Perfume Dog Days of Summer


Yeah, it is absolutely that time again for me.  I get to the end of July, and I’m just not feeling the perfume at all. I hardly wear any unless it is a big white floral.  I’m side-eyeing Ann’s post about the Malle Shower Gels, which could work for me for this period from now until Labor Day.  I’ve got to go to NYC the end of this month for a work thing and will have like a half a day to run around and shop, so I’ll for sure check them out.

I find myself doing the Mall Carnal Flower hair mist, which is a white floral and is wispy when sprayed in the hair.  So that’s still working for me.

There’s that.  The first summer this happened, I panicked and thought I had just lost my perfume mojo across the board.  Once we got into September and the nights were cool and tons of new stuff started showing up, it was back with a vengeance.  During this time, I’ll just talk about all sorts of other stuff and do some giveaways to make up for it!

Have you ever lost your perfume habit for a little while?  Same time every year?  For longer and you thought it wouldn’t come back?  Did you feel lost and like something was missing?  I do.  It’s the same with my knitting. Sometimes I’m just burned out on projects or in between projects and put down the needles for a week or two, and there’s just this vacuüm.  Same with perfume.  I miss not caring about it a lot.

I’ll give away four samples of the Frederic Malle Carnal Flower hair mist and the Malle Shower Gel I’m sure I’ll pick up in 10 days. Just comment to be entered in the drawing!

  • Nemo says:

    It happens! Well, life happens. I spent a week traveling in India (where it was too hot for any of the perfumes I had to last longer than an hour on me), and then a week driving across the US. Then I started a new job where I have yet to quite figure out the perfume policy so I am laying a bit low to scope things out. I look forward to being able to round myself out with perfume again soon! At least when you wear perfume, you are doing it in style 🙂

  • Winterlude says:

    I have yet to lose interest in perfume. I try one or two a day so far, although I’ve only been into it for about eight months. It’s fun trying to figure out what works in the heat. There is something that I give up every summer though, and that is sewing. As soon as gardening season rolls around I don’t seem to have time for anything else!

  • karibub says:

    Generally summers are mild here in the Pacific NW but this year not so much. We’ve had lots of 90+ degree days but humidity has been relatively low so I know I’m lucky. Perhaps because of this I find myself generally unrestricted on what to wear. I love the dog on ice picture!

  • Ingeborg says:

    I hardly ever go without perfume, even on days when I have a cold. Only migraine several days in a row or a real flu would keep me away from my perfume bottles. That said, I very often use light citrus fragrances to get me started in the morning. We have such a cold weather most of the year, so heat is not an issue except for a week or two in summer.

  • Audrey says:

    My favorite, carnel flower. I would love to try those samples!

  • tammy says:

    If I have to be out and about in the heat of a Southern summer, it’s all I can do to put clothes on, let alone perfume. But I keep my house at 65 degrees all year, so if I’m staying in for the day, it’s business as usual. I do tend to stick with lighter fare, though!

  • Queen Cupcake says:

    Hmmm, now that you mention it: hot & humid summer weather is definitely a challenge to my perfume enthusiasm. When I’m feeling hot and sweaty, I don’t seem to have much interest in the ‘fumes. To make matters worse, my dear husband asked me what perfume I had applied right before bed (he’s really sensitive to this so I don’t do it much). It was CVS anti-itch spray, which I had applied to some kind of festering bug bite on my arm!

  • Maya says:

    DNEM I have never lost my mojo for perfume though it does kinda wax and wane sometimes. I’m a perfume mood-wearer. I love to sample all the time.That never changes. Right now I’m alternating between Le Temps d’une Fete and Un Coeur en Mai, both by Patricia de Nikolai. I find her scents have a sharpness to them so they need a light touch but both work well for me in this awful heat wave.

  • eldarwen22 says:

    Right now, I’m going through a little bit of a phase of I really don’t want anymore perfume. I think that’s it is because I am strung out and nothing is catching my fancy. Hopefully, I get my groove back soon.

  • Petunia says:

    I don’t seem to lose my scent mojo. The only time that I am scent free is when I clean house on Saturday mornings. I like to shower before applying perfume. If I begin cleaning before I shower, it gives me incentive to finish quickly. Thanks for the draw!

  • SamanthaL says:

    I definitely wear less perfume in the summer…like most of the others I really like Fall best for perfume (and everything else!) My bottle had just run out so I recently bought a small decant of Zagorsk,…it’s one of my very favorites in the heat. It just smells so chilly. The hair mist sounds lovely, I’d like to try it.

  • Tiara says:

    I lose the mojo a few times a year. Lasts but 2-3 weeks and then suddenly, I NEED perfume. Scents that felt “off” suddenly are delightful. Wish I would lose the desire for chocolate–that NEVER happens.

