Books? Movies? TV?

(Portia: I edited this post in for Tom. He’s having computer drama too)
Sorry kids- I’ve been battling a stomach bug that has been kicking my a$$ this week, I’ve been living on flat tiger ale and saltines and the smell of perfume (never mind food) has been making me gag. So I’ve mainly been reading. Mostly things I have in the house, like the “Tales of the City” series and others. I’ve also been using the Kindle app on the iPad I was given for my birthday a few years ago. Originally I thought “I’ll never use an e-book thingy- I like REAL books!” but then a few years ago when I had the flu I decided to read some of the “Mapp & Lucia” series and dragged out my 80’s era omnibus hardcover and settled it’s bulk on my chest. Then I pulled out the iPad and (at the time anyway) found a bunch of the books online for free, and I was off to the races. If you’re an Amazon Prime member you get a free book a month. Sometimes they aren’t that great, but if you hate them, that’s okay, you can delete them or just let them sit there in the cloud on your account.

Books? Movies? TV?

I’ve also been using Prime to watch video on my TV via Roku, which also does Netflix Streaming. Of course now that Netflix has two or three decent series they’re raising the price 10%, which sucks. But I don’t have cable or Dish, so I guess I can pony up the extra $1.
So, any suggestions on Books? Movies? TV? I should be watching while I’m under the weather? Anyone know why, although since Sunday I have existed on saltines and Canada Dry I seem to have gained weight? Let me know in the comments and hope to be back in the saddle next week.
Photo of my godchild from her YouTube series “Zhe Zhe” which if quite funny.
  • Rebecca H. says:

    This summer I got carsick on our family vacation to Portugal. Hot day, hairpin turns. I was wearing Brin de Reglisse, and I wondered if it would put me off it. Thankfully not!

    I like The Americans, if you’ve never seen it. Cold War spy drama.

  • eldarwen22 says:

    If you have Amazon Prime, I would recommend Downton Abbey and Manor House. If you are a Netflix fan, Call the Midwife is good. Poldark is good as well.

  • I love movies based on true stories..can you suggest some movies based on true stories…Thanks

  • verbenaluvvr says:

    I’m on the couch myself lately. Watching The Godfathers. Lengthy but totally engrossing

  • Jennifer S. says:

    Downton Abbey if you haven’t already seen it is fully bingeworthy. Being sick sucks! Hang in there.

  • Tatiana says:

    Sorry you are not feeling. I hope you get back to 100% quickly. When I was dating my Dear Husband I came down with an awful flu. He wanted to see me and go out but I told I was too sick. He came over anyway, with chicken soup and “The Princess Bride”. He read to me until I fell asleep and was still in my apartment when I woke up in the morning. (That was the night I decided I wanted to marry him some day.) He finished reading Princess Bride to me and after that we took turns reading “The Tales of The City” to each other. He grew up in SF and remembered that they started out as a series in the local newspaper.

  • nicevulady says:

    The Magnificent Century starts on Netflix and you can continue it with, Period piece about Suleyman the Magnificent. Opulent costumes, beautiful sets…in Turkish, but with English subtitles. I am addicted now to Turkish TV. This is great escape TV watching.

  • “Difficult People” on Hulu is archly funny. Also, if you can find it, “Search Party” has the most unsettling but addictive tone to it, alternating pretty exclusively between scenes of cringe-worthy and decidedly biting humor that hit close to home to deadly serious scenes about things like spousal abuse that are filmed with a nonchalance that makes the thing just feel extremely, uncomfortably real. Totally unexpected, brazenly odd, and shamefully thrilling.

    Finally, if you want some mind-bending proof that truth really is stranger than fiction, Kurzgesagt on YouTube is both wholly engrossing and the most frightening thing I’ve ever seen…all while featuring a delightful animated bird.

  • SHMW says:

    I love the Mapp and Lucia books and both TVs series were great as well….
    also currently loving Lucifer on amazon prime, get well soon and hope you are soon back to enjoying perfumes again