Perfumer & Flavorist and The Fragrance Conservatory – an FYI

Hi everyone, welcome to the new look– we continue to tweak.  This one’s nice, right?

We’re also aiming for a new post every day, on different topics… it hasn’t escaped our attention that some of the most heavily-read (and commented-upon) posts are “off topic” so we’re going to feel free to continue to do that, and you should feel free to read or not.

I still don’t know how our comments widget got broken…. gremlins?

Today’s tidbit– did you know you can read Perfumer & Flavorist for free?  You just have to register to gain access (I chose categories “related to the industry” in their data collection).  Okay, a lot of topics are pretty esoteric, but a lot of them are fun and interesting — flavor and fragrance trends, the olfactory power of cedar, etc.  Here’s an interesting one– they’ve announced the creation of The Fragrance Conservatory, which features a directory of olfactory ingredients and what they smell like.  Cheers.

  • Ann says:

    How cool is this?!! Love it!!

  • Musette says:

    oooh!  the minty-fresh GREEN!  LUH it!  xoxo