Biarritz by CHANEL: Les Eaux de CHANEL Range

Hey Posse. In 2018 CHANEL brought out their Les Eaux de CHANEL line. Various places Coco was said to have adored, bottled in EdT strength versions of colognes. They used a very simple bottle, cheapened the packaging and made them super affordable to the middle classes. Instant hit! I RAN to the counter and bought all three the moment they arrived in Sydney and split some off to cover some cost and share the love. While I love them all (and the newest; Riviera) the one that gets by far the most wear is Paris – Biarritz. Interestingly, Biarritz was the least popular in the split.

I chatted recently about Le Lion and 1957 on the Posse.

Biarritz by CHANEL: Les Eaux de CHANEL Range

Biarritz by CHANEL: Les Eaux de CHANEL Range

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Sicilian mandarin orange, Lily of the valley

Seriously? What is that note list?

I know Biarritz is in a simple EdC style but it feels like we have much more involved. I would have noted more than just mandarin as the citrus because it smells much fuller, with lovely hints of lemon or even lime. Also I would have picked basil, mint and/or cardamom as green herbaceous ingredients. The lily of the valley is far far removed from the DIOR Diorissimo or even the Hermès Porcelaine Muguet it has become unrecognisable. Plus they neglect to mention the vegetal laundry musks. Now I’m no super note parser, and I’m probably way off here, but my very blunt instrument of a nose smells much more than simple mandarin and LotV.

Totally unisex. I can see it on both sexes equally. Refreshing and sunlit. Being Edit it lasts much better than most cologne styles and softly purrs a clean and line dried musk for hours after the fireworks die down.

What made me write about Biarritz today? I happened to see an amazing deal over on FragranceNet with all three original Les Eaux de CHANEL Range in a 50ml each set for an AMAZING price. If I’m honest it was totally touch and go if I would order it. It’s called Chanel Les Eaux De Chanel Le Voyage Variety.

You’re welcome.
Portia xx

  • NancyC says:

    I love Paris-Biarritz the most! When the smaller bottles showed up at Nordstrom, I pounced immediately. And thanks for reminding me of the Google trick….I think…

  • Musette says:

    I remember really liking Paris-Biarritz… but now I can’t bring it to my nose. Will see if I still have a sample. Riviera… omgosh … right now I would be SO happy if The Girl and I could beam ourselves to the Riviera. We could spend January-March at Hotel Negresco, drink Mimosas every morning….. xoxox

  • Dina C. says:

    I remember trying those colognes when they made it to Nordstrom here in the US, but I can’t remember which one I liked the most. None of them were bad, but one of them was a real winner in my book. I need to resample.

    • Portia says:

      Hi DinaC,
      Yes, most people had a serious favourite of the three. My original thought was that Venice would be the one but it turns out Biarritz gets the wear.
      Portia xx

  • MMKinPA says:

    Tried Venise and Biarritz at the Chanel boutique in San Francisco but ended up buying Deauville which is my favorite. Took a sample of Riviera, which was new and didn’t have the smaller bottles. Ended up with Riviera as a birthday gift this year. I imagine I might eventually end up with small bottles of all of them, I noticed that my local Nordstrom is carrying them so I can actually resniff! The FragranceNet set looks to be a slight discount – they are the 50ml bottles which are $80 US in stores. I’m eyeing the shower gel too….