I HAz new home!

Sorry about the ever so long absence, but it’s just been nuts of doing things and worrying and going back and forth to Kansas, plus since I sent all the perfumes to Wisconsin, and I’ve smelled absolutely nothing new in weeks/months.  Super sad about that, there’s so many things I want to smell, but haven’t gotten round to having Lisa send to me.

But I do have a new home, though I will be temporarily homeless.  My house in Denver closes June 22. I can’t close on my house in Kansas until July 18. So my mom and sister have to put up with me and my four Frenchies. I am down to four. I had to put Buddy down a week ago.  His cancer finally took its toll, and it’s okay. He was old and had a wonderful life, and I feel like he would have wanted to stay with us the bitter end full of so so much pain, but he was so thin and was getting sores all over his body. When he got the first relaxing shot, the vet checked his gums, and they were white, so he was bleeding out everywhere and would have been in a horrible, painful crisis in a day or two. So I am so very much at peace that he had the longest, best life he could have had.

I’m just sad he won’t be at the new house.  So, the new house is a Mid Century Modern, built in 1963 – four years after I was born!  It’s not like anything I thought I’d fall in love with, but the design was so thoughtful on this house – lots of windows and light, but situated with long eaves so the sun isn’t blasting you part of the day. AND a swimming pool.  That could be great or a curse, but it will be fun, I think.


So that’s my new Mid Mod house. I love it so much already, it feels completely like me. Retro and kinda timeless and quirky.  So for those of you that have had or do have pools, advice? I got really lucky, this one was built by one of the best swimming pool builders in the midwest, and his pools typically hold up for decades without needing anything. And it is huge, so useful for exercise. I’ve got to figure out the best way to keep it safe from Frenchies and little kids. I don’t think the Frenchies will want to get in – they hate water, but I’ll keep them in life vests anyway for a long time when they are outside.

I promise at some point this summer I will be back yapping about perfume, you just have to get through the move with me!


  • Ann says:

    Just gorgeous, Patty — congratulations!! So happy for you!! But very sorry to hear about your baby. Sending big hugs your way.

  • Tom says:

    Is your yard fenced? The pool should be. Your insurance costs will be lower. You may want to look into a pool cover as well since evaporation can get kind of expensive.

  • Musette says:

    You know you did the last, best service for that crazy, wonderful dog. <3 to you.

    and the new house is GORGEOUS!


  • Sapphire says:

    So sorry to hear about Buddy. But it sounds like a big move would have been hard on the little guy.
    Your new house is gorgeous! Once upon a time, I would have loved to own a big Victorian someday, but now I would rather have somewhat more recent wiring and plumbing. Looking forward to more pictures of your new digs.

  • Nemo says:

    I’m sorry about Buddy, it sounds like you made the tough decision at the right time for him. Looking forward to hearing more about your new home and I’m sure the frenchies will love it too 🙂

  • Queen Cupcake says:

    Congratulations, Patty. That is a beautiful home! I grew up with a beautiful in-ground pool and we kids spent our whole summers in that pool. I miss it to this day! My mother instituted a rule regarding our play in the pool: No screaming. If we screamed, it meant that there was real trouble, and Mom would come running. If we screamed for any reason other than an Emergency, we all had to leave the pool, and we would be locked out for the rest of the day (pool was fenced in and gate was locked).

    You did the right thing for Buddy, of course. He had a good life and it was time. Still, that is hard to do, I know. <3

    • Patty White says:

      I love this rule, I’m using it. I t hink everyone is old enough to not need it. I think I’m also going to make it a cell phone free zone – everything goes in cell jail when people come over. Nothing is worse than people out by a pool staring a their stupid phones!

  • Jennifer S says:

    That is a lovely new home. Congratulations and I hope you can enjoy it for many many years! I put my foot down against getting a pool when my kids were little cause we live in the woods and yeah…what a pain to have kept THAT clean but yours looks sooo inviting. Nice!
    So sorry to hear about Buddy.

    • Patty White says:

      Thanks, Jennifer! I wouldn’t have done it when my kids were little – too scary because I worked at home, but had to give my entire attention to my work and that leaves room for little ones to wander into pools. But now? Heck yeah! Old people need water therapy!

