Of Mice and Musette and a winner or two

Praise Floyd!

Most of my tech Crazy is now resolved – most of it.  Lemme tell you – if, like me, you are Not Tech, talk to your friends.  Ask. The. Questions.  They can see what you prolly can’t .  Case in point:  I used to be Laptop Girl, at the onset of laptops  – and when my most recent desktop took a dump I figured it was time to investigate Laptop Again.  I work most of the day at a North-facing window and, during the Summer, who cares, right?  Winter? Devastating.  I suffer (like MEDICATED suffer) from SAD and yeah, the Happy Light helps but I gotta tellya – nothing (and I mean NOTHING) beats sunlight beating on your head through a South-facing window.  So.  Why not move my work South?  Right?  So. I. Did.  Except!  I do a squickton of mousing and typing and I’d forgotten the thing I really do not like about laptops: the inset keyboard.  It used to hurt my wrists & shoulders and I was in despair, thinking pain would be the tradeoff from Winter Misery,  because all the intel I had on laptop capabilities was from my last one, which was a decade ago.  Howevah! as luck would have it, I was in a yabber with Missy March and asked her what accessories I needed (in general) and she said ‘get a Bluetooth Mouse and hook up your keyboard’.  Whhaaaa? who knew?  I didn’t.  She said the reason she knew is that a lot of her colleagues travel, so they take laptops but when they get back to the office, they plug those dawgs into ALL THE ACCOUTERMENTS.  ALLADEM!

Omg.  WHAT a difference!  Here I am, banging away on my old ergonomic keyboard, mousing like a lima bean.  Happy!Happy! Joy! Joy!

So.  Ask. The. Questions!

Good Mouse.

my new best friend!

Bad Mouse:  the Mouse/Mice that move in, come Winter.  I get it, I really do.  It’s cold AF out there – but!  Just because you’ve moved yourself, your kith and all your damb kin into my house gives you no right to scare the crap out of me as I’m trying to pee.  Every morning, 6a, it was the same thing.  I knew they were there but for fuckssake!  Could you  wait until I get off the pot to streak across the bathroom floor?  C’mon!  House Drama, because I never got used to it and kept screeching, waking up the household – so we decided to try the Dryer Sheet Hack – I went out and got the cheapest, smelliest dryer sheets ever known to man, stuffed them around the pipe holes and behind the tall tower (they hide back there), in the corners, etc.  That bathroom smells like a lavanderia and I sneeze – a lot!  But the mice have left that particular room in the building.

get outta my bathroom!


I’ll yabber on about SAD at another time – it’s been a rough month, with the 2 blizzards and the world an unrelenting grey & white.  Now the snow has melted and there is delineation, once again, between earth & sky – and I might just be able to make it!  But that is for another day.


And!  Because the Universe isn’t happy unless it’s nipping at me just a little bit?  …….we’re BACK IN RENO!  omg.  that oughta be a fun ride.  Taping and mudding yesterday – I’m sanding the walls today.   Lots of hurt feelings (not mine! of course) but nobody had to call SWAT, so there’s that.  Doing reno as a couple is a sketchy idea.  Doing reno as a couple, in a teeny space, in Winter?  Yoiks!  Pray for us.  Stories.  You know there will be stories.


Omg.  I owe you guys so much stuff.  Let’s start with listing some winners!

Birthday Blizzard Winners:


Filomena 813


Did The Girl pull winners from Food Coma?  I don’t see any evidence of that – so I had her hit the Random – and she came up with”


Janet in CA

Queen Cupcake

if I did have her pull earlier winners, that’s okay – everybody dance!


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  • Ann says:

    Yay, dear! So happy your tech worries are over — such sweet relief, isn’t it, not to have to fret over that stuff? Sorry about your SAD, mouse and the renovation crazies, but hang in there, take breaks and deep breaths, and it’ll hopefully be over before you know it. Pull out your fave comfort scents and steep in them to help get you through. I have a funny story to share re: rodents. I don’t like ’em any more than the next person, but they truly terrify DH. Many years ago, sitting on our bed, I see something streak out from underneath and go scurrying into the hall. A mouse, indeed! So I got a humane trap, caught it, and took care of the little critter. From there on out, I told him I never had to get a bug again, and lest he forget it, I quickly remind him that “I got the mouse!!” Big hugs to you, dear!

  • Neva says:

    Ever since I had a relationship with an IT guy, I’ve introduced some innovations in my IT habits. Laptop + bluetooth mouse is one of them. If only I wouldn’t forget to take the mouse along on business trips…
    The other mouse – I’m with you. I scream like crazy whenever a little beast crosses my way. Aren’t they supposed to be afraid of us, big humans?
    Good luck with the reno!

  • hczerwiec says:

    I really need a Bluetooth mouse — my laptop is killing my wrists! Maybe this will get my butt in gear to go get one.

  • Dina C. says:

    I’m another fan of the laptop + Bluetooth mouse combo! I have my techno nerd hubby to thank for that. He and I are a marriage of opposites. And best of luck on the renovations. (At first I thought you were talking about Reno, Nevada! Duh.) 🙂

  • Portia says:

    Yep, All my holiday blogging happens with laptop and mouse. SO MUCH EASIER!
    Portia xx

  • Tara C says:

    I always use a bluetooth mouse with my laptop, can’t stand those trackpads. When I was working I plugged it into a docking station and used a real monitor and keyboard. So much better.

    As for SAD, I feel you. I have to spend the winter in San Diego as I cannot hack the darkness of a Canadian winter. Depression and anxiety to the max.

    And I am so not a home reno gal. Kudos to you for getting it done!

  • Kathleen says:

    Your mouse story made me laugh out loud! Always fun to read your stories. Besides asking the questions, googling questions has been super helpful for this non-tech savvy person. What did we do before google?
    Kiss The Girl from me!

  • Ellen says:

    I’m so sorry, and I completely understand about using a mouse with a laptop. I take my mouse with me wherever I go. I’m so old fashioned. Good luck with the reno. Would not be for me.