Busy, Busy, Busy

How time flies when you’re having…

Well it’s been a busy week or two here. Loads of personal interaction where normally I get at least some time to sit in the office, stare at walls, and sniff myself. Unfortunately I am supposed to be in a perfume-free space. It actually was mentioned in my interview, which I wondered about: I was not really wearing anything other than antiperspirant and whatever scent is in Erno Laszlo Firmarine SPF 30, but it was said. So I could not bathe myself in Emeraude new and vintage and give it the road test that I would have liked. I hope things will have calmed down somewhat soon and I will be back to testing things in my solitude.

I am actually writing this the day after Halloween. I don’t know about your area, but this one goes pretty wacky for it. The famous Beverly Hills Witches House sees over 5000 trick or treaters, who enjoy and are enjoyed by the man who bought (and saved) the place: a local realtor who was responsible for the listing. Originally a film set in Culver City, then a film office, it was moved to it’s present lot firmly in 90210 decades ago. By the time it was listed for sale, it was a bit run down and all the people the he showed it to were interested only in tearing it down. Being a local boy who had his own memories of trick-or-treating at the house, he would not let that happen. He bought it, and over the years turned it into a fairy-tail showplace that attracts thousands of tourists every year. I’ve been inside several times and it’s just as fantastic inside as it is out.

Halloween in West Hollywood was for years a street festival. Starting in the 80’s as just an impromptu gathering of les garcons it grew and grew until it became an event that closed down Santa Monica Boulevard from La Cienega to the Beverly Hills border and attracted half a million people. I used to go years ago when it was smaller- frankly I found it to be waaaaayyy to big for my comfort, and was (I know, horrible of me) kind of glad that Covid put the kibosh on it. Apparently the City of West Hollywood was too: although the crisis is over enough that the bars and clubs were having holiday do’s, the City decided to forego the trouble and expense ($5 million backs for the last one) and skip it. I can’t say that I am jonesing for it’s return.

Halloween’s return also reminded me of the single rudest thing that had ever happened to me (I know! Your thinking, really? Single rudest?) This was years ago- before he millennium I believe. I had given up on going to the WeHo ‘do for various reasons- one of which was that I had a normal job to go to the next day so I was passing on it. A friend of mine however was going, and was going to a party before hand. The party was in Beverly Hills and he said that it was going to be he party of the decade: A-Gay All the Way, and if you weren’t going you should just pack it in and move to Ohio in shame, because you were done socially West of Halstead, if not Christopher Street. Well, maybe not that bad, but he did lay it on think. He did not, however, ask me if I’d like to go, even though he was inviting other people. Okay. I frankly wasn’t that hepped up about it and was fine settling in with movies and a glass of wine or two (back then I imbibed. And smoked.) Halloween night comes and I am in my jammies watching “The Fog” or something and a knock at my door is heard. I am pretty sure it’s not revenant leprous sailors looking for revenge and/or gold so I answer the door to find my friend and his friend. He told me that he found parking in front of my house and had to use the bathroom badly- he couldn’t make it to the party. In the next block.

I let him in and his friend had the good grace to look as if she would like the floor to open and swallow her up. I stood there, doubtless gape-mouthed as he came out of the bathroom, wished me a cheery buh-bye and went on his way. To the party of the century. A block away. Were I me now rather than me then I would have told him to go pi$$ in the alley then call the fuzz and turn him in for exposing himself. But I was then younger, kinder, and behind a glass or two of Pinot Grigio.

I let him live because I found out that A) the party was a total bust- nobody came and 2) the party was partly because the hosts were being evicted from their apartment since the building was going to be torn down for condos.

My “friend” moved to Ohio shortly after and I have never heard from him again.

So what was you’re Halloween like? Trick or treaters? Treats? Tricks? Let us know in the comments.

Photos: interwebs and Pexels.

  • Portia says:

    Jin was very excited about Halloween this year Tom and bought a HUGE bag of Chupa Chips to give the kids. Then we decided to go out.
    I threw the bag to a group of kids who nearly fainted with excitement. We sped off into the sunset.

