No Post This Week

Sorry- I have a cold. Luckily just a cold- despite having friends all around suddenly test positive for Covid I am still negative. But my nose isn’t nosing as it usually does, so, later, gators.

I will tell you that I not only got a sample of vintage Tabu from STC but a generous friend is sending me an old bottle she ran across. So next time it will be “Do You Tabu, Part Two” or “how much of a tramp was that nice old lady with the root beer, anyway?”

In other news, the venerable local perfumer Smell Bent has decided to pack it in. (I believe the creator and nose has started a new career that precludes the operation of the perfume business. I’ve loved this line over the years- it’s inexpensive, fun, and very, very well done. Get them while you can because in this case at least, when they’re gone, they’re really gone. garage sale

  • Musette says:

    Hope you’re totally fixed in time for your birthday – and that insane bottle shows up in time as well! xoxoxo

    • Tom says:

      It showed up today! And even with a nose working at 50% I can tell that lady is a TRAMP! I love it!

  • March says:

    Oh honey, feel better soon! Glad it’s not COVID, keep wearing your mask.

  • Maya says:

    Maybe the old Lady was a Tramp. Afterall life should be lived and the best time to be a bit crazy is when you’re young. Looking forward to your next post. Hope your nose is in good form soon.

  • cinnamon says:

    Feel better. I don’t recall Smell Bent making it here. We used to get a lot more stuff from the US … Look forward to Tabu-ness.

    • Tom says:

      I think they shipped to the UK but they never had a brick and mortar or were (that I know of) carried by anyone. Likely how they kept the prices so low. It’s too bad they’re gone, but we all with Brent the best in his new career and hope that he will still tinker a bit with the smellies..