I’m Stored

Posse!  Saaaave me!  We’re in the midst of one of those Midwestern Winters, where it snows like a lima bean, then freezes, then thaws…juuust enough for the freezing flipping RAIN to come in and make everything about as lethal as you can get – short of getting hit by lightning or having a tornado whisk me away I can’t think of anything more dangerous – y’all might remember, a few years ago, how a vicious fall in my driveway put me on a walker for a month … and a similar fall killed a client of mine.  So I am no fan of ice.  Tell me again why I still live here?  Okay, don’t.  I don’t wanna cry.

So it’s Inside for me.  And I suck at sitting still so I decided this would be a perfect time to try to perfect my closet.  I started with relatively good bones – once El O moved out I had the entire closet so I immediately reconfigured (One side with longer stuff, color coordinated, etc) – but … well, you know how it goes… all of a sudden you look in there and…WTH?  How did 4 totes full of …what are they full of? .. how did they get in the middle of the closet so I have to crab sideways to get to the back… uh… yeah.  That one.

I got to work early this morning, leaving the bulk of the hanging stuff alone (see Color Coordinated, et al) and focusing on …omg.  The. Dumbest. Stuff.

  1. A gorgeous embroidered box full of gorgeous, embroidered scarves.  I cannot divest because it would break my heart – so I put a Post-it on that box that says ‘WEAR ME’!  (n.b.:  I probably won’t – but it can’t hurt to try, can it?)
  2. Boots.  Cuuuute boots.  I’m doing little drawings on the boxes that let me know what’s inside.  I mean… really?  I have 7 (SEVEN) pairs of short black biker boots for my biker feet.  Why am I not wearing them?  Ditto cuteAF Winter boots that I didn’t remember I had.  My goal is to change out my boots as often as fashion and the weather will allow and wear ALL The Things.  We’ll see… (now watch:  I’ll stay in the same fleece-lined pull on boots because it’s like an ice rink out there and those are the ones with the ice cleats.  Watch.  Sigh.  It’s demoralizing, to know that I am governed by common sense.  Sensible.  But demoralizing.
  3.  All of those little samples.  omg.  I have 230,000 skincare samples.  It’s challenging because I hate the idea of throwing them out (and I don’t see giving them to thrift because they are ridiculously tiny, those little packets.  Perhaps I’ll just use them for hands and feet…..?  I don’t have the stones to change up my facial skincare on a whim.  Thoughts?
  4. Organize Those Totes.  My closet space upstairs is compromised (ceiling fell in, etc) so I only use them for suitcases and… why do I have 5 motorcycle jackets and 3 sets of chaps.  Eh.  I am not giving them up – because I don’t wanna! LOL!

So it’s mostly done – I feel way better about it, even though I’m still wearing the same 6 things…. Winter makes it difficult for fashion.  -10F?  Fleece.  All fleece. all the time.  But at least it looks nice.

Are any of you in the midst of reorg/redo/culling/???    Closet?  Kitchen?  Office?  Whatever – let me know what y’all are tidying – I’ll have Rudy throw some ballistics at a winner!



  • Kathleen says:

    Be safe on the ice! It is treacherous, I’ve almost landed on my backside a few times this past week running outdoors, difficult to differentiate melting ice from black ice at night.
    I’ve been working on donating clothes and shoes no longer worn for some time now, and it is a sense of relief. Space feels so much better than too much. Keep what you love, make someone else’s day with things that don’t bring you joy but will for someone else.

  • VerbenaLuvvr says:

    I coordinated shelter drives for many years, and single-use/travel size (hotel shampoos and conditioners!) beauty care items were always high on the needs lists.

  • Lawgoddess says:

    Great job on the closet! I am currently culling out unopened makeup and bath stuff to donate to a local women’s shelter. I love to buy the pretty things, but I have way more than I need.

