Chilly… winners

30 degree drop in temps, with gale-force winds and a bad attitude. Chilly AF over here. A true Midwestern Spring, y’all!  The Girl and I are snug inside, fighting with logistics (sweatergawd, 90% of my stress seems to come from the liars at freight companies – how can you claim ‘no one available to receive delivery at 8:40a’ when my customer has timesheets for (wait for it) 700 crew members clocked in from 7a – 5p, SEVEN DAYS A WEEK (they are building a $750,000,000 plant.  Time flies.  How dumb (or careless) do you think I am?

Yeah, that kind of day.

Our neighbor (the one who cuts his grass 2x a week, even in a drought.  In this rain? 4x week, bless. his. hort.) He yelled at El O because he missed the backup and splashed 14″ (inches) of mud on his brand-spankin’ new concrete driveway (you could land a Cessna on this thing – and it’s his baby.  And I get it.  but DAYum!  Total freakout.  Over14inches of accidental mud?  Hokay.  I hosed it off.  And bought him a new pair of $1.88 reflectors.  He’s fine now.  Sigh.

Did I mention?  That. Kind. Of. Day.

So.  I’m coked to the gills in No 5 body creme (even the gold gel in my hair because I’m in that kinda mood), wearing a stylish Norma Kamali fleece jacket and daring yet another Liar Beast of a freight company to mess with me today.

No 5 is my vestigial BEAST. To mitigate the fangs, though, I spritzed some pre-reform No 22 atop it, once my nerves settled down, because this the perfect weather for 22.  It’s a big ol’ powderbomb, too much for really hot weather and way too much for the artificial heat of Winter.  A blustery, mid-40s day?  Perfection.

Michael Franks (my Valium with a DarkSide chaser) on the box, keeping me firmly in that Fantasy Past and keeping the world safe from my flamethrowing ways for yet another hours.  Plowing through logistics paperwork.  Invoicing (okay, that’s a GOOD thing – but it’s still a bit of a slog).  A small bouquet of muguet, picked in Saturday’s rain.  It’s holding my soul together.

But!  That’s ALL I got.  I’m hanging by a thread and tapped out – so let’s talk about YOU!


Y’all!  I owe you some WINNAHS!


Muguet:  SamanthaL

Muguet: Dina C (because you FELL ON YOUR FACE!)


Twilly:  Ariel


you 3:  gmail your evilauntieanita and remind me what you’ve won – I’ll get it out asap.


The restayouse?  Tell me something calming (or bitchbitchtich – I’m easy).  I’ll have The Girl poke that pawnail because …well, y’all are just so damb kind and patient and I gots more FUN STUFF to giveaway!


xoxoxoxo your crabass Musette


  • Ann says:

    Thanks, darling Musette! Yes, I’m a grownup and will give them good service, instead of standing around talking on my cell and filing my nails, ha!!

  • Jennifer S says:

    You need a break! Lol. I’m so afraid we’re headed right into summer which will be over in the blink of an eye and then it’ll be cold out all over again. I miss a nice long spring!

    • Musette says:

      from your fingertips to Floyd’s ears! We are so bouncy over here (40F to 80F in 12 hrs, tornadoes, driving rain, blistering sun)……….it’s just weird.


  • hczerwiec says:

    “Coked to the gills in No 5” — I am dying! Chilly here, too, and it feels so WRONG. Still, I’m going out in it to an abortion rights protest/demonstration, wearing vintage Bandit — a mighty fortress is our galbanum/quinoline overload.

  • Dina C. says:

    Anita, I’m so excited to get Muguet since I love LotV and I’ve never sniffed the Muguet one. 🙂 The funny thing about my fall back in January is that I tripped over the dinkiest little stick on a completely dry sidewalk in front of my house. Only me!! Such a klutz. Our Virginia weather has toggled between chilly and rainy versus hot and sunny. Allergies seem to be particularly intense this spring. I’ve been wearing my green florals with joy. Today is Gucci Envy parfum. 🙂

    • Musette says:

      oh, hon. It’s always the way, innit? I hit the edge of a piece of mesh with my completely shod foot! Ooooh! Gucci Envy! I LUH that one!

      Don’t forget to gmail me.


  • Kathleen says:

    Hang in there Musette! At least your always keep a great sense of humor, and you smell wonderful! Life seems to be a series of annoyances, and the weather is making it worse. I”m trying to let go of worries, and enjoy walks with my pups. We are still getting snow in Colorado!
    I’ve been having heavy doses of Chanel as well, 1957 and Misia past couple of days. xx

    • Musette says:

      I would kill myself stone dead! Hang in there, yourself!!! It was 80F today (yep) and now tornado warnings. Pulling in my delicate seedlings – again. sigh. xoxoxo

  • Patty White says:

    lol. Korean skin care hole is deep and wide, March. We probably need to talk about that!

  • Patty White says:

    Some days you’re the hammer and some days you’re the nail, right? In the season of never-ending graduation captioning, I am just…. done too. If I have to hear one more hopeful, fluffy speech, I’m going go punch my headphones, I swear.

    • Musette says:

      omg. I know that feeling! No PUNCHING, though. Kiss a puppy instead 😉 xoxoxo

  • March says:

    BLESS YOUR HORT. We should introduce Driveway Guy to my bitchy next door neighbor who complained about my yard.

    It’s cooler here today but in a good way! 90ish down to 60 and sunny, high of 63! xo

    PS something silly OMG I have fallen down the Korean skincare hole.

  • Ann says:

    Oh, mercy — bless your heart! You have had it, haven’t you? And all that on top of Mother Nature well off her rocker, too. Glad you’ve found some antidotes for the craziness. Me, I’m trying to learn all I can in the brave new world of retail, but I’m an old dog and don’t seem to learn things quite as quickly as the young pups. But I’m doing the best I can. Big hugs to you! Hang in there!!

    • Musette says:

      You may not learn as quickly – but I’ll bet that, once you get the hang of it, the customers will FLOCK to you – because you are a grownup. Seriously – not enough of us in the retail world these days, so you’ll do just fine.

      And have FUN with it – and go on PurseBlog/PurseForum. You’ll learn about 10000% in about two days. Those people are INSANE for handbags! And they know minutiae that even the retailers don’t (seriously). xoxo

  • Jo says:

    OMG you too? I said to my coach today that it’s been THAT KIND OF WEEK, and it’s only Monday.

    I was just so grumpy and out of sorts I came home, took a shower, and put on a big spray some vintage Bal à Versailles Jean Desprez. It’s just so snuggly, and cozy, like a teddy bear for a grown up who has HAD IT. So yeah, here’s to comfort scents.

    • Musette says:

      Jo, I reinjured my shoulder PULLING DOWN MY EFFIN’ PANTS! LOL! So yeah. BaV sounds like an excellent antidote (and by ‘reinjure’ I just mean I hurted it 😉 It’s still healing up nicely) xoxo