Art & Olfaction Awards 2018: London

Hello Posse. A subversive awards? One aimed at the Indie and Artisan section so often overlooked by the major awards. Somewhere that the small batch creator can get a nod, a nomination or an award. Sign me up. When I found out that the Art & Olfaction Awards 2018 was to be held in London, that I’d be just across the drink in Paris anyway ands that a slew of my buddies were going. Topped off by the fact that I adore the mastermind behind these awards Saskia, then it was a no brainer. To London I would go.

I would like to apologise for my complete lack of important photos. I spent the whole night having so much fun that the reportage got completely forgotten. You can see the winners, grinners and not so lucky on a bunch of other blogs. Here you’ll get a sneak peek into my night and a quick quiz of the winners.

Art & Olfaction Awards 2018: London

Venue: Art & Olfaction Awards 2018

The Tabernacle in London’s Notting Hill. Excellent choice of venue. A very easy walk from the Tube through glorious springtime London with just the merest chill in the air.

People: Art & Olfaction Awards 2018

As I arrived the front area was full of the fragrant royalty you’d expect to see at such a splendid event. BaseNotes Grant was one of the first people I got to hug (YAY!). The UK gang including Pia Long, Nick Gilbert, Tara Smith, Sarah McCartney, Thomas Dunkley and more. A slew of the international crew were in attendance. Margo K, Naomi Goodsir, Tim, Katherine C, Aiden, Val the Cookie Queen, BlondesWunder, Antonio Gardoni, Isabelle Doyen, Neela Vermeire, Rasei Fort, Dawn Spencer Hurwitz, Megan In St Maxime and so many more. This was just the mingling fun even before the awards. So freaking cool.

Awards: Art & Olfaction Awards 2018


by BedeauX     
CD/ Perfumer: Amanda Beadle

Club Design     
by The Zoo     
CD/ Perfumer: Christophe Laudamiel


Eau de Virginie     
by Au Pays de la Fleur d’Oranger    
Perfumer: Jean-Claude Gigodot
CD: Virginie Roux

Nuit de Bakélite     
By Naomi Goodsir
Perfumer: Isabelle Doyen
CD: Naomi Goodsir, Renaud Coutaudier


Under the Horizon
by Oswaldo Macia
Perfume: Ricardo Moya (IFF)


Pays Dogon
By Monsillage (Canada)
Perfumer: Isabelle Michaud


Peter de Cupere (Belgium)

For all the nominees please visit the Art & Olfactions Awards site.

After: Art & Olfaction Awards 2018

Aussie mate Michael Borg and I went by the after party but outside the venue were about 40 16-21 year old kids squawking and screeching like a bunch of demented chickens. We didn’t even have to speak about it as we both turned away. So we decided to go get a few drinks and have a good chatter about the event. There’s a late night bar in Victoria around the corner from my Air BnB. We trotted in there and I got as close to being fully drunk that I’ve been in decades. We had a wonderful time. Then I crawled back to my Air BnB at about 2am.

At the end of the night Thomas Dunkley (Candy Perfume Boy) and I offered to host the 2019 Awards in Amsterdam. Here’s a video of the conversation.

So, here’s hoping we’ll be seeing you all then.
Portia xx

  • Saskia says:

    Ha! You got it on video. 🙂 See you in 2019, dear Portia.

    • Portia says:

      Oh yes Saskia,
      HA! I was leaving nothing to chance.
      We are so excited to be even in contention to host the awards. Thank you for all your hard work and everything you do.
      Portia xx

  • March says:

    OH MY GOD SO JEALOUS. That sounds like an absolutely wonderful trip and thanks for all the reportage! It’s nice to give a shout-out to the indies as well.

    • Portia says:

      Hey March,
      YOU would have loved this event. Everyone was so friendly and happy. We laughed so much and it was excellent meeting people I’ve known online for years.
      As the indies seem to be the only area of fragrance pushing boundaries, and I had no idea how HUGE the sector is around the world. Yes, a shout out is definitely in order.
      Portia x

  • Neva says:

    Thanks so much for the report Portia. It must have been such fun meeting all the perfume fans at one place. Love to see all the happy faces.
    I laughed out loud at ” a bunch of demented chickens” 😀

    • Portia says:

      Hi there Neva,
      These get togethers are awesome. Perfume people are so much fun to meet in real life. There’s something special, precious and whacky about us all. When we meet en masse it becomes an adventure.
      YAY! Making you laugh is my reason for life.
      Portia xx

  • Tara says:

    Portia, to think I was in two minds about attending this. What an idiot. It was a fabulous night and a great reminder of what an amazing community we have, lucky ducks that we are.
    A thousand times yes to you and Thomas hosting in Amsterdam next year!

    • Portia says:

      Hey Tara,
      Well, the awards nights can be pretty hit or miss so of course you were a bit meh. Thank goodness you came, we had such a laugh and a fun time. You looked gorgeous too, always nice to squire a blogging superstar hottie.
      Woo Hoo! Amsterdam! I’ve only been there once before back in the 1990s, definitely time for a revisit.
      Portia xx

  • Annette says:

    Count me in!