I got stuff (but it ain’t perfume)


It’s been a minute since I have been posting here – but I haz EXCUSES!

  1. my skin – it’s been a slog… but MY SKIN IS NEARLY BACK TO NORMAL!  The allergist (female) said, after a lengthy meeting, ‘well – I can’t do everything at once.  So.  I can work on the allergy.  Or your sinus issues.  Or your skin.  I gave her SUCH a Look.  ‘okay!  Skin it is!’  My sister thought I should begin with the allergies.  My sister is a fiend.
  2. However, in that Allergist Way she has pulled all scented products out of my rotation (she tried to get me to not wear eyeliner or mascara… lol!  Honey, I don’t get out of bed without those two.  Ditto lipliner.  Gal’s got to draw the line somewhere.  So…. it’ll be awhile before I can review anything perfumey – but y’all know I kinda suck at perfume reviews anyway, so feel free to heave a huge sigh of relief.
  3. What is it with Vanicream?  Does every skin doctor have stock in that stuff?  Admittedly the ‘stuff’ works – I’m applying it after I put on the rash creams and omg… my skin feels AH-MAYYYY-zing!

But y’all know it’s… petroleum-based.  Huh.  No Shea Butter (for now) …but petroleum is okay.  Okay!  Just get my skin sorted, stat!

The scilla in all its Spring glory

We’ve been blessed with a cool Spring. It’s great for the Spring bulbs and ephemerals which cannot survive high 80s… in March, for snakes’ sakes.  So these 40-60F days are perfect.  I’m a particular fan of Scilla (aka Siberian Squill) and Pushkinia, which are slow to increase but omg! when they do?  ShaZAYum!  I took a walk (in the blustery bluster) to the Scilla patch – it’s about a block away, tucked under some trees between two old, ill-kept houses and Glory Hallelujah! for large, old, ill-kept houses!  Had this been a reno (for anyone but me) or a teardown, they probably would’ve ripped it out. Instead, this cool Spring brough a wave of sky blue beauty about 25’x 50’… and it is enchanting.  The cool Spring also keeps it blue – warmer weather tends to trend towards violet which is lovely.  But it’s not sky blue.  So yet another YAY! for a Cool Spring.  My daffodils are showing up – and showing OUT!  This is an amazing year for them – dunno if you remember last Autumn’s YUUUGE! bag of white varieties, which I had to find space for among my already jam-packed Spring borders.  Well..l I did (of course I did – and it’ll be a miracle if I don’t do that again.  sigh)… and they are slowly-but-surely making their debut.  Some of them are intensely fragrant – and hey!  Nothing I can do about that.  Gal’s got to cut a daff here and there, to stank up the house!


And… WINNERS! from the ‘Lowered Expectations’ post:  Kathleen and Dina C!

Gmail your evilauntieanitaAT and I’ll get some goodies out to you!


  • Portia says:

    Cheering you and your skin on from over here Musette. Keep going.
    LOVE daffodils. The mail order places have them all on sale already and your post is pushing me towards a small buy. I’ve started getting the apartment blocks garden into some sort of order, very little steps.
    We had to cut down some enormous Casuarinas and I’ve replanted the west facing side of the property with tree wattles, Lilipillis and lime green Bottlebrushes. All are native and endemic to the Cumberland Plain, where we live. We are hoping they will be offering shade in the next 5 years and the flowers will attract all the native fauna. I’m also doing a succulent area on the north, it’s looking very nice already.
    Portia xx

  • Dina C. says:

    Thanks for making me feel like a winner Musette! I’m glad your skin is healing up. Sad that your scented beauties have to be shelved for the moment. Sigh. But those gorgeous blue flowers! I’m always impressed by gardeners who know the proper taxonomic names for plants since I certainly don’t. We’re having a cool, damp spring here, too. It’s nice since you know summer will be hot and humid.

    • Musette says:

      You ARE a winner! And gardening is mah JAYum, so I usually learn/know the taxonomy of the plants I work with. I’d considered going for my Master Gardener cert but… sigh… I’d rather just work in the garden.


  • Kathleen says:

    I enjoy your perfume reviews Musette! I share similar perfume loves and I appreciate your reviews. Whatever your choose to write about is interesting and entertaining, I love your style!
    Ugh, allergies. I am allergic to grass (hives when I sit in it) and various trees and weeds. I start nasal spray allergy medicine soon for the spring/early summer season.

    • Musette says:

      I’m glad you enjoy them, Kathleen – sometimes I feel so… uninspiring.. compared to other reviewers.

      I live in allergy sprays – but I think it’s as much habit as anything.

  • alityke says:

    I thoroughly enjoy your irreverent take on perfume reviews & will miss them but anticipate your skin & seasonal updates too.
    I’m guessing that cream provides a barrier to keep the good skin stuff in where it’s needed & it’ll be full of great emollients.
    What are the allergies to? Do you know or did they start after your skin episode? I have so many nosy Parker questions!

    • Musette says:

      Not a Nosy Parker at all! We starting with clearing up my skin so I don’t set this entire town on fire. Then I want her to refer me to an ENT because I think this is sinus related (mostly my left sinus) and since I live in this body (and that sinus) I should have some say in it.

      Then we’ll take a look at doing a patch test – this was a first, the blisters, and I think it was the confluence of red light and retinol (I know, dumb). And it triggered the usually-seasonal (harvest) allergic reaction.

      But we shall see…

      • alityke says:

        I can’t “like” that you are having these issues.
        I’m a bloody allergy queen, constant post nasal drip from just general allergy to life. Rashes from almost any sap, allergy to gold & everything in costume jewelry, tree pollen. I have high levels of whatever the blood test taken to measure MAST cells is all the time & idiopathic inflammatory diseases. Hope you haven’t become sensitised

  • cinnamon says:

    Good the skin is improving — but what does the allergy relate to? I’m confused. We on the downside of daffodils and moving into tulips. I’m with Tom, I enjoy your perfume posts — please continue.

    • Musette says:

      We don’t yet know what the allergy relates to – well, we sort of do (see my reply to alityke above) – but it’s not clear if that’s the actual cause…

      so we’ll see, going forward.

  • Tom says:

    You DO NOT suck at perfume reviews. You aren’t stopping them. Don’t even try.