GFT by Geo F Trumper

The other week my friend Tomas came out for a brief visit and we managed to connect. He was staying near his parents in Santa Monica but can out to West Hollywood to do some window shopping. Tomas is a little younger, tall blond and very sort or European. We cahteed about his visit, his husband, his parents health, the usual. At one point in the conversation he pulled out a smell bottle of this cologne and gave himself (and I a healthy spritz. I heard of it never tried it.Well, its a classic smelling woody citrus with bergamot and lemon, sandalwood and soap. It’s normally kind of not my thing but when I saw it was only $42 on Amazon I thought “why not?” Sometimes you don’t need a powerhouse and since I work in an office where I am actually not supposed to wear any perfume at all this one can fly under the radar. So I have it in my hot little hands. At the price point maybe you should to.

I purchased my bottle on Amazon, I believe for $$2 for 50ML. Image: Internets

  • Ann says:

    Sounds quite nice, Tom! And such a deal, practically free, right? Btw, how do you think this would play out on us ladies? Thanks!