Mark Buxton Black Angel

black_angelA while ago out of the blue a distributor sent me a package containing samples from various lines, including Mark Buxton, a famous creyaor of perfume for others who decided to create his own eponymous line.

Black Angel was the first one I tried, and I really like it. He calls it “an unexpected encounter in a NY night club.” del, my years of having those ended in the 90’s, but well leave that little tidbit of info leaving where it lay. The opening in a wonderfully spicy and slightly sweet ginger with just a hint of mandarin, slightly sour with the peel and the pith. the middle starts to bring in the orris and jasmine and a slightly rounded fatty feel to it while the patchouli and amber in the base brings us to that nightclub.

It’s really pretty and very feminine, but the press kit refers to it as “light.” I was not getting like. Radiance, yes, lightness, no. Lasting power is excellent- I got nearly 8 hours on my skin. I’ll be interested to try the others in the line-up.

Notes: (from his website) Top :Mandarin, Ginger

Core :Jasmine, Orris

Base :Styrax, Patchouli, Amber

Mark Buxton collection is available at his website € 140.47 for 100M. It retails in the US for $195, but the press stuff that came with it don’t tell where it’s being sold. I know it’s not LuckyScent or Aedes.

My sample came from the distributor. Image from Mark Buxton website.

  • I’ve had several of Mark Buxton’s fragrances on my sample wish list, but could rarely find them. Just noticed that you can purchase his line from etailer Beautyhabit. They sell samples too, or you can request some free with purchase. I just ordered a bottle from them (Frapjn 1270 – for my husband who actually _finishes_ full bottles and needs more!) and requested a sample of Black Angel, Sleeping with Angels, and Wood & Absinthe. Hope to be trying these soon! Great to see your review.

  • hajusuuri says:

    Eeek, this sounds really good! I’ll have to check it out!

  • Cindy says:

    Sounds delicious!

  • Katherine says:

    I really want to try this. You had me at spicy ginger.

  • Jackie b says:

    I have tried a couple in this line, and bought Sleeping with Ghosts. I really like the quince notes and have already made quite a dent in it! Woods and Absinthe is lovely too, but more masculine on my skin. Must try Black Angel nex.

  • rosarita says:

    As usual, too rich for my blood, but I’m a fan of Mark Buxton and would like to have a sample of this. Hope it becomes available.

  • Hi there Tom,
    This line has my mouth watering. I love the bottles and think the style very laid back and wearable.
    One day I will plunge.
    Portia xxx