Swing Into Summer

Well, Memorial Day has come around again and as is usual in Los Angeles, we have what is known as “May Grey.” I was in ScentBar the other day (I know, shocker that..) and I cadged samples of a couple of releases from Rundholz perfume, specifically “Feb. 14, 1912” and “20 Mars 2022.”

I’m not quite sure what the dates are about; obviously 2022 is in the future and as for the 1912 date I can only find the fact that Arizona became the 48th American state. Somehow I don’t think it has anything to do with that.

1912 was the one that I initially preferred: the milky licorice opening shouldn’t have worked for me but did and I am a sucker for a good orris. This one has it in spades.

But in this week of morning drizzle and almost day-long grey skies, the peppery, fruity 2022 was the one that I found myself enjoying the most. That opening goes to a delicious drydown of musky vanilla and smoky incense that not only stood up to, but warmed up the chilly days. I rarely get compliments on scent that I am wearing (mainly I hope because I am not wearing enough that you can smell it from across the room) but at an event yesterday I was wearing this when I was asked into a photo with my hostess. As we got close for the snap she said “my goodness, you smell good!”

Both of these have pretty great lasing power (I could smell 2022 on my sweater the next day) and since you don’t need much I suppose $120 for 50ML isn’t even that dear these days (my sample was asked for and given by LuckyScent.) I’m going to enjoy it over the holiday weekend where I will work out my new tire and burn some of that expensive summer gas with a road trip, perhaps to Ojai and it’s groovy outdoor bookstore.

So what are your plans for Memorial Day weekend if you have them? Let’s discussed in the comments.

Once again, no photo because WordPress hates my old, old MacBook and it’s old, old OS.

  • Maya says:

    I enjoyed your post. I did check out Ojai. For some reason I thought it was right on the coast. I hope you got there and to your bookstore. I did get a marvelous chuckle from your “groovy outdoor bookstore.” I haven’t heard “groovy” used in a long time. ūüôā It dates us but who cares!

  • Tara C says:

    The dates on the Rundholz perfumes (except for the future one) are birthdays of the designer and their family members, from what I’ve heard. My favourite is the first one, April 3.1963, which is an animalic incense bomb, suitable only in deep winter for me.

    Up in Canada we had our holiday weekend last weekend. Lots of barbecues in the park (I live facing a big park). We spent the weekend planting in the garden.

  • shiva-woman says:

    I’m in transit moving back to my home–and–packing precious perfume cargo! Yesterday, I wore “She” by HOM and it went long, strong with lemony-immortelle. Because I’m packing/unpacking stuff, I’m kinda surprised to see “old perfume friends” (bottles that have been languishing), and so I’m spraying and spritzing with less nose to the season than just because they’re there and “hello!” “She” is quite interesting, herbal and complex with the aforementioned notes and some after effects of wood and smoke. We are up in Northern Cali–both central and Sierra (I’m moving back to my childhood home in the foothills). We have had nothing but lovely, slightly warmish weather, clear skies. Your scents sound intriguing and I always like it when I get a compliment (rare though it is) on what I’m wearing. Aside from the “She” I’ve been going through all the Grands Crus Berdoues scents. They are like Atelier colognes married with Aqua Allegoria (blank), with a little something different: light, bright and effervescent for the summer, pleasant, cheerful, and fairly meaningless, but perfectly appropriate for whatever. Enjoy your road trip!