Road trip food (and fragrance)

What’s up, Posse folks? Hope everyone is doing well. We are heading up to see son at college, then farther afield to see some of my family. So I was wondering: When you’re traveling through areas that you’re not familiar with, how do you handle eating on the road?

Do you stick to tried-and-true chains that you know, do you research local favorites before you go, or do you just plain wing it and stop at any mom-and-pop or hole-in-the-wall eateries that catch your fancy?

I think we’ll do a little of it all; taking to the chains when on the interstate and trying to make time, and then making some stops with local flavor. In one town we’ll be in, we already know of a good pizzeria with fabulous garlic rolls, so you know that I’m stopping there, bread lover that I am.

Are any of you in or familiar with the southwest Virginia area? At one point, we’ll be in Roanoke/ Christiansburg and environs, and if anyone has any suggestions, we’d be most grateful.

Perfume-wise, as we’ll be heading into cooler climes than ours, I’m hoping to wear some of my fall beauties, at least in the evenings on our road trip. Maybe even pull out the smoky vanillas, the Bois des Iles, or maybe even the Coromandel if the temps drop enough!

Hope everyone has a great week!!

Portia October 14, 2019

Hey Ann,
Jin is a mad Trip Advisor fiend. No matter where we go he will find us a selection from the Top 10 in the area that we can choose from. We've never been steered wrong yet.
WOO HOO! Bringing out the cool weather perfume big guns, YAY!
Have a good trip.
Portia xx

Dina C. October 14, 2019

If we're driving to a place we go to often, then we tend to stop at the exact same restaurants every single time. DH is all about getting to the destination as fast as possible -- none of this "enjoy the journey" crap -- so he's all about the fast food (but not McDonalds). :-D Once we're at the vacation site, then we can relax and enjoy nice places to eat. I've always got my eyes peeled for antique stores that might have some vintage perfume bottles tucked away for a bargain price. 

Nerd+Girl October 14, 2019

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March Moore October 14, 2019

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Maya October 14, 2019

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Maya October 14, 2019

I wing it. I never worry about food or drink. I take my chances. And I'm a fan of McDonalds and they're everywhere - a Big Mac and fries and I'm good to go. If I stay in one place, then I explore and if a place looks or smells nice, I try it. Usualy it's a win, occassionally a *meh*. Oh, I saw today that Areej Le Dore has released some new fragrances. One is called Plumeria de Orris. I love plumeria! Can't wait to try it.

ElizaC October 13, 2019

"Road Food" by Jane and Michael Stern.  They started writing about roadside regional restaurants in the 70s and their book (or the newest updated version), accompanied me for years.  They also have a website.

March Moore October 13, 2019

Hey you!  I don't have any restaurant suggestions, but I definitely try to do some research if I know I'm going to be in a town at a mealtime.  If your mobile plan allows, you can sit right there and look while you're in your car.  We also tend to bring a lot of snacks along; I'm weirdly anxious about being trapped in the car (by traffic? velociraptors?  I dunno) without anything to eat.