Smells like Home

So.  Remember I told you we are going to be talking Garden for awhile?  Well, yeah.  About that.  It’s been in the low 40s, with pouring rain and a gale-force wind for the past week.  I am going Nowhere Outside.

Inside I sit, but it feels as if I am in a garden, sort of.  I’m using this amazingly sleek ‘Smart Home Fragrance’ diffuser by Aera and the scent, Vibrance, is very greeny & Springlike (more on that in a bit).  Let’s take a look at this unit:


it’s discreet, sleek as a seal and elegantly simple.  One simply plugs it in, puts one of the home fragrance cylinders into the unit (the cylinder depresses with a fabulous, high-tech ‘brrrp!’ that just makes me giggle with delight); if you are a techie you can program it with your smartphone, which allows you to schedule the scenting so after a long, hard day you can come home to notes of Bergamot, Iris and Amber instead of the smell of dishes you left in the sink from last night.  I mean, the dishes will still be there – there are limits to this unit’s abilities, after all – but your space will smell so nice that you won’t mind having to put that lasagne pan to soak.  Again).  If you are a Technophobe (or just too lazy to read the instructions) you can simply PUSH A BUTTON and vi-ola, you get this very fine mist (likened to a dry vapor, which actually isn’t a bad description if you’re not a total stickler about definitions.   I put the unit on a wood table to see if it marred it and so far, so good!)  The level of scent required (via the Very Easy (thank you) +/- buttons determines how often the machine releases the scent.  I am prone to migraines so I have this on the lowest setting; it releases a short burst of scent every 5-7 minutes or so, which is plenty in this small space.

So.  Let’s talk about the scents.  Well, first off Aera has engaged the talents of noted perfumers, among them are Annie Buzantian & Christophe Laudamiel.  The Scent Designer for this series is Raymond Matts, who has invoked my everlasting gratitude with this quote:

“I believe scenting an environment is about creating a subliminal approach that is
alluring and inviting……They should be unique, but easy to be around…”
Now.  This is my own personal opinion, born of a skittery mind and nerves that are always shot.  I am that Donkey on the Edge. Every Day.  Even days that aren’t stressful.   Which means I don’t want my home to be a battleground for anything – and definitely not scent.  That doesn’t mean Aera has created ‘meh’ scents – far from it.  Vibrance, for example, has that sparkly note of pink grapefruit that intertwines with the green notes and is rounded out with a touch of amber.  The overall effect is that of a nuanced Spring bouquet.  And it smells like a real bouquet, rather than some synthetic spritz.  What I like is it’s not in my face!  I liken it to that bowl of hyacinths that you have in the living room – as you go through that room, the scent is gorgeous – and very apparent – but when you get to the kitchen, it’s very faint – but enough to make you smile.
My unit came with 3 scents:  Vibrance (described above), Moondance (iris, bergamot & amber) & Odyssey (citrus, juniper & soft woods). You can remove the capsule before it’s finished, put the leetle plugs (top & bottom) back in (DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY BECAUSE YOU WILL NEED THEM TO CLOSE THE CAPSULE – wanna know how I know this? 😉  –  and try another scent.   I’m going to buy Zephyr, with its notes of lotus petals, lily of the valley & sandalwood – the little ‘lift & sniff’ booklet smells like all the scent strips in all the world, which is to say ‘eh’ – but I can assure you that the actual scents themselves are gorgeous, at least the 3 I have, so I have no reason to believe that Zephyr will be any different.
The Unit & the scent capsules are only available online at this time. and right now they have an Introductory Offer – the $250 starter set (unit and 1 scent capsule) for $189.  It’s not the least expensive home scent device out there but it’s probably the last one you will ever need – or want – to buy.   Full disclosure – my unit  and scent capsules was sent by the mfr for review – but I can honestly say that, having used it for the past few weeks, I could easily see myself buying this.
  • fragroom says:

    Love the sound of this, although a little pricey. Must see if this is available here in South Africa.

  • daisyloo82 says:

    oh gawd! I want it! Savings plan begins now. 😉

  • eldarwen22 says:

    What a cute little unit but unfortunately out of the question right now. No extra discretionary spending money for a few months due to dentist bills. I do have a lot of candles from Bath and Body Works that I am using. My faves are Farmstand Apple and Lilac.

    • rosarita313 says:

      Dentist bills, horrible 🙁 all that money spent, no fun at all. I just hate tooth stuff but I do like to chew so there it is.

  • rosarita313 says:

    Hiya Ms A, this thing sounds veeeeery nice for my little house, bet we could catch a whiff through all 700 square feet. Moondance seems like it would be very chill. How’s the kitchen coming along?

    • Musette says:

      it is perfect for a house that size – you can do a low (1) setting and just have a faint aura or you can Go To ELEVEN 😉 and blast everybody out of the house.

      No kitchen work right now, alas. First comes some godawful foundation thingy that requires him to take the BACK OF THE HOUSE OFF! So…obviously not until it’s dryzabone.