Whoooo Are You? (I really, really wanna know) – and WINNERS! (and another giveaway)

I’m writing this ahead of a much-needed holiday  – March and I are planning a road trip to the Piedmont Triad (and, GASP! possibly a little side trip to MAYBERRY!  (Mt Airy NC) – I actually have all the early Andy Griffith Show on DVD and have a couple of AGS reference books.  I was even given a set of AGS trivia cards, back in the day when folks still played with real cards!

I’ll bore you with allll the details, when we return.    For now, let’s talk about ‘us’.  So.  Back in the Jurassic Era, I remarked to my artist/rare bookseller then-husband that  I kept seeing the same people at all the venues we attended.  He replied that even though we lived in Chicago (hardly a small burg) there is a core group of like-minded people that you will always see, whether it’s artsy folk or foodies or booklovers.  And he was, largely, correct – I found this in the Bay Area and even LA which, like Chicago, is spread out over a bazillion miles.  But in general you will see the same folks at Steppenwolf that you see at Lookingglass, etc.  And there’s usually some sort of crossover, with a lot of those folks attending avant-garde venues or some bizarre hybrid (Rare Cheeses/French Bulldogs?  What?  No?  Are you sure? ).

Perfume, however, seems to cross over all sorts of demographics.  When I first got involved in the genre, I thought all the women wore floaty, Ophelia-like garments and spouted poetry  all the men to either be non-butch gay or metrosexual.  Hey, I never said I wasn’t profilin’ !!!  But that’s the point – much as I was intrigued to find that a Super Macho guy (a prison guard) is an opera devotee, or that a 40yr old, Asian urban mom is deeply into country music  – finding that an amazingly diverse group of people are perfumistas was a delightful awakening for me.   As I have learned to admit that my original thinking (which I would’ve sworn was somewhat sophisticated) was actually more rigid and prejudiced than I  imagined, I find myself ever increasingly fascinated by what perfumistas are also into.

A lot of my interests are expected – and ancillary to perfume – I’m heavily into gardening and culinary arts, both of which have sensory attractions that dovetail with perfume.  But I’m also a huge fan of Draft Horses – specifically the 6-Horse Hitch.  Now.  Y’all wanna talk profilin’?  I am, quite possibly, the ONLY one of ‘my kind’ that you will find on that circuit.  Lord knows I  haven’t seen another ethnic person PERIOD at any of the Hitch events – ever – not even at the World Percheron Congress meetings !  And the aromatics at a Hitch series …well, no Amouage Lyric there (though it does have a distinct Dzing! vibe goin’)!  I also enjoy – truly enjoy! – learning how to operate heavy equipment – I’m learning how to use a backhoe, coked to the gills in vintage Chanel No5.   But I know I’m not the only one with interests that would lie outside the general Venns of what perfumistas should like.  I remember writing a post that included a paen to automatic shotguns and Shotgun News – and how stunned I was as y’all crawled out of the atomisers to profess your own shotgun love!

And..I wonder how many of ‘me’ there will be, viztin’ Mt Airy?  Hey, ya nebber know!  I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find another Black, shotgun-lovin’, heavy equipment operatin’ perfumista.  Hey, why not!

Hey, maybe s/he also collects Puppet Storybooks, Just. Like. Me. 


So.  I’m just being nosy now.  What sort of things do you Posseites like to do?  What do you do? (if it’s okay to say – I’ll go first:  I was in Film Production for 30 years, now I own a custom machine shop.  Newsflash:  it’s the Persack Same Thing except:  I now stay in Super 8s (Ravenna, Nebraska does not have a Four Seasons) and I wear a hard hat.  Other than that? Pretty much the same thing, save the end product.  Oh!  And people are way less tiresome in machining.  They don’t care what kind of handbag you carry or where you take them to lunch – they just want their damb parts!

I’d especially love to know the Really Weird Ones, the ones that run counter to perfume expectations!


The Girl’s manicure is holding up – mine is a mess because I just pulled a bunch of bolted lettuces – so she wants to show it off by poking random.org again – we’ll pull a couple of winnahs!


OOOH!  and last week’s winners are





gmail me:  evilauntieanita and give me your deeeetails.  I’ll send you some goodies from the Messy Armoire!

