Memorial Monday: RIP Kate Spade

kate spade
As most of you know, fashion designer Kate Spade passed away last week. I was so shocked to hear about her death; she always seemed so vibrant, classy and well-grounded. A friend of mine who was a HUGE fan of hers practically broke down in tears when I told her of the designer’s passing, and many other fashion folk I know are extremely saddened.

So as I was wandering in a department store yesterday, I saw one of her fragrances, and it reminded me that the Kate Spade name has graced a number of lovely fragrances over the years.

I was always partial to the original from 2003, with its pretty, gold-capped bottle and gardenia-honeysuckle-tuberose goodness. But it’s gotten as rare as hen’s teeth and when you do see it on eBay, it fetches what amounts to a car payment. But all her scents were lovely in their own way, never tacky or tasteless. And the same with her wonderful handbags. I’ve had a chocolate brown faux Persian lamb doctor’s bag of hers (as well as a black one in the same style) for many years now from my days as a fashion editor. And every fall/winter when I pull them out, I always get tons of compliments. Plus, they make fine pillows in an emergency. 🙂

Going back to my earliest memories of the brand/designer, I remember being thrilled to no end when a Kate Spade boutique opened in a high-end mall near me years ago. It was always an oasis of chic, classy and stylish fun in an extremely busy shopping area.

Anyhoo, my favorite scent of hers most recently is the original Walk on Air (a great scent; not to mention that I’m a sucker for bottles with blue juice). Other fragrances she’s done over the years include: In Full Bloom, Live Colorfully (multiple variations), Twirl, and Kate Spade Truly (multiple variations). And there may one or two that I’ve overlooked; Fragrantica lists 16 fragrances in its database.

What about you? Did you have a favorite Kate Spade scent? Or a favorite Kate Spade purse, accessory or clothing item?

  • Musette says:

    Such sad losses, Kate Spade’s eponymous fragrance was my go-to, back in the Jurassic Era. I most especially loved the body cream – including the one with the shimmer. I also carry several Kate Spade bags, though not all at once 😉

    My heart goes out to their family and friends and I do hope they find peace, going forward. xoxoxo

  • DinaC says:

    I dug out a sample of Walk on Air edp and am wearing it today. I have always been attracted to her fun, colorful designs. Very sad about the loss of her and other creative artists. I have depression, and my two children have inherited it. We all battle it and sympathize with others who do as well.

  • Cara says:

    I’m lucky enough to still have a bottle of the original Kate Spade. I love white flowers and I love it. I’m pulling it out to wear this week in her honor. I’ve also had some candles from her home line and given them as gifts. They were wonderful as well.

    It is really too bad. Quite a loss.

  • hczerwiec says:

    Spade and Bourdain last week just wrecked me. I think a lot of creatives are scared because we know it’s always a possibility, lurking there.

    I bought a Kate Spade work bag when I moved to Minneapolis — I was going to get one in a sensible color, black or brown, but I saw a flamingo pink one and it made me so happy.

  • March says:

    Hi honey. I remember the original Kate Spade fragrance and wish I’d bought several bottles when it was being discontinued. I thought it was wonderful and/but too expensive for me now on eBay. I also thought the more recent fragrances (the ones that i tried) were nice and fit in with the brand. When the news broke we were talking in the office and realized that among the group of us there were a number of Kate Spade items — jewelry, handbags, dresses etc. With the brand, you could get something nice and chic (and probably a bit whimsical) at a price that was a relative bargain for a designer. If any good is to come of this I hope for a more open, honest discussion of depression and treatment, and a de-stigmatizing of depression and antidepressants which for many people (including me) are lifesaving.

  • Tara C says:

    I have quite a few Kate Spade handbags and wallets, I love the bright colours and fun designs. Never tried any of the perfumes as nobody stocks them where I live that I know of.

    This has been a really bad week for high profile suicides, but on the news here in Montréal they said 3 people a day commit suicide in the province of Québec (population 8 million) and that the numbers in North America have risen 25% in the last 20 years. That is a sad and shocking statement on life in the 21st century, that it brings so many people to this state of desperation.

  • Hey Ann,
    Wonderful memorial post. I never smelled any of the Kate Spade frags unfortunately.
    Depression is shit. RIP Kate Spade, Ines Zorreguieta (Queen Maxima of Holland’s sister), Anthony Bourdain who all died last week and all the others who have suicided due to this devastating illness.
    Portia xx

  • Buvett says:

    The day before her passing I changed handbags for one of hers, bright orange, for summer. So the day she passed I was using a Kate Spade. Such a loss of a special life. RIP dear Kate.

  • Rina (not in Canada) says:

    Coincidentally, on the day the news broke, I was wearing L’Wren Scott. It turned out to be prescient. Then, a few days later, I wore it on purpose for Tony Bourdain. That one hurts. I hope they are at peace and my heart breaks for their families.