  • Tatiana says:

    So sorry to hear about Buddy. I second everything Portia said about the pool. It is definitely worth the expense to have pool service. To keep children and dogs out of the pool you can either fence the pool in with a cyclone wire or other type of fence with a tall gate with a latch kid’s can’t reach. Out here in CA many pools have covers which are secure enough to support the weight of a dog or small child. Some are fitted to the edges of the pool, others run on rails along the sides of the pool. They can get to be a bit pricey, but worth the peace of mind for their safety. They also reduce evaporation in the summer months and protect the pool from elements in the winter.
    I love a good mid century modern house. The open space, the light! Wishing you joy and happiness and much comfort in your new home.

    • Patty White says:

      Yup, doing the pool service. I’m trying to decide between the fence and the cover. the cover is expensive, and I’d have to remove the ladder and retrofit it. So I need to talk to someone to see what all is involved in that and how much I’d change the pool to do it. Mine isn’t straight, so I think I’d have to have the one that is on rails on the sides of the pool. Maybe a fence? Or just no dogs or kids by the pool when it is open without water safety stuff and supervision until I decide or everything learns how to swim.

      • Portia says:

        Get a fence Patty. That way you’ll never find a puppy or neighbours kid floating.
        You can get a hardwood cover dancefloor made for winter parties at a later date.
        Portia xx

        • Patty White says:

          So just standard fence with gate around it?

          • Musette says:

            I’m with Portia – everyone I know with an In-ground pool has a fence around the area, with a locking gate. A lot of towns and cities now have codes that require fencing. And it can be very decorative (or at least Not Ugly). A 3yr old lost her life in an unfenced pool here, about 4 years ago, which prompted them to change the legals on that.


  • Kathy says:

    Condolence to you upon Buddy’s passing. Caring for an elderly cat including fluid therapy makes me see what you mean about our pets wanting to carry on to the bitter end for us. Always a Boss Cat, she submits to us during the brief treatment; but the vet techs couldn’t get it done when we tried to board her last year, so wildly did she fight them.

    So I am a HUGE mid-century modern ranch fanatic (looks like you have a walk-out, too). Do you already know about websites No Pattern Required and RetroRenovation? Anyhoo, your house is a topper!

    Glad you are almost settled- the story of your move was inspiring!


    • Patty White says:

      Thanks, Kathy. Yeah, I feel for you. They love you and want to be happy and healthy, even when their bodies are failing. I’m glad i hung in there as long as I did.

      I did NOT know about those. I’ve got a couple of books coming. I have a lot of education I need now, which is going to be so much fun! Yes, it’s a walkout. I’m keeping everything that’s original and going to dig beneath things, like the carpet in the main area, to see what’s under there.

      • Kathy says:

        Pulling up carpet is exciting…wacky pristine tiles??…hardwood??…terrazzo??? Or if nothing special, that’s what those wonderful websites can do: help you find your best MCM option. They are wonderful rabbit holes, just like the world of fragrance blogs!


  • Furriner says:

    I’m sorry to hear about Buddy.

    Nice home! Nice landscaping, too! Congratulations!

    We’re the same age!

  • March says:

    I LOVE THAT HOUSE. I totally understand needing a bit of time to warm up to it — it’s not your historic style, and it has its own strong perspective — but man, it is gorgeous and as you and I discussed, it’s beautifully thought out and nicely executed. I predict that after you move in and get used to it, you will love it more and more. Ah, Buddy. He had a great, great run. XO

    • Patty White says:

      Yeah, but I think I love it more than my house now. They are just really different, but that one suits me more to live in, and this one is the house I thought I should have. I did have a choice between a beautiful colonial in a historic neighborhood and the MCM. I fell all over myself to buy this instead.

  • Debra says:

    I think if I had dogs and a pool, I would hire a trainer to teach them how to get out; i.e., here are the steps. If you fall in, you swim to the steps and get out from there. It’s drown-proofing them for the pool. I’d get a clicker trainer, someone with certification, etc., just to be sure I didn’t end up with some insane wannabe (lookin’ at you, Cesar Milan) who has no idea about gentleness and behaviorism.

    I wish Buddy could have stayed longer, but I think you made the right decision.

