it and enjoy that Jergens (it’s awesome, isn’t it?)!

  • poodle says:

    These behind the scenes glimpses of life with chickens is making me think that perhaps I might not want any after all. At least not while I’m living where I do. This winter was brutal and it ain’t over yet. More snow in the forecast. Chicken poop is great fertilizer. Maybe I just need to make friends with someone who has chickens.
    Yay! I won something! That will be the high point of my week, possibly month. I’ll email you later. Gotta go do my time at the office now.

  • Jackie b says:

    I am so with you Lynley, on the shark killing, it was an arrogant and useless decision.

    It’s hard to imagine what all that snow and melty slush would be like, we are desperate for rain and I want to plant out my winter vegetables…we have just started a community garden and it is totally awesome!
    SOTD is Library Opus IV sample, which is now quietly amber. Like. Hope I can get my nose on VIII. Also Jergens lotion!

    Stay clean!

  • Tena says:

    I feel your pain – 2 greyhounds and a winter’s full of puppy business in the yard makes bringing in wood for the furnace a whole new pile of fun.- or pile of something. We are due for 20 CM of snow tonight – I love being Canadian, but enough already.!!!

    I used the Jergens body wash for years! Love the smell, and it didn’t make me itch; but it is no longer available here.

    Re: pickles – do you like cucumbers??? Also, most non-pickled pickled stuff is home made, and if the pickles you hate are commercial – maybe it is a quality of product thing??

    Stay warm, and keep us posted on the golden egg thingie…..

  • Lynley says:

    Hmm, at least you have a whole heap of great fertilizer 🙂
    Perth WA is having Perth weather. Hot (37°c), dry and never-ending. Everything is crispy and brown, but the nights are beginning to get a slight chill and there’s some mid 20° days coming up so autumn is nigh. But I am still enjoying open air cinema (saw Violette the other night- loved it), after dinner walks and long walks by the beach.
    Sharks? The govt here has decided to kill them by baited hooks as revenge for eating too many surfers :-/ most people are of the ‘if you dont want to get eaten stay out the water’ school of thought, but they are getting culled regardless. Not impressed.
    I am looking forward to some cool weather perfume choices though! 🙂

  • Laurels says:

    Sitting quietly in So. Cal., saying nothing. I HATE the time change, though. Why do we keep doing it? Haven’t there been studies showing that it’s actually physically bad for us?

  • Kandice says:

    This weather is driving everyone nuts, and it’s time for spring to get here for good. Where I live, it was 80 today and will be 40 tomorrow. And the last time it was 18 degrees, just two weeks ago, we had thunder sleet! I’ve never even heard or experienced that before! Must say I’m really happy, however, I don’t have the chickens to deal with! Hang in there 🙂

  • rosarita says:

    I hate the time change. Indiana opted out forever, till our stupid governor voted it in a few years ago. We all hate it 🙁

    • Musette says:

      oh, ick yes – the strata. Ick. I think everybody is still globby from the time change, too. IN always drove me crazy with the time because you all used to split time (wait. I think I’m making that up – maybe it’s another state, where the time change happens somewhere in the middle of the state?)…anyhoo….Welcome To Our Pain. xoxoxoxoxoA

  • rosarita says:

    Aww, you poor chickeny mess! I’m so glad for the thaw but man, it’s ugly out here, all the trash and dog poop and everything that’s been layered in the snow strata is all being unearthed and speaking of earth? That’s some beat up grass underneath. My little town has asked residents to please run our water at a trickle because the freeze line is below five feet and that’s the depth of the city water lines. But the birds are singing and I saw the first racoon roadkill of the year, life is good, except for the winter storm warning for tomorrow. At least it won’t last, right? Right? Ugh. Jergon’s lotion smells divine. I’m going to go find my sample of People of the Labyrinth, it has the same smell. xx

  • Martha says:

    The weather? Here in good ole Kansas it was close to 80F this afternoon and now, at around 9pm, the wind is howling and the temps are forecast to eventually drop to 30F. Also, we may get some rain/snow/sleet overnight and possibly some thunder (my dog will hate that).

    Ever since the time change I have been oversleeping, and then groggy all day because I overslept.

    Oh, yuck, sorry about the chickenshit slippage. I don’t think asking for solid gold eggs is too much.

    • Musette says:

      we never got to the 80s but we did hit the 60s for a day or two – I spent those days chopping ice, which was great! Most folks I know are groggy from the time change – I sure am! xoxo