Out Again

NyQuilSorry, the flu I thought I’d beaten back with a stick has merely biding it’s time waiting for me around a blind corner with a sock full of quarters. I’ve been dragging myself out to deal with the work issues I can’t avoid then crawling into bed in my LL Bean sweatshirt and flannel jammie bottoms (I know, Cary Grant incarnate) and watching lots of daytime TV.

Now, I ditched cable a while ago and am going completely broadcast. So I get the worst of the worst.  Daytime chat shows where celebs pretend to be just regular folk while chatting up their latest project (which is fine) or those awful ones where some “Dr.” intervenes on some poor soul who is only sexually attracted to electrical appliances or wooden spoons.

That, or reruns from shows from the 70’s that I thought were idiotic when I saw them as a kid. The other thing about broadcast is that the digital antennae you can get are disrupted by any aircraft that go by. Since this is LA and Action McNews will be hovering overhead every time Ali Lohan litters, you can barely get a full “Judge Judy” in.

So I’ve been reading a lot.

A friend loaned me a bunch of books by the author Robert Rodi, who is a Chicago based writer of gay comedic books. Like Paul Rudnick and Joe Keenan, he’s laugh-out-loud funny and a master at plots that surprise and delight. Apparently he’s moved on from that genre, but I would beg him to move back.

So since I’m not smelling (well, I’m smelling, but that’s having sweated through the sheets..) but reading please share your latest reads in the comments.

Also, has anyone caught the new “Mapp and Lucia” on BBC? I loved it but I am apparently in the minority on this one. I love (and own) the 1985 version, but this was a delight and cements visiting Rye as on my bucket list.

If this F*&ing cold will go away..

Image: Nyquil

  • Neva says:

    I can recommend you Heller’s Catch-22. In my opinion it’s a masterpiece of American literature dealing with basic human emotions (setting is WW II ) and it is extremely funny. I read it every few years since my student’s days because it feels timeless.

  • Sun Mi says:

    Oh man, I hope you are feeling better. :/

  • Musette says:

    that bug stalked me all the way to SF, well after I too thought I’d beaten it back. Spent most of the week in bed. According to a friend who is in recovery (for the 4th time) the cough/chestal thing will stay with us until May. Yay.

    I am so skritchy that I can’t do more than look at picture books. Graff Diamonds, Mexico Houses of the Pacific.zzzzzzzz

  • Undina says:

    Get well soon(er)!

    For $8/month Netflix is a good alternative to at least basic cable especially if you like re-runs.

  • einsof says:


    (quicksilver healing!)

  • Brenda Pace says:

    So sorry you are ill. “The Perfume Collector” is a fun read when you’re stuck in bed. Netflix is a wonderful option for a sick bed and you can always cancel when you are well.Get well soon!

  • mikasminion says:

    I’m almost always re-reading or re-listening to Terry Pratchett. I recommend the audiobook version of most Discworld books. Also, if you’re in a mystery mood, the Louise Penny books and their audio versions are pretty rad. The narration is great and you can doze in a comfy position and not suffer from reader’s neck strain on top of general flu nastiness. Now, go make yourself some hot lemonade and feel better soon!

  • LaDona says:

    Preparedness is everything. Get yourself Netflix and binge-watch “The Fall.” After that you can binge-watch lots of other great BBC fare. I’m on auto with it, but I think it’s about 8 bucks a month. Sooooo worth it.

  • Portia says:

    Get well buddy.
    I am currently in the middle of rereading the Terry Pratchett Discworld series. It seems that I have been losing some of the books though, a couple of my faves are MIA. Doesn’t matter really but I will have to reopurchasee at some point. Then I have Mandy Aftel’s newest book, Fragrant awaiting. That’s beside the ridiculous boxfull that I recently took from beside the bed.
    Only 24 hours in a day.
    Portia xx