Pedestal Boxes: Love or Loathe Them?

Hey Posse, Yes, it’s RANT time. Ever have this happen? Pedestal Boxes are the bain off my collection. Sure, they look lavish in unboxing videos. Also, if you don’t have a big fragrance wardrobe its nice to have the box on the dresser, life the lid, grab, spritz. Yeah, I get it. Not everyone hates them. The problem is when things are in their boxes, in boxes, on shelves or in drawers. Suddenly the only way to lift them is by the box, forget for two seconds that it’s a pedestal and SMASH!! Disaster.

Pedestal Boxes: Love or Loathe Them?

It was my own fault 100%. I’d taken off the outer wrapping for ease of opening. Like a bloody fool. It’s hardly my first rodeo and that’s what makes the sad demise of my beautiful Le Galion Eau Noble even more infuriating. As I was getting the box all my Neela Vermeire Creations, AETHER and Le Galion perfumes are in to show a friend Eau Noble decided to do a triple somersault suicide dive. The pedestal box came apart and the bottle landed on its lid, all contents draining into the CARPET instantly. So far I’ve been extremely lucky. Over the years having dropped dozens this is the first to smash in my office.

Pedestal Boxes: Love or Loathe Them?

Yes, you read that right. It has smashed and contents flowed into the carpet of my office. It will be a very long while before any perfume reviews will be written from this space. I can’t smell anything much except enormous amounts of Le Galion Eau Noble. Thank everything that it’s one of my loved perfumes. Imagine if it was a scrubber!

Fortunately, since I bought this bottle the Le Galion crew have created more sensible boxes, and the beautiful, slightly updated spritz bottle. ALSO news, Le Galion have recreated Eau Noble for its 50th year with a brand new splash bottle by Pierre Dinand! Mr Dinand also created the original 1972 bottles. How freaking cool is that?

From Le Galion

Top: Bergamot, Citrus, Italian Mandarin, Galbanum
Heart: Lavander, Sage, Geranium
Base: Oak Moss, Indonesian Patchouli, Cedarwood, Musk

1972: In Europe, the end of the 1960s was an important sociological turning point. Women are wearing men’s pants & fragrances, and joining the sexual revolution.

Le Galion launched Eau Noble this year. This is a sporty, citrus, cyprus and leathery fragrance.

Recently I wrote about Le Galion Vetyver.


So what is your take on Pedestal Boxes? Love or Loathe?
Portia xx

  • Georgie J says:

    The worst could quite possibly be the JPG tin cans, I have all sorts of trouble getting them apart, and when they do, suddenly, who knows where the perfume bottle will end up.

  • ElizaC says:

    I like the look but not how they function. I store my perfumes in an old wooden file cabinet and the Chanel pedestal boxes sit in there perfectly – I can just pull the top of the box off. I do have a lurking dread of forgetting and ending up with an entire broken bottle of Coromandel on my wooden living room floor! Bad enough when I spilled Nuit de Noel parfum on my wood office desk!

  • Alityke says:

    I don’t mind them, although my scents in pedestal bottles are all squat.
    The one I do have to be mindful of though is my Cuir de Lancôme. It’s one of wobbly top batch so I do take when I reach for it.

    Must admit I was a bit sad that my latest bottle of Lyric Woman came in a normal box

    • Musette says:

      That Cuir de Lancome top drives me batty!


      • Wild Gardener says:

        Yeah, just touch the box and the top comes off, and then its an absolute nightmare trying to fit it back over that pointy cap.

    • Portia says:

      Hey Alityke
      Those bloody Cuir de Lancôme bottles!!
      It made a difference when you opened the new package? That’s so interesting
      Portia x

      • Ingrid Neubarth says:

        Hi Portia, when you push that silver ring inside the cap all the way in, the cap then sits snug and firm on the spray head. Hope that helps.

        • Alityke says:

          Hi Portia
          Those bottles were all faulty, the whole run! A bit like a movie that goes “straight to TV” or to video as was, they went “straight to the grey market”. Imagine 1000’s of faulty bottles of a premium line fragrance going straight to discounters cos no one in QA noticed the design fault. Lancôme must have taken a financial hit from that.
          Still we who had fallen down the rabbit hole back then got a treat!

          Did your cap stay snug? Mine fell apart again whenever I used it. So annoying!

  • Dina C. says:

    Pedestal boxes are fancy packaging taken too far! And what a disaster! So sorry about the broken bottle and lost juice. What a pity.

  • Tara C says:

    They’re pretty but useless and unstable. Fortunately I don’t keep my boxes or store in them so not a big worry. So sorry about the loss of your bottle!

    • Portia says:

      Yeah, it would quarter the space my frags take up if I got rid of the boxes TaraC. I just can’t bring myself to do it though
      Portia x

  • Maya says:

    Not a fan of pedestal boxes either. I’ve had some near misses with them. I do like pretty packaging but it’s not necessary.

    • Portia says:

      Hi Maya,
      There’s loads of pretty packaging that’s safe as well as beautiful. Them I can get on board with.
      Portia x

  • March says:

    YIKES. I did this with an Amouage, but fortunately it was on a carpet and everything bounced rather than broke. Didn’t make that mistake again! Hopefully you’ll be able to use that room in another year or so…

  • AnnieA says:

    Noooo! NOT a Le Galion! Pedestal boxes are pretentious claptrap.

  • MMKinPA says:

    I haven’t had any disasters, but I don’t like pedestal boxes. Just seems over the top and wasteful. Then again, My perfumes are stored in a dark closet and I’m not an influencer doing unboxing videos, I’m just someone who likes to smell good.

  • cinnamon says:

    I didn’t even know these had a name. But seriously I prefer fairly plain presentation. I don’t get the need for frou frou and it actually makes me wonder a bit what a house is trying to distract from (but having said that I love Tauer and NVC bottles and they certainly aren’t ‘plain’). Maybe I’m just a cynic. I do recall the fancy MDCI caps with heads on them. And somewhere there’s a fragrance with a cap showing a stag with antlers. That’s sort of cool.

  • Tom says:

    Don’t like them. Actually I don’t like any too twee packaging. Just put the money in the juice, thanks.