    • Patty White says:

      It’s tricky with Frenchies. Some of them just can’t swim at all. I’m pretty sure Cora fits in that category. She is so bottom heavy. I also don’t think she wants to get in the water, she hates the water. 🙂 All of them will have life vests on when they are outdoors, but the ones that do get in the water, i’ll make sure they know what to do if they fall in with treats and clicking.

      Yeah, I don’t think Buddy had even a day left, and he would have gone off a really painful cliff at the end, and I didn’t want that kind of pain and fear for him.

  • hczerwiec says:

    Oh, your poor sweet Buddy — I’m glad he had such a long, happy life with you. And your house! Those open beams and fantastic central fireplace/woodstove feature! I absolutely love it!

    • Patty White says:

      He absolutey did have a long and glorious thieving life. I can’t even number how many trash cans he sorted out for me, bananas and apples stolen. He was an unrepentant thief full of love. Yeah, I love this house so hard, it’s ridiculous. Went from going, huh, a Mid Mod for Me? Well, yeah, I think it’s absolutely perfect for me!

  • Portia says:

    Hey Patty.
    Buddy = BUMMER. Hugging you across the ether.
    New House = Ah May Zing! Congratulations. Looks excellent. I’m coming to visit.
    Pool = Pool Service. It’s worth it to offload the stress. Do learn as much as you can from them though so you can diagnose your own problems and they can’t shady you into stuff you don’t need. You can buy an inexpensive Ph kit so learn how to use that and what it takes to rectify it on your own. Keep it as leaf free as possible, a daily skim (I know, rudimentary, but if you’ve never had a pool it’s important to know)
    Exciting lives don’t always have time for fragrance. We know it.
    Portia xxx

    • Patty White says:

      Thanks, Portia. You are always welcome, would love a visit. It’s a place made for entertaining. Deffo doing pool service weekly. The guy said out there a lot of people take in a water sample weekly and get it tested, then get a printout of what to do. I definitely want to learn how to do it that way so I’m not completely stupid about my pool, but I know how easy it is to miss a week and then you have a frog pond. Thanks for all the other tips, I NEED those. I don’t know all the things I don’t know!

  • Tara C says:

    I’m so sorry about Buddy. It sounds like it was the right time for him though, bless you for being there for him and making that tough decision, you are a good dog mom.

    Big congratulations on your beautiful new home! It looks cozy and comfortable. Wishing you many happy years there. I will be moving next year, so I feel for all your stress.

    • Patty White says:

      I don’t know that you ever feel exactly right about the timing, but with Buddy, I know I got it exactly right. He had so much anxiety and a larynx problem, which closed off his breathing when he was nervous or excited and started panting. I knew I couldn’t let him ever get to that point, but I didn’t want to do it too soon. Didn’t think I’d get it right trying to thread those two things, but I think I did. He went so quick, I know how weak he was getting. He was just all heart and love.

      Thanks for the house wishes. It is SO stressful, and I am looking forward to getting all the transactions done, the move done, getting settled in, and sorted.

  • Maggiecat says:

    Your new home looks lovely and I hope it will be full of joy for you! Sending hugs -so sorry to hear about Buddy.

  • Janet in California says:

    Your house is gorgeous! Hire a pool maintenance service ASAP.

    I am sorry for the loss of Buddy. An old dog leaving us is so mixed, joy that they are out of pain but still missing them so. 🙁

    • Patty White says:

      Yup, plan on weekly pool maintenance! Yeah, Buddy was so at the end, but he didn’t know that, and he acted like he wasn’t. I’m sure he would have been the same until he was in extreme pain and so scared because he didn’t know what was happening.

  • Koyel says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Sounds like Buddy had a happy life, though, and I am so happy you made the right decision for both of you.

    Congrats on your beautiful house! And pool! Enjoy! I hope you like Denver.

    • Patty White says:

      Oh, thanks. Buddy did have a happy life. He was a mess in some ways, but he was so completely himself. Thanks, I love the house. I’m actually moving OUT of Denver back to Kansas.

  • DinaC says:

    Congratulations on your beautiful new home! And my sincere condolences on the loss of your dear Buddy. Such high highs and low lows can be emotionally exhausting. Amidst all the hustle-bustle of moving, take good care of yourself. I’ll look forward to hearing more about your new digs. The yard and trees look beautiful. I’ve never owned a pool, so I’m no help there. Happy summer!