Hey Posse! There’s so much going on, almost all the religions, cults, sects etc are having some kind of event currently or coming up. The more I learn about the world around me since my VERY Roman Catholic upbringing brings me to the conclusion that we are all more alike than not. We mostly love to celebrate together, blood or chosen family, giving and receiving are joyful and fun, we all love food, companionship, a laugh and continuum. No matter what you do or don’t worship, no matter how cluttered, sparse, joyful, depressed, rich or poor there is something a little bit special about this time of year. So, what’s on my holiday giving 2018 list?


holiday giving 2018


CHANEL RED N°5 EdP Limited Edition

COME ON!! This is the perfect treat for almost every perfume loving person. The red bottles look so good and feel extra festive. It’s CHANEL. The dream of finding CHANEL No 5 under the tree has been an enduring one for nearly 100 years.

holiday giving 2018

Olympic Orchids Patchouli Lovers Shower Gel

Ellen has been busy making even more fabulous body products to love and gift. I’ve always loved the Patchouli Lovers Soap but this is stepping it all up to a new level of lavish. An excellent base for any fragrance with patchouli as a note, or any others that need a little extra depth. They are excellent value too, only $18 from Olympic Orchids. That’s a steal for artisanal products created by hand with love.

holiday giving 2018

4 x 15ml Hermès Travel Sizes

Who doesn’t love variety and travel sizes? I regularly gift this little Hermès pack to friends and loved ones. It’s so fun too. You get to go into Hermès (or online too) and pick out a special foursome, different for every buddy. You can mix and match colognes, Hermessence and the regular range. Getting the orange box with the brown Hermès ribbon is also a real holiday treat.

holiday giving 2018

Santi Burgas White Collection Discovery Set

Not only does this Santi Burgas Discovery Set have 6 x 3ml fragrances that will blow your mind. It also comes in the most ingeniously engineered wooden box. Flaming Red, Eau de Dada and Eau de Burgas are my favourites of the pack but you’ll have loads of fun discovering your own. I mean, anyone who’s on your holiday giving 2018 list will be overwhelmed by your cool credibility and generosity.

Surrender To Chance Gift Voucher

Never underestimate the joy of getting a Gift Voucher. They get the joy of receiving it, looking for what fragrances they will buy with it and then the wearing of them all. For anyone who you have no idea other than they like perfume, or for someone who ONLY likes perfume, this is the perfect gift. I used to make Jin buy me these for every celebration.

Tiffany & Co 10oz Bone China Paper Cups

You know that real deal friend that you always want to get something special for but they have EVERYTHING? These beautifully boxed in Tiffany Blue and the white ribbon will make anybodies eyes pop. Most people love a cuppa, coffee or tea, and they can even be used as regular drinking glasses, or booze glasses. Why not? They aren’t outrageously expensive and I can’t imagine Tiffany & Co continuing with these fun lines far into the future because they feel very prestige diffusive. Come on, it’s a stellar idea and I bet NO ONE you know will think of it.


Any of these twig your interest?
Portia xx


  • Ann says:

    Howdy, dear! Thank you for the lovely and elegant gift suggestions. I wish I loved No. 5, because that red is just gorgeous. An old pal of mine, a former newspaper fashion writer and editor, adores all things Tiffany, so I might have to look into those. Thanks!!

  • Ingeborg says:

    The Tiffany cups look fun, but I guess I would go for a luxury shower gel or a set with several smaller scented lotions if I wondered what to buy.

  • matty says:

    The Tiffany cups look fab. I’d like one of those a a gift.

  • Tara C says:

    Great picks! I love the Tiffany cups, so fun. 🙂

    • Portia says:

      Hey TaraC,
      I’m so glad you are on board for the Tiffany & Co cups. I was in there with a buddy yesterday and he thought they were too over the top and was aghast. It bummed me a bit because I was seriously thinking he would be the perfect recipient. HA! Always good to check tastes.
      Portia xx

  • Neva says:

    You’ve summed it up so nicely – yes, we’re all humans and have very similar needs. I got a warm feeling inside only by reading it Portia. Your choices are great. I’d love to receive every single present you’ve mentioned. The Olympic Orchids body products line is beautiful, sharing the Hermessence travel sprays is a great idea too.
    I often go for nice big scented candles as Christmas presents and L’Occitane sets.

    • Portia says:

      Hey Neva,
      Thos L’Occitane sets are so good, aren’t they. I love that they all come boxed for easy wrapping and presentation. I can always find a set for a good price to suit someone near & dear.
      Portia xx

  • Kathleen says:

    Yours are all fabulous gifts, and your loved ones will be thrilled to received any of the generous and thoughtful fragrant gifts you’ve shown. I love the OO labdanum shower gel and oil, I’ll bet the patchouli is wonderful. And someone could have a lot of fun with the STC gift certificate. I love the Tiffany cups! Perfect gift for that person that has everything (I have such a friend!)
    I am giving Tauer candles as gift, scented in L’air du Desert Marocain to fragrant loving friends. They are made of pure natural wax in dark blue heavy wax, also available in Rose Delight.
    Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to you Portia and all the Posse readers!