Ann June 25, 2018

Howdy, dear!! I've yet to try this (big-time road paving -- down to 1 (one!) lane from four outside my Ulta store) but am looking forward to it. I enjoy Stash in the winter and thought Covet was very cool; a little odd, especially that bottle, but it deserved some love. Lovely is nice but I'd already gotten a hold of some Narciso Rodriguez which filled that bill for me. Those earrings sound lovely -- Jin is a keeper!!

tiffanie June 24, 2018

Hi Portia, it is wonderful to read your words and hear your voice. The first Stash is huge, simply BIG when I wear it. I tried a few times but had to back away. Love how it smells on others though. Unspoken is quieter to my nose, lives up to it's name that way. I haven't made friends with it yet, but I do sniff whenever I see a tester. It's a winner for sure, punching above its price point as you put it, that is the perfect summing up. Everyone should try it once or more.

jenbat June 23, 2018

Haven't smelled this yet but I love Stash. It deserves all the hype it got when it came out, but unlike a lot of reviewers I don't find it subversive or difficult, in fact it's my number one easy reach for everyday wear.

AnnieA June 23, 2018

Glad you liked Pink Stash as I call it. It had no one thing to do with the original so it was a cruel disappointment.

rosarita June 22, 2018

I'm so glad for this review as I have wanted to sample Unspoken and forget every time I'm at Ulta. Love Stash and the oil elixir, they get lots of wear in the winter but I've been enjoying a spritz in our freakishly rainy hot to cold to hot weather here in the lower Great Lakes. Honestly I can't recall what Lovely smells like and should try it again, I know I liked Covet but swapped it years ago. Those earrings sound fabulous :)

March June 22, 2018

You keep reminding me I REALLY need to try these, as I think I'd like them --- if I can smell them and am not anosmic! xo

shiva-woman June 22, 2018

I wanted to love Lovely but couldn't smell it. Almost completely anosmic to it. So I tried. Stash, and, I know I don't smell it in its entirety because of he musk-anosmia thing, but I like it better, and for some reason get more out of the hair scent than the actual fragrance. I use the hair scent as a perfume. Perhaps it disperses the molecules in a way that my nose can pick up. This one is probably a pass though.

Brigitte June 21, 2018

Despite the fact that Stash initially smelled like pickles to me I really liked it...so much so that I literally plowed through the 30 ml gifted to me in about two weeks with liberally sprays on my scent eating skin. I never tried Lovely but really should. I am going to test drive Unspoken next time I see it in the wild as the notes intrigue me. And please tell me when APJ is back up and running!!!!!!!!

Gina June 21, 2018

How funny! I love Stash and got Unspoken when it was just released. I hated it. Scrubber. I sold it to someone in Australia last year! LOL

Musette June 21, 2018

You captured my flinty heart with 'dogs balls' - and I do love that Jin-man. He is just so damb FAB! xoxoxo

rprichpot June 21, 2018

I love the original Stash.

Nelle June 21, 2018

I am a forever fan of Lovely, but I still have not gotten around to trying the original Stash, but the way you describe Stash Unspoken makes me want to try them ASAP!

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