Francesca B December 4, 2019

A lovely tribute. ??

Jo December 4, 2019

So sorry for the community’s loss. What a beautiful post Musette. Life is so short, and people are irreplaceable. This reminds me to call my friend, who I haven’t seen for a year. We all need to remember to spread the love around, especially this time of year.  I hardly ever comment here, but you all should know you Posse people bring me a little joy every day.

Tara C December 4, 2019

Gaia’s untimely passing, along with the deaths of several other friends and acquaintances over the past two months, has really shaken me up. I feel death breathing down my neck, I feel vulnerable, and yet at the same time very much alive and unsure how to think about this dichotomy. I am here now, and at any moment I can be gone. At 53 this is starting to really hit home. I am happy and scared at the same time. It will take me a while to digest I think. Impermanence is a hard thing to truly grasp when thinking about it in personal terms.

Sapphire December 3, 2019

I am so sorry to hear of Gaia's passing.  She helped guide some of my best perfume and make-up purchases and was such a genuine person. 

Jamie December 3, 2019

Thank you for writing about Gaia.  I found her blog not long after she started it and really learned so much - it was always an interesting and informative read.  I followed the blog for years, but life got in the way and I stopped for a while.  I found out about her passing by recently checking to see what she was up to.  I was totally shocked and saddened.  Thanks again for writing about her, and Gaia, wherever you are, thanks for a fun read and a great blog.

Ann December 3, 2019

Beautiful post, dear, but so very sorry to hear about Gaia's passing. What a lovely person and talented blogger she was. We really do need to cherish and appreciate all that we have!

Dina C. December 3, 2019

Thank you for the reminder to carpe diem, Anita. I'm gonna wear a nice outfit today, and not just my serviceable, usual jeans.

Eldarwen22 December 3, 2019

I was surprised to hear about Gaia's passing. I noticed that she was posting less and less. I figured that she probably was either busy or didn't have much to blog about. This gives me reason to really start busting out the vintage Mitsouko and start wearing it.

Elizabeth Watson December 3, 2019

Thank you, dearest Musette, for this post. I had followed Gaia's blog, among several others, for quite a while, then fell away from reading them. She was passionate, always interesting. I loved her makeup brush reviews and advice. Sincere condolences to her family, friends and readers.  Off to find my tiny vial of vintage Coty Chypre! XO

Shiva-woman December 3, 2019

Thank you for your post. I too am stunned at the loss of a writer who helped me navigate perfume, and the "pretty things"-- thank you for reminding us to ENJOY, and not hoard life's precious goodies. Smell it NOW--spritz with abandon! 

Tati December 3, 2019

You brought tears to my eyes, girl!! The perfume obsession cane seem to be the most frivolous of hobbies, but maybe it teaches us to live in each moment, draw in a breath, and appreciate the beauty....

Portia Turbo December 3, 2019

Love you too Musette. HEAPS Portia xx

Maya December 3, 2019

Lovely post. Thank you so very much.

Kathleen December 3, 2019

That was a beautiful post Musette, and a wonderful reminder to live life with love and wear all the pretty things.  I'm sorry for your losses. I'm also grateful for you and the Perfume Posse, for sharing glimpses into your life and the stories each week.  Give The Girl a big smooch from me, and hug for you.

HeidiC December 3, 2019

Love to you, too, Musette, and to all of you. Wear all the lovely things.

Pam December 3, 2019

Musette, that was beautiful. Thank you. And you are appreciated. 

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