Myrrh by AbdesSalaam Attar (Raw Perfume Materials)

Hey there Posse. AbdesSalaam Attar used to be called La Via del Profumo, who I’ve written about on Perfume Posse before. He is doing some really interesting and off the wall raw perfume materials that you can buy to smell the basic module of fragrance. Excellent idea eh? Myrrh is particularly interesting to me as a child raised in Roman Catholicism. It was one of the gifts brought to baby Jesus by the three wise men. They are also available in Eau de Parfum form if you prefer. So glam.

Myrrh by AbdesSalaam Attar (Raw Perfume Materials)

myrrh AbdesSalaam Attars

Myrrh is a bit of a surprise. It is so much more than a single resin. Sweetly resinous, boozy and smoky with an animalic, honeyed backbone. Tobacco and hay hide within its folds and I can smell some castoreum or an analogy to it. I can even smell a shiver of stewed fruit through the heart. Myrrh reminds me of Serge Lutens at his absolute best.

Infinitely longer lasting than most natural fragrances and fragrant but not overwhelming, after the second hour it adds a lavish layer of sensuality over my own skin smell but could be my own. If you are thinking impact scents put this on in the morning and by the time you get to your event in the evening you will be softly alluring, a quietly sensual tiger. Personally, I would find this incredibly attractive, obviously YMMV.

Myrrh is utterly beautiful in the post rainy cool of Sydney today. I can only imagine how stellar it must be in the cold of winter…..

I dare you to get this and wear it to your next event. Please come back and tell us all how it went.

Surrender To Chance has samples from $7/ml

Have you smelled Myrrh absolute?
Portia xx


  • Brigitte says:

    I have smelled and own myrrh essential oil and I love it…Eden Botanicals used to do a sampler pack of a large variety of myrrh and it’s amazing how they are nuanced and slightly different. I bet your myrrh absolute smells divine!