ZOOM POSSE: Sunday 20th September. WOO HOO!

Hey All,

We are all set at our end. There are a couple places left should you still wish to join in. See below.

ZOOM POSSE: Sunday 20th September

Approximate event run.

5 minutes of introduction, set the scene, housekeeping.

30-ish minutes MEET & GREET

Everyone will get to say their name and where they come from, also where they are living now and with whom.

Please tell us your Scent Of The Day. We would like to see your bottle, decant or sample and know what it is, how it smells to you and why you chose to wear it.

30 minutes TRIVIA

We will play a round of 20 Q&A. You’ll be writing down your answers on a piece of paper at home. Some will be super easy and others will be real thinkers. There are no prizes this is just for fun.

10 minutes to MEET YOUR PETS

Sign Off.

So it looks like it will run around 90 minutes.


5pm Los Angeles Sunday 20th September
8pm New York Sunday 20th September
1am London Monday 21st September
3am Moscow Monday 21st September
5.30am Delhi Monday 21st September
10am Sydney Monday 21st September


You’ll see in the top Tiffany & Co blue line a box that says Drop Us A Note. Hit that. It will take you to a simple message system.

Get in touch through Drop Us A Note and say you’d like to be part of ZOOM POSSE. Patty will let you know if you’re in or out via email.

About 24 hours before we ZOOM you’ll get another email with your Meeting Number and a Log In Password.


Please be ready, at your device, with a drink and logged in 3-5 minutes before we start. You’ll be in a holding room till we let you all in. Please be ready, for everyone’s sake.



This is your ZOOM POSSE Reminder

Hit the Drop Us A Note box at the top now.
Portia xxx

  • Ann says:

    I am so sorry I missed this! If there’s another zoom call in the future, I will be sure to sign up!

  • SpringPansy says:

    Yay – see you all soon!

  • Queen-Cupcake says:

    I think this will be fun! My first thought was: how am I going to hoist my fat cat up to my desk to show her off. LOL! She’s cute but feisty. See you soon.