La Nuit de Bohème EdT by Anna Sui

Hey Posse, We have talked before about what a sucker I am for a fabulous bottle, right? Well, Anna Sui always does killer stuff. Back in 2018 I talked about Live Your Dreams here on the Posse. Probably not aimed at 50+ gay dudes but nevertheless I adore them. La Nuit de Bohème EdT has been on my radar for a while. I kept seeing it pop up and wondered if the bottle was even remotely as fab as the pictures. It had spent some time in various shopping carts but never made it to checkout because I’m trying not to blind buy. Anyway, my birthday was coming up and I bought myself a pre-loved bottle of a friends Sale Doc on FB. IT ARRIVED! So for my birthday tomorrow I’ll be wearing my new (to me) fragrance!

Jérôme Epinette is the perfumer that has signed this fragrance. You’ll probably know the name but not remember what he created. Byredo Encens Chamber, M/Mink & more, Olfactive Studio Flash Back In New York, quite a few Atelier Cologne and Ylang Ylang Espresso for Floral Street. He has also done quite a few Anna Sui.

By The Way: Here we are on the very first ZOOM POSSE! It was excellent fun. Everyone got to tell us their online handle, SOTD and where they are from. SO GOOD to put faces to comments. We played some PERFUME TRIVIA. Then we all met each others pets. POSSE peeps are the best. Look out for our next one.

La Nuit de Bohème EdT by Anna Sui 2014

La Nuit de Bohème EdT by Anna Sui

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top: Champagne, Citrus notes, Blackberry
Heart: Lotus, Rose, Oud
Base: Cedar, Haitian vanilla orchid, Indonesian patchouli, Amber

The first thing I need to say is that the price point here is budget. I never expected to get a famous niche or mass-tige quality fragrance for my small investment. All I hoped for was a sensational bottle and a fragrance that wears nicely. Here in Australia we can get 50ml brand new for around US$17, so you can see my expectations were low.

The note list looks fun.

Here’s how it smells for me. The champagne and blackberry are quite photo realistic and work much more harmoniously that I thought they would. A zingy, fizzy youthful opening with only a very slight squat on the berries, nice.

The heart is REALLY interesting. I don’t know if it’s that we’ve been talking here on the Posse recently about tomato leaves or not but I get the distinct waft of them hiding in the background. While lotus itself doesn’t appear (I only really know the roots anyway because Jin uses them in cooking) but I do get a cool dewiness and hints of jammy Bulgarian roses.

The base doesn’t really show me any of the named notes. It’s a warm, sweet nothing that lingers for a couple of hours, better on clothes than skin.

La Nuit de Bohème EdT by Anna Sui

So La Nuit de Bohème EdT is a winner. The fragrance is nowhere as wonderful as the bottle but it smells good and I know I’ll wear it. Especially as spring is approaching. Perfect birthday fragrance. Sweet, uplifting and nice. I’m happy.

Do you have or know any of the Anna Sui line? Maybe you’ve tried La Nuit de Bohème EdT?
Portia xx

  • Ariel Marsh says:

    I can appreciate the presence of that bottle- but I’m even more attracted to champagne and blackberries. Yes, please.

  • Christine West says:

    In the 90s I used to wear the original Anna Sui EDT (in a similar bottle to Love Your Dream, but with purple juice). I still keep a bottle of it on my dresser because I ADORE how it looks. I also still love the scent: roses, raspberries, violets and powder. Back in the day, when Anna Sui had their fabulous cosmetic section in Myer, I bought several items of Anna Sui cosmetics just for the dreamy black floral/goth packaging. I still have them all on display, too 🙂

    Sadly, I’ve not loved any of the newer AS scents – or none that I’ve tried, anyway.

  • March says:

    This is sort of the antithesis of what I’m looking for in bottle design, and …. I want it, lol. We’re kind of overdue for a post on some of our favorite bottles just in terms of appearance!

  • Dina C. says:

    Fantastic bottle! What a beauty! I like the scent of lotus, drank a Tazo decaf green tea with lotus for many years. This scent sounds like a budget winner Portia!

  • Musette says:

    I have never tried any Anna Sui but that bottle is divine! I usually go for block bottles with interesting ‘line’ touches (Amouage, with its fabulous little crystals imbedded in the caps – and the different colored glass used, Romea d’Ameor’s terrifying tall bottles with the different colored tassels, which makes me want to buy the whole line)

    My favorite ‘unusual’ standalone bottle is ….. crap. Hang on, I’ve got to go get it….Rochas Alchemie. A great Jeannie bottle (not really but conjures that memory) and pretty nice juice!


  • MMKinPA says:

    I have a good collection of the Lolita Lempicka Apple bottles – maybe 6 of them? I probably only wear one or two – the others don’t work – but I enjoy looking at them. I haven’t tried any Anna Sui but the bottles are definitely fun.

  • Queen-Cupcake says:

    I really don’t know any Anna Sui fragrances, so maybe I will have to try this one. An attractive bottle is always a big plus. Way fun to see you all on the Zoom! XO

    • Portia says:

      SO FUN to see you Queen-Cupcake,
      For the tiny amount of money this costs it could just be a super kitschy desk ornament.
      Portia xx

  • Tara C says:

    I really need to fix my Zoom setup, I look ghastly, especially with that ted wall behind me. Will do better next time. I have probably spritzed an Anna Sui at one time or another, but have no memory of the scents. I do agree with Shiva-woman (who is gorgeous btw, even on Zoom) that Lolita Lempicka does the most fun scents/bottles.

    • Musette says:

      that red wall was a fabulous pop of color! The only thing ‘off’ was your positioning up in the corner, looking more up than full-on. You are beautiful – and so is that wall! Zoom is a BEAST, especially if you haven’t practiced (I sure haven’t) – the lighting is Not Our Friend, etc etc… xoxoxo

    • Portia says:

      It’s all about angle and light. Play around with it a bit.
      The red wall is HEAVEN!
      Portia xx

      • Musette says:

        You know your Zoom, Portia! You looked AMAZING! I mean, you are ALWAYS a super-cutie – but you have the angle and lighting thing on FLEEK!


  • Shiva-woman says:

    So interesting that the bottle captured you. Yesterday I was looking at some of the Middle Eastern fragrances on the market and marveling at the relatively reasonable price points and the stunning opulent bottles. “Why,” I thought, “can’t the West (Euro-American) come up with something better than squat and square?” Everthing is block block block. It’s supposed to convey elegant rich, but it’s more like post- war industrialism. I love your bottle and may have to snag one for myself. I was overjoyed with the Lolita Lempicka line, in part because of the apple (I also love fennel, anise, artemisia, so yeah!). But it’s really her bottles. There’s nothing wrong with housing a good juice in a gorgeous bottle.

    • Portia says:

      Hey Shiva-woman,
      I love that you now have a face for me!
      The middle eastern market has long understood the extra fun & glamour of a fantastic bottle. Their fragrances are often as opulent and remarkable. Even at a low price point.
      Lolita Lempicka captured that spirit of fun and whimsy and Anna Sui has taken it a step further into FABULOUS!
      The scent is nice too.
      Portia xx