Vert et Noir by DSH Perfumes

Hey there Posse! Here’s a little something I found on my searches through my sample and decant boxes. It was originally a 3ml decant but I used most of it up when it arrived, was going to buy a bottle and then promptly forgot it when a new batch of stuff arrived. You know how it goes. In the interest of thunking this decant I thought we could share the journey of Vert et Noir.

Vert et Noir by DSH Perfumes 2016

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Black pepper, green notes, celery, cucumber, cyclamen, patchouli, freesia, jasmine, oakmoss, Himalayan cedar, melon, musk, black liquorice, sandalwood, citruses, basil, vetiver

So much greenery done beautifully. Sparkling with the crackle of black pepper, flowers and herbs. The resins are cool, clear, sheer and glassy given a lift by the sweetness of liquorice. Dawn has a way with green fragrance that can be subtle or explosive. Vert et Noir is one of the more sedate greens, a comfortable, wearable, light green that also hints at minty or eucalyptus.

Who could wear Vert et Noir? Utterly unisex, a mild mannered cloud that is quite diffuse and seems to have a lot of air between the notes. It would fit perfectly into the Hermès Jardin range, especially now that Christine Nagel has the reins. Wearable for work or play, especially good after a workout or yachting. I think it would be an excellent reminder of spring for the cold harsh winters as well as being a superb summer spritz.

Surrender To Chance has a selection of DSH Perfumes

What are you using right now that reminds you of spring?
Portia xx

  • Brigitte says:

    DSH makes such outstanding fragrances. This one sounds lovely.
    There is no spring in sight in my neck of the woods so I have been reaching for fragrances that conjure up warmer weather- Eau de Lierre, Casablanca, Aloha Tiara and of course my custom scent Brigitte because of the lilac note (lilacs are a harbinger of spring…at least for me!!!)

  • hczerwiec says:

    No 19 seems like the perfect scent for the moment — it’s so icy, and yet so green!

  • Kathleen says:

    I am a fan of so many of DSH perfumes. I’ve sampled this one a couple years ago at her studio and I agree she has a way with green fragrances. (Dawn’s studio is north of where I live. Boulder is north of Denver, I live in suburb south of Denver, so maybe an hour drive). I went with a perfume group last time where Dawn hosted a sniff and story session. It was fabulous and I came home with several purchased bottles of her fragrances, and have ordered many samples over the years from her website. I plan to visit again this spring/summer with a friend.
    Just the other day I wore Chanel Cristalle EDT for a waft of freshness and spring while still in the depths of winter here.

    • Portia says:

      When you go to DSH Perfumes Kathleen, could you please give Dawn a big squishy bear hug from me. I love her so much.
      Portia xx