  • Koyel says:

    This was such a great list of comments to read 🙂 No one will see this, since it’s been almost two weeks since the last comment, but I’m a process engineer in the semiconductor field who still thinks she’s a chemistry PhD student (it’s hard not being a student anymore!). It was a tough call, though, to choose chemistry over writing and singing. I still sing opera, have joined an a cappella group, and try–often unsuccessfully–to carve out time to write fiction. If I ever get bored of semiconductors, I’ll go be a singer/songwriter. I also love smelling things and cooking and gardening, so between that and chemistry, perfume is not a weird thing for me to love at all 🙂

  • Claudia S says:

    Former aerospace analyst, now a teacher!

  • otamom says:

    I’m an engineer with absolutely no artistic side–but I do very much appreciate and admire the creative gifts of others! Even when I have to go on dirty work sites in my hard hat, unattractive safety glasses, and steel toe boots, I always make sure to smell fantastic. 🙂

  • dinazad says:

    I’m an event manager and ex-belly dance instructor who loves weaving, making lace, knitting, crocheting, etc. etc. I used to collect pictures of guardian angels, but these days I’m so picky that I haven’t added to the collection in years. I enjoy walking/hiking, cooking, baking, travelling, gardening, never go anywhere without a book in my bag and never really have enough time for anything. Mostly because life is just sooo full of interesting things to do or learn! How could I possibly pick just one?

  • Nemo says:

    I work in science education and my hobbies include reading, martial arts, perfume, and hanging out with dogs 🙂 I really really enjoy how interestingly diverse the online community is, and have enjoyed reading about eeryone’s backgrounds!

  • filomena813 says:

    I’m a paralegal/legal assistant for a real estate development company and do all the leases, contracts and legal documents. I have been a lover and collector of perfumes since I was about 13 years old and even now in my “old age”, my ardor for perfume has not waned. My other big interest (besides working out 5 days a week) is live music. I go to this area in my home town that has music every night of the week and all afternoon and evening on the weekends. When I am home or I my car, I always have music playing.

  • Anna says:

    This is a bit off point, I hope no one minds, but since that region was brought up, you all might have something to say.My husband is wanting (for various reasons) to retire in the Triad area. I have never been there. We are both creative types (me jewelry, him blacksmith). Does anyone have anything to say about living in that area? Is it really humid?

  • Pam says:

    Enjoy the Triad! I am not far away either! I am a piano teacher and sometimes church organist. I love to cook and garden, read a lot, have made over a hundred quilts, and used to fly my own plane. I have always loved perfume but only started collecting it a few years ago. Wonder what perfume Aunt Bea wore. I figure Andy was an Old Spice guy.

  • Mals86 says:

    OMG seriously, y’all are gonna be like AN HOUR FROM MY HOUSE. If I were anywhere near home I would come and meet you both!!

    I am not, however, near my house. I am with The CEO in Hawai’i this week. He is doing a (gasp) job interview with the U of H for an extension agent position on Kauai, which personally I love much much much more than anywhere else in the Hawaiian islands that I’ve ever visited, probably for the simple reason that it is actually, outside the resort areas, very rural and agricultural. Yesterday he did the Kauai interview portion, and today he is meeting with the faculty at the Department of Tropical Agriculture at UH Manoa, which is smack in the middle of Honolulu and about as urban as places really get. I miss Kauai already. 🙁

    Ennnnnyway. Stuff I love, or do: Sing with community chorus. Play piano/keyboard/organ. Write fiction. Read fiction. Lament my inability to keep tropical plants alive in my house. I have a degree in accounting, which I sort of hate. I collect wooden nutcracker dolls, but only display them at Christmas. (I do not collect nutcracker-themed stuff. Just the dolls, thanks, no nutcracker shower curtains or rugs or plates or trashcans. And I’m not that picky. If I like its face, doesn’t matter whether it came from the drugstore or an antiques shop.)

  • Spring-pansy says:

    Oh, and reading – like Anna above. Gotta have a book or three going at all times.)