  • March says:

    Your closet looks fab! I got rid of sooooo much clothing during the move west, and haven’t missed most of it (not yet, anyway.) I do think having an organized closet (organized in whatever way makes sense to YOU) is always a good idea. And wear those scarves this spring! Xo

    • Musette says:

      Except for some shoes I have lost (I know I didn’t donate them)…. I’m pretty happy with the way the closet is set up – except I do wish it was just a bit bigger…..


  • Portia says:

    HA! In summer and winter I wear about 6 things for each, on rotation. Doesn’t matter.
    Hugs and stay safe on that ice.
    Portia xx

  • Neva says:

    I totally feel you, Musette, on every point. But NOW is the time to declutter, and I mean astrologically, so just keep on throwing things away. I do my reorganizing every 3-4 years and then all goes out that I don’t appreciate enough, like, wear, find exciting…you name it. Recently I have a huge garbage bag in the middle of the living room and I go through the shelves and drawers and literally put inside everything that doesn’t fit, even valuable stuff. I won’t bother with finding them a new home, I just don’t care! After that I’ll put another bag into the kitchen and bathroom and throw away all the spare towel sets, long expired make up, hairsprays I never use, false nail and lashes sets, recipe books I’ll never use, plastic straws I kept for kids (whose kids? mine are almost thirty), the third mixer, the heart shaped baking pan, etc… It’s such a relief!

  • AnnieA says:

    This past weekend I did a proper clean of my vanity and removed a whole bunch of lipsticks and glosses, leaving ones I might actually wear, at least for Zoom meetings.

  • cinnamon says:

    Your weather sounds horrific. Stay safe. I now have a comparatively small closet so divested a lot between move out of house for work to be done and then right after move back in. I don’t miss what I divested this time round. However, I do miss things I got rid of in the fog after childbirth. A number of really beautiful pairs of shoes gotten cheap at the Barneys Warehouse Sales. I have managed to hold on to most of my scarves and like you I should wear them more (that’s a thought for Paris visit: a new silk scarf). Also still have a gorgeous pair of Isaac Mizraahi T-straps that are still fine after 30 years — oh, to well made shoes. The only real organisation of the closet is shorter things on one side, longer on the other.

    • Musette says:

      Honey! My condolences on those shoes – and I know that feeling. I’ve lost several pairs of Bev Feldman boots and a pair of turquoise and black feathered Donna Karan heeled thong sandals. Who loses shoes like that?


      • cinnamon says:

        Gutted about those shoes, along with the deep green velvet YSL Le Smoking jacket for $100 (that fit like a glove) that I, for some stupid reason, passed up.

  • Calrayo says:

    I’m making use of my local Buy Nothing group to rehome a bunch of old handbags. They’re all fine, but I wore them to death in my twenties and I’m turning 36 in a week…they just don’t feel like me anymore. I’m saving up (and making room) for a (used) Mulberry as a birthday present from me to me.

    • Musette says:

      Oooh! I have a Bayswater that I adore (and am currently wearing). Used Mulberrys are like any other good bag – all the better for a little breaking-in! xoxoxo

  • Pam says:

    Trying to organize. Trying. Someday maybe the Organizer Fairy will wave her wand….. . . I love boots too and they are organized. By height. Best I can do. Good luck!

    • Musette says:

      LOL! Do what works for you! My boots are boxed (not that much floor space, alas) but I am definitely going the photo route (see taxi reply below) – I can’t remember what I have, which is definitely a Privilege Problem 😉


  • taxi says:

    I’m laughing with you over the closet organization. My problem is too many shoes! Beautiful shoes, elegant ones, snazzy flats, sandals, sneakers, running shoes, duck boots, mules. Until the weather warms, I’m in Uggs for everyday errands – teal, purple, or black? Maybe I should get shelves built on a big wall to hold all the the shoes so I could see my closet floor?

    • Musette says:

      that’s not a bad idea! A friend used to take Polaroids (do those even exist anymore) of the actual shoes and affix it to the box-end, making it way easier to decide what to wear. You won’t wear what you don’t remember exists!