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tokyo+mama+fizzzzzSince yesterday Portia tortured us with a description of one of Brent Leonesio’s discontinued “smellies”, I’m going to write about one that is available, and really good: tok’yo mama fizzzzz.

The original tok’yo mama was really good: fizzy yuzu and citrus. tok’yo mama fizzzzz is part of the smell bent remix project, where Brent revisits one of his older smellies and tweaks them slightly. from his website:

in a nutshell: citrus soda

notes: fizzy citrus soda, juicy yuzu, crisp hinoki, charged ozone and green cedar

fun facts: in a blind smell test, people overwhelmingly prefer fizzzzz to the leading brand citrus-soda scented perfume

This remix also takes care of the one thing I didn’t care for about the original: tok’yo mama lasted about half an hour. tok’yo mama fizzzzz has very good staying power for a citrus; I easily get four hours out of it.

Like most of his scents, it’s also so affordable that you don’t mind spritzing with abandon. the 1.7 ounce spray is only $50. Other sizes and concentration are available at his website.

Photo: smell bent website. I tested from the bottle I purchased.

Brent leonesio Smell Bent 2015

  • Portia says:

    HA! You are the best Tom!
    I love Brent’s work. Hug him for me next time you catch up please.
    Portia xx