  • Spring-pansy says:

    What fun – I have really enjoyed reading these. I’ve just moved from Colorado (after 25 years) to Seattle. I’ve always loved Seattle (I grew up in Washington state, but not here), but it’s a big adjustment. We’re looking for a house – I have all my perfumes with me wrapped in bubble wrap and in a box – they need a home. We have three grown “boys” and a sweet old Golden Retriever. I have a Master’s degree in Nutrition and I love to cook and bake and I also run and practice yoga and I’m looking forward to some sea kayaking here. For fun, I love hanging out with friends at microbreweries, watching British detective series, exploring new places and trying new fragrances.

  • Anna says:

    What an interesting group this is. I don’t think I run counter to perfume expectations:
    I love perfume and easily have 100 decants. But I find it really, really, hard to find a new fragrance that speaks to me and that I can also afford, and I keep trying.
    I am a former textile designer (20 years) for the garment industry and became an attorney for my second career.
    I have lived in a few great places in the US (both coasts and in the middle) as well as Dubai.
    I love expanding my skills making beaded jewelry and my husband thinks I have a bead collection larger than some bead stores. I love to bake and to make one pot meals, such as chilis and stews. I use no recipes and they come out a little different each time. Love to read, gotta read. I too, love beauty and the small enjoyments. I love flowers and I thought I was an expert gardener until I left California. It turns out it was mostly the climate, not me, that was responsible for my garden, but I still try. There are two sweet kitty cats in the household that my husband and I are in service to.
    This is getting rather long, so I will stop here. I have enjoyed reading about the other Posseites too.

  • monika says:

    In case it’s not me who won, I’d love to give you some specifics for your question… and be included in the next giveaway! 🙂

    I’m of Polish decent (1st generation). Originally from the DC area, I was in international trade until a life changing event made me see that life is very, very short and leave my profession. I won’t bore you with those details. However, I moved to France, back to DC, and then eventually to Florida. No more snow days for me. 🙂

    Keep up the great work – and have fun on your vacation!!

  • monika says:

    Woo hoo! Is it me who won the giveaway???

  • maggiecat says:

    I’m a college professor who teaches communication and writes. So, not all that interesting. But my husband is a telecommunications guy who has ridden a Harley for many years and loves (and knows an awful lot about) classical music. Now that raises a few eyebrows…!

  • tiffanie says:

    Great question, I love reading these comments. It is always surprising and fascinating to hear what perfumistas get up to the rest of the time.

    My mum is an avid bicyclist and over the years has found several lost pet birds while riding. We were always able to find the relieved owners. Once she brought home a sweet cockatiel who could whistle the entire Andy Griffith theme song. We were a little sad to say good-bye to that one but were very happy he was reunited with his family.

    I like to take long, head-clearing walks daily. I hike and bike often (thanks Mum!), stretch with yoga, knit sometimes, occasionally bake treats, plus play the piano and teach music to children in the classroom and at home.

    We’ve enjoyed many animal family members over the years, even a snake for a while. At the moment we do not have any four legged cuties, but we do share our house with a Senegal parrot and two parakeets. Also we have two goldfish that, without any warning, my neighbor handed to me in a ziploc bag the day he was moving to a new home a few years ago.

  • rosarita313 says:

    I’m enjoying reading these comments! I am in a state of flux right now. I worked in school food service management for many years and resigned in 2012 because of worsening arthritis, which was just the time when my elderly parents started needing extra care. The constant small enjoyments are perfume, makeup, nail polish and especially collecting vintage silver jewelry. I used to haunt garage and estate sales but now I’m obsessed with Goodwill online auctions, also music, British detective series, and keeping in touch with many friends.

    • Maya says:

      I love British detective series!!! Have you seen the Australian one, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries? It takes place in Australia after WWI, 1920’s and 30’s. The clothes, cars, planes, makeup, homes, are all wonderfully done and so much fun!

    • Spring-pansy says:

      Me, too – British detective series!! Looking forward to watching the last installment of Broadchurch’s second season this weekend on NetFlix.

    • AnnJune says:

      Another fan of British detective series! Have just discovered Father Brown. Also anxiously awaiting the release of the remake of Murder on the Orient Express (also a train fanatic : ) in November.

  • MMKinPA says:

    Preschool music teacher, pianist, flutist, mom of a teenage boy, former website programmer, jewelry maker, reader, swimmer, dog mom and expert assembler of IKEA furniture. I am the treasurer for the PTA and two other volunteer organizations. I also do all of the handying around the house as my husband has no skills in that regard.