  • Tena says:

    In the past 8 months, what scent I choose to wear has often been the only bloody thing I could control in my day, so my perfume mojo has actually increased. My only caveat has been to choose my bedtime scent carefully – if I choose something with serious skank, my 20 mo greyhound puppy feels the need to groom me until I need to go and take another shower. Does your pup like to lick the scent off you ?
    I am drooling over the very thought of the CF shower gel – thank you for the draw

  • Bastet says:

    When it gets really hot I lose all interest in my usual favorites, and start craving light perfumes that I would normally scorn, like AG Rose Splendide & Quel Amour, Guerlain AAs, and various colognes.

  • Kandice says:

    Love not live! Stupid autocorrect 🙂

  • Kandice says:

    Ooooh. Would love to try these. Thanks for the opportunity! The only times I’ve gone off perfume is when I’m sick. I do change scents with the season so there are some I’m off temporarily but they come back around. Hope you find something to work in this heat. Live your dog pic too!

  • Sapphire says:

    I usually don’t go off perfume unless I have a cold or allergies. Trying to decide right now if I am slightly allergic to our cats. This is the first time I have ever had indoor felines. Thanks for the drawing!

  • FeralJasmine says:

    DNEM please, but I want to ask what big white florals you’re wearing and to request (beg) that you do a Best Of post on big white florals generally. Your Best Of posts on Jasmine and gardenia contain some serious BWFs but you know of more….

  • foxbins says:

    I used to think that “seasons” for perfume were an affectation, but after the hottest summer on record here, now I know differently. My orientals and animalics are just too heavy and I’ve been wearing the heck out of the Hermes that I usually complain are “too light.” I’d love to try the CF shower gel or hair mist (though my hair is so short now it might be hard to get enough on!) Thanks for the draw and the bulldog is adorable.

  • Dina C. says:

    Like you, if I’m going to have a perfume lull it’s going to be in the dog days of summer. I have fewer summer scents I suppose, and I have less energy in general in summer. The heat and humidity in Virginia are a killer. Living indoors in the a/c zaps all the life out of a person, too, for some reason, even if it does keep you cool. Thanks for the drawing! I would love to win.

  • magmat412 says:

    I must be crazy, but I don’t really mind my fragrances in the summer, although the humidity has been quite intolerable the past few days. I do tend to lean towards lighter fragrances in the summer, but I don’t really believe in “summer” fragrances or “winter” fragrances! I would love if perfume houses made more fragrances powders – so refreshing on a humid day!

  • CbSutcliffe says:

    I find I like my scented lotions this time of the year as well. Many of them aren’t quite as moisturizing as I need in cooler weather so that’s another win. I also enjoy the shower gels and am surprised to find myself enjoying a scented powder. I may have to see if I can find more of those.

    As far as things to spray on, besides white florals, I find myself reaching for things with tea notes.

  • AnnieA says:

    Like MB I only hate perfume when I have a cold and can’t smell anything and that is quite miserable.

  • Becky says:

    This time of year gets to me, too. I’ve tried to find fragrances I enjoy when the air is soupy and it’s hotter than blazes outside – 24 Faubourg and EL Tuberose Gardenia have been fun in the big white floral category, Philosykos and Ninfeo Mio have been keeping me happy in the fig department, and Nuxe body oil is especially nice in summer, but I ultimately can’t get it up for summer fragrances the same way I can for my ambers and incenses and leathers. I am always ready for fall weather. Thanks for the draw! Stay cool. 🙂

  • Diane says:

    Summer is challenging! I’m wearing Frederic Malle eau de Magnolia, which is not spectacular, but is pretty and not too heavy. I’m also enjoying Lys Mediterrannee from the line as well as EL Tuberose Gardenia– these white flower fragrances and Carnal Flower get me thru the summer!!

  • Irina says:

    in the hight of summer- i go unscented but autumn comming, it gets back as a must
    thanks for the draw

  • Sonia Lopez says:

    I must say lately I’m bathing myself in the citrus colognes as much as I can – they do seem to help with the humidity -if nothing else the alcohol helps the sweat evaporate more quickly on the skin. I’m loving Le Couvent des Minimes at the moment.

  • Neva says:

    I wish I were there with the doggie on ice…it’s the hottest summer of my life, I think. You are right, recently I have a bit of a headache to decide which scent to wear when I go out and where I know everything on me will be melting. I’ve been standing in front of my perfume shelf watching clueless what to wear. Usually it’s a body mist these days. I still have the old Lancome Aromatonic. A scented shower gel would also be very nice. Have a beautiful summer!

  • Holly F. says:

    I’ve found I lose my desire to wear my favorite scents when something really unpleasant happens, or there is an ongoing negative situation. I think I subconsciously don’t want to associate the situation with one of my beloveds. Other than that, the only time l really lost it was during pregnancy. I thought it was gone for good, but it came back, with a vengeance as well.

