Tea Drinking and Perfuming

Hey Posse, People know that Jin and I love tea. This Christmas we were inundated, happily. Some people even hit the jackpot and got us our favourites. My preferred tea rituals since spending a lot of time in India in… Continue Reading

Hemingway by Masque Milano

Hi there Posse. Way back I tried Hemingway by Masque Milano, it’s actually (homage to) Hemingway but I’ve always called it by the writer’s name only. SOZ Masque crew. Back then I wrote this: OK, if you LOVE vetiver or don’t… Continue Reading

Luci ed Ombre by Masque Milano

Luci ed Ombre by Masque Milano Parfumo

Hey Posse! Luci ed Ombre was one of Masque Milano’s three original fragrances in 2012. It wasn’t until they released Tango and Russian Tea in 2014 that I even started hearing about them and the original scents seemed to be mostly… Continue Reading