  • HeidiC says:

    Ha! “Dzing! vibe”!!! I grew up in Raleigh and went to school in Greensboro, so I know the Piedmont Triad well (or at least I did 20 years ago!) — have a great time in Mayberry.

    Besides perfume, my geekery extends to mushrooming and foraging, cooking, herb gardening, tattoos, and I’m a writer so I’m interested in absolutely everything (currently the Red Forest in Chernobyl’s exclusion zone, open adoption, and monstrous births).

  • Tiara says:

    I won! Thank you and tell The Girl I said thanks as well. I have that same Cinderella book! And Hansel & Gretel plus another one I think. I LOVED those as a kid and haven’t pulled those out since we moved 24 years ago but I now have grandchildren. Thanks for the slap upside the head. Those need to be shared with them pronto.

    Will you be in NC for the eclipse? Mt. Airy should be in the 90% or more range.

    I used to be in salary administration for a large consumer products company before becoming a full time mom and PTO volunteer. Love current events, reading, being with our kids and grandchildren (we’re all about 5 mins from each other), trying new recipes, and for some strange reason, I’m feeling the need to grow new hydrangeas from cuttings.

  • Millicent says:

    I lived in Malaysia and Mongolia for seven years overseas. Now back in the US, I work on prevention of violence against women & girls, spending free time reading, cooking, hanging with husband, dog & cat.

  • Tara C says:

    Retired from the high tech field, my hobbies are baking, reading and road cycling. I also love animals and have 2 fluffy white dogs who are my kids. Never wanted human ones.

  • I’m a homeschooling mom, finishing up a degree in ecology, former lactation counselor, love to read and dance, into politics, nature, social justice, animals and obsessed perfumista.

  • DinaC says:

    In addition to perfume love, I’m an old triple-threat gal: acting, singing, dancing. Still act and sing. Love reading mysteries and Jane Austen especially. Ordained deacon in my church where I volunteer with kids and adults. Love beauty whether it’s fashion, home design, make-up, jewelry, gorgeous gardens, music, etc.

  • Pats says:

    I’m a medical secretary for a University but also a trained person-centered Counsellor/therapist . Love anything Psychological plus cats, dogs and beautiful scents!

  • AnnJune says:

    I’m a former computer programmer, current medical transcriptionist/owner of a custom window treatment business, Hobbies include weight lifting, Pilates, and of course perfume : ) Also mom to 2 nearly-grown sons and 2 small white dogs.

  • Kathleen Smith says:

    My passions are my Boxer dogs; animal welfare and nutrition; workouts to gain strength; Crossfit; lifting heavy; good food; and perfume! All make me happy!?

  • Gina says:

    I do marketing for a company that sells used industrial surplus including CNC machines! I used to be managing editor of American Machinist.

  • M says:

    I am a perfumista with a collection of 100+ full bottles and hundreds of decants and samples.
    Then I am a librarian with a strong IT business work, in my spare time I love mountain biking including racing and snow boarding. – Funny combination!?

  • fillifelle says:

    Stay-home cat-mom and yogini. I love my Victorian literature and longform articles.
    (Btw I can’t seem to change the flag icon that appears next to our profile name. I’m from Singapore. Not Australia)

  • Jennifer says:

    I’ve been in the mailing industry for going on 33 years now and still going strong! In my spare time I love reading, puzzles and good movies and volunteer once a week at a local no kill animal shelter. I also enjoy the hell outta my iPad and can be found almost daily puttering around on my virtual farm!

  • marjo56 says:

    I’m a philologist, I love art, reading, perfume, fashion and make up.

  • nicevulady says:

    I’m retired. I design, make , and sell my own jewelry. I garden, read voraciously (I won most reading done in my county), hate cooking,and just cut my cable tv.

  • Ooh, Melissa! I work in health policy on health IT and data use, hike, kayak, and do some kitting and lots of reading. And perfume up the wazzoo!

  • Melissa says:

    I’m a scientist working in large scale genomics data with a PhD in neuroscience, really into backpacking and climbing, politics, and… fashion, make up, and fragrance. I kind of enjoy the dichotomy.