Reem Acra EdP by Pierre Negrin for Reem Acra 2012

Hey there Perfume Posse! Portia from Australian Perfume Junkies and today I want to tell you about a sample that Musette sent me recently. Apparently it is ME! So I thought we could discover it together today, just for fun. I am a little wary of people whose taste I completely trust sending me stuff that they think fits me because I don’t like to less than love such an obviously thoughtful gift. Especially from someone as gorgeous and giving as Musette. So I’m a little worried, also worried because having someone send you something that is you can raise the bar to unimaginable heights. So with my feet planted firmly on the ground and trying for little to no expectation HERE GOES! Geranimooooooooooo

Reem Acra Eau de Parfum by Reem Acra 2012

Pierre Negrin (of Firminiche)

Reem Acra Eau de Parfum Reem Acra FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, peach, orange blossom
Heart: Ginger, jasmine, lily of the valley, peony
Base: Amber, cedar, patchouli, musk

I must also note that when Ann wrote about Reem Acra for the Posse I was already half in love with the scent and the bottle, which BTW is as lovely, hefty and elegant in real life.

The peach is sweet and pretty, without being sickly or celebuscentish, nor is it grown up like Mitsouko. Here we have an elegant fragrance that is modern, sheer and beautifully noticeable, sillage is excellent but projection not huge. Though you could happily wear this every day I’m guessing that most buyers will wear it evenings or dressed up. The orange blossom reminds me a little of the way Elie Saab treated it but with this juicy canned peach and crisp ginger that melt into watery peony and jasmine and they to and fro gorgeously with warm amber playing its tune as though you are wearing two different fragrances. I also get that wonderful hairspray and nail polish reminder that vintage fragrances so often give me. Ooo La La! The effect is quite beguiling and though it’s not N E W, it’s also different enough that being itself is all it needs do. Pretty, charming and lovely. Reem Acra have done a good job, they have created something that is both pretty and engaging. I can imagine Reem Acra EdP being something your friends and date would notice. Mainly for its voluptuous perfuminess, it’s an obvious choice and will resonate well I think.

Reem Acra Eau de Parfum SS2013 Jessica Quirk  FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

Dry down is a lovely musky amber with a patchouli that I find slightly scratchy, it gives a lovely earthy vibe to what is a very sweet amber, maybe it’s the cedar? Whatever it is it does a good job of grounding what could have been supersonic sweetness. Around 3-4 hours of fragrant wear before the whole thing scales down to a very light warmth hovering close but noticeably that a hug would reveal as gorgeous. I think Reem Acra too perfumey for close work environs and you would have to spritz moderately for it not to interfere with your enjoyment of dinner.

Musette! You know me better than I know myself. What a fabulous fragrance. Just so you know, I now have a 50ml bottle sitting in front of me.

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FragranceX has $46/50ml

Do you love it when people give you stuff that is “So You” or are you wary like me? What has worked for you that was given as a “So You” scent and what hasn’t? Go on, dish it with me.
See you next week.
Portia xzx

  • Laurels says:

    I think I wrote about this on Undina’s blog, but: my sister gave me a bottle of Opium for Christmas when I was in my early twenties, telling me I was “too old to wear that awful cheap stuff” (Tabu). I loved the Opium, wore it almost exclusively for twenty years. When I tried to return the favor for her birthday, I sniffed around the department store counters and chose Paloma Picasso, on the grounds that it smelled to me like the scent you’d get if you could distill one from money, which was a focus of hers at the time. It was not a success. (“It smells…expensive,” she said. EXACTLY, I thought.) Clinique Happy turned out to be more her kind of thing.

    Ann’s review of the Reem Acra put it on my “To Try” list, and your review has moved it up. (And Marshall’s you say, Jennifer Counts? Hmm….)

  • Sandy says:

    Portia – how do you manage to find these delightful fragrances and then find them at such a great price?? I am tempted. Thank you as always for a great review!

    • Hey there Sandy,
      I read LOADS of reviews every day and a few things stick in my brain, then when I see a great price I pounce. Sometimes I can even get the good news to you guys
      Portia xx

  • Reem Acra just happens to be my SOTD today. I happened to find the gift set at Marshall’s for a great price. I remembered liking it at Saks when it first came out, so I snapped it up. Totally worth it.

  • solanace says:

    Hey Portia,

    My (huge) Mohur extrait sample just arrived. 🙂 So beautiful, its moving. (And now I’m craving a FB, of course.) Neela also tucked in a cute ceramic disc perfumed with wonderful Ashoka, how sweet of her! Felt like winning the lotto, thank you (I’ll be writing her as well) so, so much, Portia, and have a great time in Korea!

    • How lucky are you Solanace!!
      What a wonderful pair of fragrances Neela sent you, and aren’t those porcelains gorgeous?
      Portia xx

      • Solanace says:

        Super gorgeous, my dirty purse is totally unworthy of it! And Ashoka is really lovely, I’ll have to order a sample and try it on skin, but I’m a bit afraid I might fall in love with it too: Mohur jumped right to the top of my list! Can you believe Neela wrote me a note by hand? How thoughtful is that?! I’m as happy as my kid when I bake him smiley faced pizzas. 🙂

  • Musette says:

    oh, YAY! You are too funny – if you hated it, that would’ve been an hysterical review! LOL! I quite like Reem Acra…and that bottle is just lovely, innit?

    Hope you are having a wonderful time in Korea! Every time I think of your trip(s) there I earwig the misheard lyrics to ‘O Fortuna’ from Carmina Burana.


  • Ann says:

    Hooray, Portia — great review and love seeing that you’re a Reem Acra fan now too! And isn’t that bottle just too beautiful? Sometimes they look good on paper but you’re let down when you see and hold them in real life, but not this one. Yay!!

  • jillie says:

    I’m always a sucker for peach, especially if it isn’t overwhelmingly sweet, so I will look forward to trying this, Portia.

    What!!! People give ME a fragrance!!! Poor souls just don’t dare. They think I am too fussy and would disdain their gift. I wouldn’t. Honest.

    This reminds me of a dear friend who was a food writer and critic. People were nervous about asking such an expert to dinner, but he would always say he loved to be invited and just to give him LOTS!