Another three-fer Monday: Lost & found

Since I had a threes theme im my previous post, I thought we’d keep it going today. In the past few weeks, DH and I have been getting some pretty intense cleaning and decluttering done. And in so doing, I’ve unearthed a number of items that I’d thought were lost forever. Even though cleaning is one of my least favorite things, I have enjoyed several delightful “A-ha — there that (lost item) is!” moments. Almost makes it worth it.

So I thought to myself: If I could have three items I’d lost or misplaced over the years pop back into my possession, what would they be?

First off for me would be a white gold cross with teeny-tiny diamond chips and its chain. My mother and grandmother gave me this as a teen when I became a Christian. Alas, when the first house DH and I shared was broken into many years later, the cross was in a jewelry box that was stolen, out in plain sight atop a dresser. Lesson learned: Never again did I leave anything I highly valued sitting out in the open like that.

The second item for me would be the pearl and rhinestone starburst clip earrings from my wedding day. These, too, were victims of the same jewelry box heist. I keep searching for similar ones on eBay, but to no avail so far.

And thirdly, a lovely rhinestone ring that I saw on eBay and fell in love with. It wasn’t worth much at all, but I did adore it. That item dated from our current house, so I do have the hope of recovering it one day.

What about you? If you were granted three long- lost items, what would they be?

P.S. Very happy to report that yesterday’s efforts turned up a pair of vintage Anne Klein pearl earrings. I’d despaired of ever finding them again, so I am tickled pink!

  • Brigitte says:

    I don’t remember anything I have lost of extreme value to me …maybe it’s my memory that’s lost 😉 ??

  • VerbenaLuvvr says:

    I would love to run across my mother’s writings. She passed away in 2010 and had a residence in another state which was sold as-was to a family member who claims the writings (family history, poetry, and sketches) have simply disappeared. I expect they were disposed of early on with the sale, but hopefully they will turn up in a forgotten stored box someday.

  • Dina C. says:

    I lost one of the pearl and diamond chip earrings that my husband gave me for our wedding. I think I lost it at my old job somewhere in a huge hospital, so I think that’s gone forever. I’d love to have that back. Lost a solid silver bangle ( a knockoff of the Cartier love bracelet) somewhere. And lost a stainless steel Citizen eco-drive tank watch that I really loved. I always hope they’ll turn up under a piece of furniture, but I’ve cleaned pretty thoroughly.

  • Portia says:

    Hey Ann,
    I’ve lost some money around here. I’m terrified that I threw it out. every place I look is devoid of it and it’s sending me loopy looking. It’s been months now.
    In the move from our big house one of the boxes that was meant to be kept wasn’t. It had two of my all time favourite suits. A navy chalk stripe Gucci and a grey wool flannel Next. They weren’t the most outlandish or glamorous but the fitted me perfectly and looked killer.
    Lastly a shirt I lent a mate that my Mum had bought for me. It never came back.
    Portia xx

  • Tara C says:

    A lost sapphire earring, a lost sterling silver earring, and my gold baby ring, all lost over the years and much loved.

  • Liz says:

    Liz |
    I lost a pair of pearl and rhinestone YSL earrings. I loved them. I also lost a pair of silver and fiberglass floral earrings that I was stupid enough not to put away. I didn’t value them like I should have. Also, a baby photo of me carrying a small handbag.

  • Jennifer S says:

    Ooh good question! For me it would be a lost earring recently that I have NO idea how it became lost as I swore I put it in my pocket so it may show up still. Not expensive but it went with a lot of outfits and it was a favorite! For my husband it would be a star sapphire ring I bought him years ago but have since replaced. He says it’s somewhere in our yard and being newly retired and owning a metal detector well, he’s gonna have all the time in the world to look for it once the snow melts! And the third would be for my Mom to have her lovely angel Christmas tree topper back from wherever it mysteriously disappeared to.

  • MMKinPA says:

    Chanel no 5 edc from 1986, gifted to me by a boy I met in France during the summer after freshman year of college. Disappeared during our last move.

    For years I wished for my grandmother’s lava lamp. Mostly because it was the only thing I could remember from her house. The lava was blue. My husband has a red lava lamp (which is now somewhere in the house) but it wasn’t the same as the one I remembered.

    I’m not sure if there is anything else that I have lost that I really would wish to have back. I suppose I have too many things – if I started to declutter I might realize there are things missing. Mostly, I wish I had a better memory for the small moments of my son’s young life. I didn’t do a great job writing things down!