Old Favorites

photo Well, the temps have temporarily dropped here in the lovely Hills of Beverly (as much as they ever do- there’s a warning that it could freeze in Hesperia, but we are more warned that we will need to put the top up.)

When cooler temps come out I come ut with some of the heavy hitters from the house of Uncle Serge. The three that come to the front are the three I fell in thrall to in the beginning of my continuing journey as a scent junkie. They are, in no particular order:

Rahat Loukoum: sweet, boozy cherries and almonds in the opening that are so delicious you’d almost like to have it in a small iced glass with a side of turkish coffee. as it wears on you it’s still delicious, but you get a hit of musk, as if the person who gave you that glass has leaned in to refresh the coffee and is leaving impressions that while coffee is desired, other desires can be fulfilled.

Borneo 1834: The first bell jar I went through hoops for. I smelled it when friend bought it and got some from Surrender to Chance (back in the day when it was under another name.) I decided, in my way that I would be unable to turn Oxygen to Carbon Dioxide unless I possessed a bottle of this. So I ordered a bottle in Paris to be shipped to a friend in Switzerland, and he carried it back to the states. I have to admit that I don’t wear it often, but on certain cold days that combo of bone dry patchouli and almost bitter cocao is like a warm hearth, and will blow what March calls the “choco-vomit” aspects of that other, nameless perfume out of my head.

Muscs Kublai Khan: Okay, this one apparently frightens the horses. Now, my experience with horses were a few forced lessons and dropping Sissy off in the stables at Smith for her riding. I like horses in the abstract way I like Abalone. I’m glad they exist and in no way wish them to come to harm but unless they’re going to meet me at Trader Joe’s to take me and any groceries home, I’m not seeing it. Well. okay, getting somewhat back on topic, some people find this incredibly barnyard unto fecal. Now, my barnyard time is slim unto none and my fecal (if you’ll excuse the expression) time involves heavy flushing and Fabreeze. But for some reason on me MKK is a purring kitty of a scent. All comfort and curl up and kiss me on the neck. If life were the way it should be Denzel Washington would show up waring this, with a Jerobaom of Cristal and some Beluga.

I’ll settle for my bell jar.

All of these are available in the states now from wither Barney’s or directly from Lutens. I do admit that there’s a small. mean, tiny portion of me that misses being able to tell the one or two people who ever asked me that it was only available in Paris. I know, I’m terrible.

Picture: My iPad

  • louise says:

    The best musk oil I have ever used was by Satana…I have been hitting every site and blog I can looking to get my hands on some. I don’t even know what would come close. I mean you could smell it for days but not in an obnoxious way. I want this oil but don’t know how to track it down. I hate perfumes for me it oils only. If any one knows how I can get some or knows someone who has it and wants to sell it please email me. If you know of another musk scent that is similar to it I would appreciate that. This site is very informative and I am gathering a lot of information because Satana was the only musk I ever wore so I am truly a novice.

  • eldarwen22 says:

    I hate it that Serge Lutens mad probably about half of his offerings unavailable (mostly). I did manage to score a bell jar of both De Profundis and Sarrasins for a reasonable price off of E-Bay. But it seems like De Profundis suits fall better.

  • tammy says:

    Tom, I’d have to wrassle you for that scenario with Mr Washington.

    Well, actually, I’m feeling quite generous today.

    You may have all the champers and fish eggs, and I’ll just have to settle for Denzel in his MKK. Fair enough? ūüėČ

  • Heidi says:

    Fall seems to be made for Serge Lutens, doesn’t it? I’ve been pulling out my Bois et Fruits and Fumerie Turque.

  • Portia says:

    Hey Tom,
    Globalisation has certainly tamed the snob value of everything. At least in Australia those Bell Jars are still unattainable, not that I have one.
    Portia xx