Pai Rosehip Oil, a Rant!!! and More Draw Fun!

sweatergawd, this stuff is GOOD!

So.  After a couple of years of financial terrorfication, I find myself in a Pretty Decent Place  – not Great, mind you – no trips to Paris (at least not right now) but I am able to pay bills in timely fashion and buy dog food – all at the same time!  When Life has beaten you bloody with a roll of quarters for a few years, the ability to do that is heady stuff, indeed!

I also have a leeeetle bit of discretionary Simolean!  (wonder why Skynet-erm- SPELLCHECK! capitalized simolean?)  and Summer, surprisingly enough, is a time of odd, low-level depression, way more than Winter (prolly because I spend most of Winter just trying to stay alive and lusting over seed & plant catalogues).   To assuage it I indulge in a little bit of retail therapy, every now and again, going to Goodwill to buy $1.99 handbags  (omg, guys!  This Jayson Home & Garden bag, BNWT, for $1.99.  Twillys are mine)

Skynet won’t let me rotate this

Then there’s Beautyhabit.

Beautyhabit is my crackhouse, sweatergawd!  I don’t even try to fight it anymore.  I just put a few simoleans aside for when the newest e-catalogue shows up in my inbox, knowing there will be something (or Some Things) that I just can’t resist.  Plus, I adore Paula and Teresa and everybody there – they are always so delightful – so shopping there is a real pleasure.  This time it was this facial oil by Pai: Rosehip BioRegenerate doodlybug stuff.  I saw it, went ‘oh, eh.  I already have a buncho oils that ‘kinda’ work, so …eh’  , then I started reading what it is supposed to do and PIGMENTATION jumped out at me.  See, I haz combination old, dry, oily, olive-y skin, and I’m careless as hell when it comes to leaping out into the garden without protection so pigmentation is an issue, especially in Summer.  I figured ‘what the heck’ – and I bought it.  I expected ‘eh’.  Instead, I got ‘WOW!’  now, not Informercial WOW!(that would be creepy AF)  – just…well, my skin really likes this stuff!  It is easing the pigmentation without all the harsh drying I get from AlphaHydroxy products.  And a bonus:  those lovely, deep creases are easing as well.  At $40 for one ounce it’s not the least expensive oil on the market but I put 1-2 drops in the palm of my hand after washing my face and boom!  that’s it.  So I figure this will last a good, long while.  And my face likes it!  It really LIKES it!


Okay – The Rant!!!

I’ve blearghed about this before – and I’mo do it again:  WTF! is it with the hooks in so many bathroom stalls?  Are there really that many misogynistic designers out there?   Or do they honestly just not have a freakin’ CLUE that 99% of all women in the US take a purse with them, wherever they go?  I’m trying to imagine the meeting that came up with this

bwahaha! hang your purse here, go head, I dare you!

the only hook/bumper MORE hostile than this?  The one where the bumper is even shorter than this one, making sure that you couldn’t hang a scarf on it, let alone a coat. And that straight leg means any purse you dare try to hang there will be on the floor before you can say ‘dagNABBIT!’.   Every time I go into a stall with one of those hooks (especially carrying a bag like the one above) I want to punch the designer .  With one of those hooks.  And then I want to punch the Buyer for whatever company installed those hooks.  Prolly with the same hook.  Or two.  If I find out it’s a woman?  ooh.  Throwdown!  Because she should know better.  Or else she is a Terminator, sent to drive purse-laden women to their doom, one bathroom stall at a time.

So there.  Rant over.  But …really?  It can’t be that much more expensive to install the bumper with the ACTUAL HOOK!  In fact, I know for a fact that several ‘revamped’ bathrooms REMOVED those functional hooks with these absurdly hostile designs.  I can’t imagine why.  And I’m still trying to imagine the meeting that resulted in these new hooks.

Okay.  Rant REALLY over this time, I promise.


Hey!  I have some WINNAHS!  from the Apps post:

Kate E.


gmail your evilauntieanita and give me your details – I will get some fun stuff out to you asap! Don’t forget:  the Two Week Rule starts (tickticktick) NOW!


For the rest of you?  Get to work!  Do you have a rant?  Share!  (if they’re anything like the ‘apps’ shares I’ll be laughing all over the monitor!)


Your gal The Girl is standing by to pull a few winnahs!


  • maggiecat says:

    I think most bathrooms, public and private, are designed by men. Men who apparently hate women and aren’t related to any. And don’t get me started on handicapped stalls (which, due to too many surgeries, I often need to use). People who mess them up after they’ve used them when they don’t need to use them are going straight to hell…

    • Musette says:

      I’m in agreement. I think people who mess up ANY bathroom are going straight to hell but to be able-bodied and then mess up a bathroom for the next person who might not have the mobility to clean up your sh#t? Yeah. Hell. And a forever-dirty bathroom to clean in that Hell.


