Cologne Pour Le Soir by Maison Francis Kurkdjian 2009

Hey there Posse! Tom has just called in sick so I’m here to fill for him. Lucky you caught me because I have just spritzed myself with Cologne Pour Le Soir and was about to go have a cuppa and grab my book to go lie in the winter sun in Sydney, Australia. Today is a beautiful day and Jin & I slept in late and then got up to watch the Rio Olympics. He’s gone back to bed because he starts a week of night shifts tonight and I’m slobbing around the house in track suit and t-shirt. Instead of describing Cologne Pour Le Soir’s golden, sunlit, naughty, sensual, raunchy, animalic flesh and smoke bombiness I thought it might be fun to do my impressions in pictures….

Cologne Pour Le Soir by Maison Francis Kurkdjian 2009

Cologne Pour Le Soir Maison Francis Kurkdjian FragranticaFragrantica

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Benzoin Siam, Iranian rose honey, Bulgarian rose honey, Frankincense absolute

Cologne Pour Le Soir Maison Francis Kurkdjian bees honey PixabayPixabay

Cologne Pour Le Soir Maison Francis Kurkdjian Michael Coghlan Outdoor Urinal FlickrFlickr

Cologne Pour Le Soir Maison Francis Kurkdjian armpitPDI

Cologne Pour Le Soir Maison Francis Kurkdjian IncensePDI

Cologne Pour Le Soir Maison Francis Kurkdjian grizzly-bear-profilePDI

Cologne Pour Le Soir Maison Francis Kurkdjian Caroline Granycome Bottom, Mindelo Carnaval, Cape Verde FlickrFlickr

Cologne Pour Le Soir Maison Francis Kurkdjian mass basilicaPDI

Cologne Pour Le Soir Maison Francis Kurkdjian Old_Honey_Pot WikipediaWikiMedia

Cologne Pour Le Soir Maison Francis Kurkdjian Arielle ShoshanaArielle Shoshana

Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $3/ml
Arielle Shoshana in Washington DC has $210/6.8oz

Hope you enjoyed this as a fun way to review. Have you tried Cologne Pour Le Soir? What did you think?
Portia xxx


PDI = Public Domain Image

  • HemlockSillage says:

    This review is GENIUS! Portia, thank you for making me smile with these evocative images. It’s a great idea to use the photos to give your impression of a fragrance. Cologne pour le Soir is gorgeous in the heat, I can attest. It is not for the shy or non skank/cumin intolerant, but really lovely. I prefer the Colone to the Absolue. Enjoy your time off!! Hugs!

  • Lisa D says:

    Simultaneously intrigued and a little scared by your image review…..although I have to say that, since becoming interested in perfumes, my nose has evolved to appreciate scents that most would find really unappealing. Armpit, incense, and a little bit of shaggy animal fur sounds pretty good to me.

    • Portia says:

      HA! LisaD,
      It’s funny how our perceptions change. It’s like wine, all the things that scare a novice off become the most desirable.
      Portia xx

  • Deva says:

    I have the Mack Daddy size of this one and absolutley love it. I love the Absolue version better but the cologne is more wearable. The photos are perfect ?

    • Portia says:

      Hey Deva,
      I find the cologne much raunchier and more expansive than the absolute, interesting how we perceive it differently.
      Yes, 200ml seems excessive.
      Portia xx

  • elisa p says:

    That is too funny!! I’m fascinated by those outdoor urinals. Looks rather pleasant.
    The sacrilege of the order of your photos: ass over mass. Lol, I couldn’t help myself. I love CSP but don’t find it quite as naughty. The Absolue, on the other hand…
    Thanks for the giggles 🙂

    • Portia says:

      HA! I never even realised my sacrilege. OOOPPS!!
      I totally agree about the outdoor urinals ElisaP, I was looking for the ones on the side of the road in India which are not nearly so glam but couldn’t find a usable pic.
      You’re welcome. Giggles are good.
      Portia xxx

  • Musette says:

    Holy cats and crackers! That pictorial made me blaaaart! out loud! omg. You never cease to amaze me – and you never cease to make me laugh!


  • SublimiSomnium says:

    Perfect – never thought I’d want to sniff a body builder’s armpit, but once again you’ve expanded my horizons. Thanks Portia!

    • Portia says:

      Hey SublimiSomnium ,
      Getting to sniff a bodybuilders armpit is one of lifes great joys. Go find one before he gets the AXE in there. MMMMM
      Portia xx

  • Gwenyth says:

    I love the visual exploration.
    Sometimes I find it difficult to explain a scent and how I interpret what I am smelling. The pictorial journey helps to express the “feeling” one gets while wearing/smelling Cologne Pour Le Soir.
    Well done and thanks for the experience.

    • Portia says:

      Thanks Gwenyth ,
      We are not taught to vocalise our scent images in school and it rarely happens in literature. Pictures though, them we get.
      Portia xx

  • filomena813 says:

    I love the pictorial review! Perfect.

  • HeidiC says:

    Ha! This was fantastic! I haven’t smelled it, but I definitely feel like I have! It’s an interesting idea — to use one nonverbal sense (visuals) to describe another nonverbal sense (scent)! Definitely gets around the difficulty of trying to put it into words, not that you seem to have any trouble with that, though.

    • Portia says:

      Hi there HeidiC,
      Glad you liked the non-verbal review. Poor old Tom got knocked down by illness quite late so I had to get the idea across in record time, as well as continue my day’s work.
      You should really get your nose on it though, smells great.
      Thank you.
      Portia xx

  • Ann says:

    Oh, yum, Portia! That MFK is some seriously good juice! Too bad it’s too hot here to wear it, but the first chilly night we get I’m reaching for this beauty. Thanks for a day brightener! Hope all goes well for Jin on late-night duty and that it’s over soon. P.S. Hope Tom feels better soon!

    • Portia says:

      Hey Ann,
      NO! Wear it in the heat. It’s quite gorgeously overwhelming. Definitely a dab in the heat, spritzing might kill you.
      Yeah, Jin is a tough bunny. This fortnight is 4 nights, 4 days off, 6 days. Easy peasy!
      Fingers crossed for Tom’s speedy recovery.
      Portia xx

      • Musette says:

        I agree with Portia, Ann. These powerhouses really strut their stuff in the heat. Witness Amouage’s Tribute Attar, which blooms beautifully in the heat. As she said, though, just a bit – too much is too much!!! lol!


  • Tatiana says:

    Love the pictorial review. I instantly got what this smells like. I think I have some MFK samples somewhere in my mess of a stash. Don’t think I ever got around to sniffing any of them. Guess I should search for them in the morning.

    • Portia says:

      Hey there Tatiana,
      Go grab them. I really like a few of FKs frags. I bet you’ll find at least one to love.
      Portia xx

  • Akatchoom says:

    That is a hilarious photo review, Portia- I hope you do more!

    • Portia says:

      YAY Akatchoom, So glad you liked it. I’m still in the final honeyed stage, cut through by smoky whispers.
      Portia xx

    • Jackie b says:

      Love the perfume.
      Love the pictures!
      But, um… I have worn CPLS to work on occasion, how am I ever to look those students in the eye again!!!