Byredo M/Mink Review

Byredo M/Mink hit my radar when Portia mentioned it as a layering weirdo to get my cobwebby dank library smell I’m looking for.

First, before I forget!  Winner for the draw of my fave library scents, and I’ll throw in some of this Byredo M/Mink as well – Briony. Just click on Contact Us up there, send me your mailing address, and I’ll get these samples out to you!

Notes of adoxal, incense, patchouli, honey and amber. So, yeah, there is going to be a bit of urine, as many of the reviews pointed out with varying degrees of disgust and admiration.

I actually did a short review ages ago, but I barely remembered it.    Yes, there is cat pee and lots of patchouli, and it is inky in a weird Sunset Boulevard kind of way, and it is the perfect thing to layer over something you want to weird up a little bit – or a lot.  I’m thinking of throwing some on over Pink Sugar tomorrow just to see what happens.

If you can take one of your fairly normal mainstream scents – you really do like it, but you’d like to toss some weird thing like this over the top just to see what it does to it, which fragrances would you want to “improve” with a character-building topper scent?


  • March says:

    I think M/Mink is the coolest smell. Please layer it with Pink Sugar and report back lol! I kinda want to layer it with Mitsouko, wonder if my arm would fall off though.

  • Musette says:

    you had me with the ‘Sunset Boulevard’ reference! I think I would like to (am going to) layer Coty Sand & Sable with Malle’s Fleur de Cassie – that urine note, y’know? I think it makes an interesting statement – as long as it’s not TOO pronounced!


  • Tara C says:

    I like M/Mink just the way it is, and I don’t get urine, just general funk. Never thought of layering it with stuff but now I will try.