    That friend. BLEAURGH.
    Portia xx

  • Dina C. says:

    We had several trick or treaters in spite of the pouring rain. Families with kids. Kid groups, teens. I’m that nice lady that gives out full-size candy bars. It’s worth it hear the joyful responses, “Mom! Look what I got!!!” So adorable.

  • Maggiecat says:

    Lots of trick or treaters in my exurban development – we ran out of candy (I may have sampled a few pieces). I wasn’t as sorry as I should have been – it meant we could go inside and watch Jeopardy and Monday Night Football. But the kids were cute and sweet, and we met some new neighbors.
    I wore Lush’s Shade for the occasion.

    • Tom says:

      We never get them, but I get why. The blocks above us are the houses and why bother with apartments, especially since you have to be buzzed into most of them.

      Where I grew up of course it was totally different..

  • March says:

    What a jack@ss.

    I grew up in a ‘burb in the 70s with plenty of kids and not a lot to do, and trick or treating is one of my fondest memories. Before I moved here we lived in a neighborhood that for various reasons got a TON of kids trick or treating on Halloween, which I very much enjoyed, knowing those days were (probably) numbered. We went all out on the jack o lanterns, giant spider and web, tombstones, etc. It’s very quiet here and I’m the casita in back, so: none for me, which I am okay with. The local (excellent!) classical music station played spooky classics all evening like Night on Bald Mountain, etc., it was delightful, honestly.

    • Tom says:

      You know I had the same upbringing so yeah, we had the same deal (it was one of the few times the front door was used- everyone usually came to the side entry) My ex-coworker lives with her husband in a super-cute neighborhood out by County Hospital and they have the whole experience- both parents and kids dress up and the whole neighborhood decorates. It’s cute.

      I wonder if anyone gets their house toilet papered these days? If they did mine I would collect it, roll it up, and sell it..

  • cinnamon says:

    Your ‘friend’ deserves Ohio. I really do miss the souped up Halloweens in the US. It poured rain on Halloween eve here so the T or T’ers who wouldn’t come to my ends really didn’t come. I ate the Halloween cookies my son made and marvelled at the things I enjoy about the day and thought about the fun I had in past years at parties, on parades, and ToTing. My pumpkin is most likely to become roast veg with spices this weekend to be teamed with something else nice.

    • Tom says:

      Well, it’s debatable if he deserves Ohio, it’s nice there. Not sure that Ohio deserves him..

      Hallowe’en in WeHo went on apace- just without 500k extra people and all the expense and bother that goes with it. Frankly I am kind of glad it’s gone back to it’s roots.

  • alityke says:

    Your “friend” was an A-Grade All The Way arsehole! Got his just rewards via karma.
    In rural bits of the UK Halloween isn’t much of a thing. Where we live if you have any decorations up, then it’s a sign it’s ok to trick or treat, if not you’re left alone. When my boys were small they did get dressed up & we would have a friends two boys as well & I’d take them round but we were back for dinner. But that has only been a thing for the last 25-30 years.
    Mentioning karma, perfect autumn scent. Time to get a soap out from my stash.

    • Tom says:

      Yes, he was. I assume still is.

      When I was a kid we did trick or treating in our little-ish New England town. But usually it was still home by (late) dinner. Nowadays I assume that people are done before sunset.

      I watched the original Halloween. So weird that the street the babysitters houses are in at the climax on are right smack in West Hollywood just a few houses north of Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood magic!

  • Musette says:

    Holy cats & crackers!
    But… really..
    Ya gotta (at least a little bit) admire the supreme gall of your sh!tstain of a former friend. That level of cojonery is Epic. Made even funnier by the party being a bust. And him moving to OH (not a bad state – both my parents are from OH – but from CA to OH is… challenging (I moved from CA to IL, so I know whereof I speak. No Santa Monica Farms Jr, no Roscoe’s (Roscoooooe’s!)… Winter. (ick)