smell bent frankensmellies

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 7.28.40 PMIt’s not exactly a secret that I am a big fan of smell bent and their creator, Brent Leonesio.

One of his lines are called “frankensmellies” and they are usually limited editions (explanation here). For this year, smell bent has brought back some, and added some new ones. They are, (in no particular order)

green patchouli: no lying here it starts off green, with what smells to me like pine and green beans and the patchouli comes in later to make it all make much more sense.

the yard next door: I get crisp night air and a hint of cucumber and musk. I wish the yard across the street smelled like this..

gardenia oud: bright gardenia and smoky, woody notes. I don’t get a lot of our out of it. The gardenia is lovely, but you might get told to go home and wash if you wear this one to the office. I like that.

jasmine tobacco: now were talking! really lovely jasmine and a light uncured tobacco note. I want to fill the pool with it.

cocoa rose: very close to the vest rose with a hint of bitter cocoa. Not my thing at all.

florist’s fridge: totally giggle-inducing. Growing up, one of my parent’s besties were florists. My dad was BFF with the husband and my mom BFF with the wife. They had a florist in our town and huge greenhouses on their farm in the next town over. Their kids were older than me by a couple of years (one of them tried with moderately disastrous results to try to teach me to pilot a snowmobile. Which likely cemented the idea in my brain that I should move someplace where snow is only viewed on distant mountain that I should pilot a Cadillac.) In any case, the first sniff of this and I was standing in front of the open door of the case of that icebox in Hatfield: the frigid air pregnant with the scent of orchids and hyacinth and stock. all out of season. It’s brilliant, it’s a tone poem, it’s performance art. Is it wearable? Yes, Totally.

The fankensmellies can be had in travel sizes for $6.50, 50ML sprays for $45 or $225 for all six, but being limited, they won’t be around forever. My samples were provided by Brent. Image: smell bent.

  • Lisa D says:

    Love Smell Bent! My favorite is Incensed, which I spray with abandon. It’s absolutely fantastic – smoky and smooth. The frankensmellies sound like total fun, too.

  • Musette says:

    Florist’s fridge sounds like Goutal’s Noel & Trapp Candles’ Bob’s Flower Shoppe, which are two of my favorite home scents. I will have to get a sample!!!

    Pine and green beans? C’mon! Who can’t love that?


  • tammy says:

    Oh these sound SO good, especially Florist’s Fridge and Jasmine Tobacco. Yard Next Door sounds good, too, except his musks about kill me, so I don’t dare.

    Such a fun company, and he seems like he’s so cool.

  • Gwenyth says:

    I’ve tried several of the Smell Bent offerings and like them. My favorite is Prairie Nymph – which is one of the best Honey fragrances I own. Nice!

    Jasmine Tobacco and Florist’s Fridge are calling me —ssshush….. can you hear them, too?? 😀

  • Ashley Anstaett says:

    Oh, I love the sound of Jasmine Tobacco and Florist’s Fridge. I have a small splash of Jasmine et Cigarette and I do like it, but it’s more of an ashtray scent and less of a cured tobacco one. These are all such fun!

  • malsnano86 says:

    I ordered a travel spray of Florist’s Fridge, just knowing I would love it. I do, it’s wonderful.

  • Portia says:

    LOVE Smell Bent, and would love to Smell Brent. I have a couple of these deliciously madcap FrakenSmellies. He is genius. and gorgeous.
    Portia x

  • Dina C. says:

    Florist’s Fridge sounds like it smells great. I had an aunt who owned and ran a florist shop, so I can relate to your story. Love the scent of stock in particular, and it’s not one that gets featured in perfumes very often, if at all.

  • Thanks for the review! I’m so drawn to Jasmine Tobacco. I have a thing about tobacco and other smoky stuff. Green patchouli sounds a bit weird…