Holiday Perfume Shopping! London 2018

Hey Posse! I know, it’s taken me three weeks of Holiday Snaps, A&O Awards and Osmotheque/Serge Lutens Adventures to get to this but I had TOO much fun stuff to share before the Holiday Perfume Shopping posts. This holiday I bought a bit but did not go as crazy as I expected. Shockingly I spent quite a bit less than I budgeted for. The amazing shops and sniffing so much new stuff was still superfun. Seriously, had I let myself get carried away the numbers could have been completely different. This week we will look at London where I didn’t go crazy.

Holiday Perfume Shopping! London 2018

There is SO MUCH to see and do in London but as I wa only there for three nights and there was a huge list of people to see fragrance got relegated to the back seat. I did manage to steal a couple of hours to myself and go check out Selfridge & Co.

London Holiday Perfume Shopping

It is a battle to get through all the stuff they have and honestly the smell is so strong in that niche anteroom that I was having trouble getting any real idea. It’s also too crowded and uncomfortable, decidedly unluxurious. Got my sniff on so much and I quite liked the new Piguet, So Oud, Memo and one other, maybe, it’s a blur.

Atelier Cologne’s Iris Rebelle was my stand out scent from the whole experience. I wish I could remember why it was such a standout. It was better than anything else I smelled that day by far.

Holiday Perfume Shopping

Val the Cookie Queen and daughter BlondesWunder were co-conspirators on my one real day of shopping. We hit Harrod’s together and the sixth floor Salon de Parfums did not disappoint. I forgot to take pics. Sorry.

My particular favourites of the day were the CHANEL complete boxed set of 200ml EdTs. They look absolutely gorgeous arrayed together. If I were super rich it would be sitting pretty in my wardrobe right now. Val is sniffing the EdP of Coromandel and trying to decide if life will be worth living still after she finishes her EdT.

Roja Dove’s section reminded me that the man may be derivative but his materials are excellent. Better than the originals in some cases. There’s something super lush about all his perfumes. Bloody expensive though.

While shopping we bumped into perfumer Rasei Fort of Australian brand Fort & Manlé. One day I hope his brand will make it to the hallowed halls of Harrod’s.

London Holiday Perfume Shopping Purchases

DIOR 125ml Santal Noire and 40ml Sakura. OK, I couldn’t help myself. Shopping was irresistible. A hint though. The DIOR perfumes cost the same amount of Pounds as they do Euro. I paid £89 for 40ml and could have got the exact same thing for €89 in Paris. That is an AUD$17 difference. I do not even want to think about the 125ml I bought there. GRRRR! Still, I have them and will love them. How freaking cute is that 40ml Sakura? It can be my new onboard plane frag, perfectly safe and quiet cherry/blossom.

Next week we get to my Paris shopping, it’s a much heftier post.

Have you smelt any of the DIOR exclusives range? Did any sing to you?
Portia xx

Musette June 8, 2018

You always have SO MUCH FREAKING FUN! baby. Not a Sefridges fan (sounds like I just hop over the pond because 'it's Sunday', to shop, dunnit? ;-) Love Harrods, always have. xoxoxo

March June 8, 2018

What a wonderful trip, and glad you got some delightful souvenirs to take home with you! Hugs.

hczerwiec June 8, 2018

Oooh! Must sniff that Iris Rebelle! That should be available here. And I would commit unspeakable crimes to get myself a bottle of Roja Dove's Diaghilev.

Tara C June 7, 2018

I have and love Mitzah, Gris Montaigne, Ambre Nuit, Fève Délicieuse, Cuir Cannage and La Colle Noire. I also have a decant of Oud Ispahan but that’s not a favourite, it’s a bit strong and I’ve gone off oud. Very curious about Santal Noir, how strong is the oud note?

Gina June 7, 2018

I miss your blog, Portia! I hated the frag department at Selfridge. It was uncomfortable. But, I did spend four hours in the frag department in Harrods. That was glorious. I also tried to go to Bloom on a normal day at a normal time but they were closed after all that travel and hunting for it down alleys. No stores/employees in the area had ever heard of it or knew where the street was. I didn't give up and showed up in victory to a closed store. Ugh.

Tara June 7, 2018

Ooh I now need to try Iris Rebelle, Portia. Michael wasn't at Chanel in Harrods on Tuesday so Lisa and I walked in and walked out :)

cookie queen June 7, 2018

Life will be worth living but it will not have the Coromandel EdP in it. It sucks. Bussi.