Red Tobacco by Mancera

Hi Posse, Red Tobacco is from the French brand Mancera. This crew has had a lot of success with the frag bros so many other perfumistas ignore it. I definitely thin k that’s a mistake, there are some gems hidden… Continue Reading

The Aoud by Mancera

Hi there Posse! Today I’m going to go with a fragrance gifted to me by one of my besties, Alice, way back in 2012 or 2013. She had been home to England and gone to Selfridge & Co to search… Continue Reading

Wave Musk by Mancera 2011

Hiya Posse Peeps, A few years ago one of my besties was in London and happened to be trawling the Selfridge & Co beauty and fragrance floor looking for inspiration and just loving being back home in the UK for… Continue Reading