Happy birthday, Musette!!

Ah .. it’s getting close to Thanksgiving, must be time to send our beautiful, talented and oh-so kind-hearted Anita birthday greetings!!

All of us here at the Posse are wishing you a wonderful day, filled with all the things you enjoy most, darling lady!!

Sending much love and many hugs your wayanitabdcake!

Portia November 26, 2015

SHIT! One year since we were running around Chicago. Have a wonderful birthday Musette. All of us here down under are blowing kisses and sending hugs. Portia xx

Nemo November 26, 2015

Happy birthday Musette!!! And happy Thanksgving too :)

poodle November 25, 2015

Wishing you a very happy and fragrant birthday! I hope you have a great day and a wonderful Thanksgiving too. I'm sending you a big hug. Xoxo

Tena November 25, 2015

Sending warm birthday greetings and wishes for all the best as your personal New Year begins!!!

tammy November 25, 2015

Happy Birthday, Musette!

Queen Cupcake November 25, 2015

Happy birthday, dear Musette!

Dina C. November 25, 2015

Happy Birthday Musette!! I hope this is the beginning of a fresh, new year that is filled with great scents, good health, and happy times ahead. Sending you hugs and wishing you very happy holidays.

Ann November 25, 2015

Happy, happy birthday, darling girl!! Hope it's a great one and El O outdoes himself for you today, As for me, I'll have to send you warm wishes across the miles, and also a boatload of virtual sables from Miette and chocolates from Michael Recchiuti. Big hugs to you...