  • hczerwiec says:

    That rosehip oil sounds perfect! OK, rant: why are showers so obviously designed by men? WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO PUT MY FOOT WHEN I SHAVE??? /rant

  • Dina C. says:

    I’m very interested in that oil, because I’ve also got hereditary hyperpigmentation/melasma stuff going on my cheeks in spite of careful (okay, kinda compulsive) sunscreen usage for decades. Thanks for the great tip! I love argan oil in my hair, and the whipped argan body butter on my body, so oils are good for me, too. Add me to the list of gals who hate the bathroom facilities that fall short of adequate. I hear that Japanese bathrooms are amazing, though I’ve never been there to try them for myself. Why can’t American bathroom designers get a clue???

    • Musette says:

      I think you will love it, Dina C! I’ve been using it for ..3 weeks? really has made a difference.
      As for American bathroom designers – I think there is some odd ‘classism’ going on, as if people who shop for themselves at anything less posh than Bergdorf perhaps are not deserving of decent facilities? Omg – I remember when there was that trend of having a wash TROUGH in bathrooms. TROUGHS. As if folks were hogs – let me tell you: troughs mean you can’t wash your hands without getting your whole front soaked. And again with the damb handbag – omg. I could choke those people.

  • Tatiana says:

    I’m thinking that rosehip oil actually sounds rather affordable considering how much some cosmetic companies charge for some face oils. Especially if it helps with pigmentation issues. I got a sample of a face oil from Lancer (which retails for $75 for an ounce) and it has linseed oil in it. Every time I try using it I feel like I’m putting a painting studio on my face. Ok, maybe I’m the only one who notices the linseed oil in it, being familiar with painting studios and all and have a nose like a blood hound. I’ve been walking everywhere this year and despite copious amounts of sunscreen and big brimmed hats my skin is getting darker. Trying to get more exercise to help with the weight (it hasn’t), trying to emit less pollutants and gases into the atmosphere, and I really, really, really hate the way people drive in this area. Rant!!! It’s like red lights are a suggestion and people making right hand turns from the left hand lane and cutting across three lanes of traffic on the freeway to exit without using signals. Grrr. Even walking I take my life into my own hands every time I need to cross a street.

    • Musette says:

      I like this rant!

      And..yes, the moment I read about the linseed oil I thought ‘heck, I have a giant can of it, upstairs in my studio!’ lol!

      You definitely should try this oil. It’s amazing – and I really mean that. my skin just feels different – in a good way!


  • Heather Raine says:

    I’ve been thinking about trying rosehip oil to supplement what I already do. (Which is, most days, a whole lot of nothing, haha) I’ve also been experimenting with mixing collagen in my morning coffee, so that’s been a nice little skin-plumping experiment.

    Also, I feel your pain on the purse hanger thingy. Even worse, though, is when there’s none at all, just a hole where one had been hanging and it fell but they haven’t bothered to replace it. Oooooh, that makes me mad, lol!

    • Musette says:

      Doll – I’ve been there oh, SO many times. A couple of times I’ve gotten the Trifecta of bathroom bullsh$t: no hook, no lock…and NO terlet paper – and it’s never when going is an ‘option’. Like, I don’t even have time to go into another stall! DagNABBIT!

      which is why I always carry a packet of tissues in my handbag THAT I CANNOT HANG UP! lol!

      omg. I sound like my mother!

  • Brigitte says:

    Hee hee! I won!!!! Emailing you now!

    I love rosehip seed oil…I combine it with jojoba and it works great on dry skin.

    No rants at the moment….just a bit bummed that the days are getting shorter 🙁

    thank you for the draw!!!!

    • Musette says:

      I got it!

      And..yes, I’m with you. It gets dark earlier and earlier and I can feel the world (at least my world around here) starting to turn inward. 🙁


  • Sarah says:

    So hot. Ugh. Oil sounds perfect. Those “hooks” once dented my forehead (vertigo). I’d accompany you to the designer rant providing my unique piece of my mind (or forehead).
    Only 141 days till Christmas. Let’s hope Winter comes this year.

    • Musette says:

      omg. Other than the magic of the first snowfall, I hate Winter like a mongoose hates a snake!

      But OH! omg! I’m so glad you didn’t get permanent damage from that hook (it’s probably the bumper that did for you, since that ‘hook’ couldn’t hurt a caterpillar)

      The oil is perfect. And I am amazed!


  • Tara C says:

    The rosehip oil sounds wonderful, I have lots of sun damage spots as well. As for rants, my husband is driving me insane and I’d like to ship him to another state. Dagnabbit!

    • Koyel says:

      🙂 good luck with that!

    • Musette says:

      when that happens, Tara (which is, sadly enough, more often than not) I try to do that thing where I manage to be Where.Ever.He’s.Not. He’s at home? I’m at the grocery/library/wherever. I’ve found it really helps ramp down the Crazy! xoxoxo

      • Tara C says:

        Yes, I’ve been trying to vacate the premises as much as possible. Living in a small condo is torture. Next year we are going to sell it and buy a house with a basement suite so we can escape from each other better.

    • malsnano86 says:

      Oh LORD my husband is driving me nuts too!!

      But Virginia Tech classes start on the 20th, so he will be back outta the house most of the day soon 🙂 And he’s had sort of a rough summer anyway, what with the double colonoscopies in May and August, so I should cut him a break.