  • flowergirlbee! says:

    i feel like you when my desire for exploring and smelling and reading wains.i have been really ill the last few months and unable to wear most things and not be able to do testings and the has been super depressing…like all the fun has makes me on the occasional better days i get glimpses of how i used to feel and that makes me happier : )

  • Princess Tonk says:

    I remember nausea and an extreme stomach ailment making the prospect of winning any of my eBay auctions really scary (I especially loathed opening the Jeux de Peau when it came). But it all worked out fine as soon as I recovered. If this is what you do for a few weeks, just imagine that you normally wear enough perfume most of your days to satisfy this mini-vacation. I’m sure that scents are still occupying your receptors, like food, drink and jungle decay. Come back refreshed. I was dreaming all day of Carnal Flower smelling hair…
    And weren’t you going to do a giveaway on your last bulldog post a few weeks ago?

  • Marianna says:

    Losing mojo for parfum or wine- never!!!

  • Kate C says:

    I did have a sad spell this winter when I temporarily lost my perfume-loving mojo but Summer I’m ok. In fact the bigger the better at this time of year: ouds, white florals etc. Of course here in my neck of the woods it never gets too too hot. For some reason though, I can’t bring myself to knit in the summer.

  • springpansy says:

    oh my gosh, yes yes yes, I would love to be entered in the drawing. Please pick me! : D I know exactly what you mean by missing the perfume habit (or for me, my cooking/baking/reading habit). I don’t usually lose it completely, but I lose some of that passion for it every once in awhile and when that happens I look around for something else that I can really dig into. I put on a dab of Tubey Criminelle last night and when I woke up in the middle of the night, my arm smelled so good. I love a good tuberose. Thanks!

  • Maria B says:

    The only thing that makes me go off fragrance is illness, especially upper respiratory illness. Hot summers used to do it for a while, and then I moved where summers are cool–except that this summer is the warmest in any local’s memory. I’d be going off fragrance if I hadn’t received today from Beautyhabit my Discovery Set II of Sabé Masson Le Soft Perfume. It consists of three solid fragrances and all are summer friendly. Copacabana is not at all what the name might lead one to expect. It’s a salty seashore scent. In fact, it’s the solid twin sister of Hermes Eau des Merveilles! (EdM is itself suitable for summer, I feel.) La Reine Soleil is ylang-ylang on a bed of vanilla without a single shrill moment–all smooth. Umabel is the one I’ve tried the least so far, but from what I smell in the crook of my arm, it’s going to be wearable in summer–maybe.

    • Maria B says:

      I forgot to comment on the star of the post. I love the bulldog on ice. What a cutie!

  • PJ says:

    I am quite affected by seasons with regard to what scents appeal to me but I’m never off completely. Seems maybe this would be a good time to try things you ordinarily would not, just to jump start your interest. But don’t let yourself go without! What would your friends think? lol

  • LaDona says:

    Right now I’m pining for a bottle of Andy Tauer’s PHI Un Rose Kandahar…and since I can’t have it…NOTHING is making me happy. On a whim, though, I bought a bottle of Volnay Perlerette, which may soothe my summer blahs. My usual incense/oriental or Iris frags just aren’t cutting it. San Diego has been super hot humid and rainy, so that may play into it a bit too. Hm…I should go sniff that JAR bolt of lightning dram…maybe that will snap me out of it?

  • Claudia says:

    No, I haven’t lost my mojo for perfume, ever. Sushi, yes

  • Sun Mi says:

    I’m still relatively new to the perfume world (less than a year I guess), but sometimes I find myself burnt out and I’m not even all that active. I find that a high needs 14 month old wipes out a lot of my energy. I never know when I’m gonna get a shower in and I don’t like wearing perfume or trying new things before my shower usually. Then I’m in a mad rush to finish my shower because the baby is napping and I end up not wearing anything then either. Those days are sad. But what has been most disheartening lately is things I read online (like in some facebook perfume groups). While most of the people I’ve interacted with have been so kind and lovely, there’s a lot of perfume ‘elitism’, I suppose you could say, and that’s been a bit offputting. But really, I just shouldn’t pay attention! Oh, and that shower gel and hair mist sounds lovely. 🙂

    • odonata9 says:

      Well that is terrible! Stick to NST and the posse and avoid those negative nellies! All the perfume folks I have met online have been so generous and welcoming. And I can relate on being tired with little ones – I have 2 year old twin daughters 😉 It has gotten easier, but in the early days, showers were very few and far between, and extremely short.

  • Rina says:

    I’m just bummed they didn’t make a POAL shower gel but I’d love to try the CF! There is a 5-10 degree temp diff between home and work, so I’m not too limited by the heat. I’ve worn Black Cashmere a few times just because I know it will be cool and cloudy at work even if it’s sunny and 75 when I leave the house, LOL! Thanks for the draw!!

  • Ann says:

    Hiya, Patty! What a cute pic of Vinnie on ice — love it (especially since I am a Bulldog fan from way back)!! This time of year, I, too, get the perfume doldrums a bit. It’s so hot here by 9 or 10 and then I have to rush to (fragrance-free) office; and then by the time I get home early evening I’m too pooped to perfume. But I do have a little fun playing/spraying/testing on the weekends. DNEM, of course, but do let us know what you think of the FM shower gels.