Cold Spring – Anita

You’d think I’d know how to handle this by now – I’ve lived in the Midwest for the bulk of my life and we have these absurd blizzard-to-tropics events every Winter.   Two weeks ago it was Apocalypse,  4 feet of snow with -4F.  Yesterday it was 65F with a warm, wet wind.    Now it’s that bitey cold, dirty Spring…the ice is still at the turn of the shallow part of the river (a more poetic take on it here)  but I can smell wet dirt in the fields…nothing’s dumb enough to try to grow just yet ..but you can tell it will happen soon.  Or not.  Maybe it’s that quick-tease of spring to come….there’s nothing like a wet wind to give one hope……but then the weather drops 25 degrees in 12 hrs…the onset of Spring actually creates more anxiety for me than the onset of Winter, a restless uneasiness caused, perhaps, by the fear that the world (my world, at any rate) could slip back into darkness.  That those clouds, skidding in on that warm, wet wind, could be bearing yet another blizzard.  Perfume choices are tough right now.  It seems faithless to cling to the heavier scents when Nature is maybe trying to cut me a break, yet the really light scents just can’t handle the mercurial temps.   The solution seems to be  GREEN – but not the sunny, warm, greenery-yallery greens of later spring.  No, this weather is calling for  the resinous, balsamic,  sharp and intense green of Galbanum, with its aura of wistfulness and melancholy.

There’s something rather romantic about Galbanum.  I always think of rainy, windswept moors and stolen kisses on the heath (never mind that I wouldn’t be caught dead on a rainy moor and I suspect heaths in February require boots  – sooo over that!)..Galbanum scents are the scents of promise, the idea of  a new adventure, with a slight tug of Things Left Undone.  Until I did a bit of research I didn’t even know that the scents I reach for at this time of year were so galbanum-centric (because I don’t pay attention to notes).  What I don’t do, though, is actually wear these scents.  Not yet.  They can be thin and precarious in the treacherous, shifting temps and the few times I’ve tried it I’ve gotten all itchy and chilly, like when you forget that cotton sweater and need just One More Layer between you and your jacket.  I’m in luck with my galbanum collection – most of them are pretty inexpensive which means I can enjoy them in the safety of my home.  I have been  going all Heathcliff and Cathy, scenting my sheets with Balmain de Balmain and playing water sprite with Jacomo Silences and the shower curtain.  I am skirting the edge of profanity here – according to this site, this sheet-spraying spree puts me in danger of being cut off from my father’s kin.  Hmmm….if I spray the dogs. …..nah!   I’m not louche enough to waste vintage Miss Dior or Chamade that way – I’ll be ready to spray those on skin in about 3 weeks.  February is…well it’s FEBRUARY!  That means it’s psychically cold, even if it’s 65F for a day.   I save No. 19 for August.

What’s going on with the  rest of you?  Are you ready to transition from one season to another? We’re now back to frozen sleet.    I’m so ready for Spring  – mud, fog and all!

photo:  Foggy Island – Denise Bratschun


  1. After sublime weather that had me pulling out one of my favorite spring-time effervescent fragrances, No. 18 (you with the No. 19, me with the No. 18) this week, I’m now drowning in Carnal Flower as the snow piles up.

    I’ve truly been asking myself the same questions all week long, Anita–and staring at my perfume wardrobe in an attempt to figure out *what is missing*. So much can and does work because they always work: Mona di Orio Nuit Noire and Carnation, No. 5 body cream and powder, Serge Lutens Serge Noire. But something that captures that in-between rawness of the weather before I can safely pull out La Pausa…. That’s got me stuck. L’Artisan Fleur de Narcisse almost does it. So does Parfum de Therese. But frankly, I was a strong orange right now, grounded in woodiness. Cologne de Brigade–or whatever it’s called–by FM is calling my name.

    • I so feel your pain on the snow – I thought about you as I watched that storm racing across the Upper Midwest. :((

      Have you tried Bigarade yet? If not, I would wait. I love it – but it’s not very strong ‘orange’. For a stronger take on that try Acqua di Parma Arancia or even that Atelier stuff (Orange Sanguine – but I think I have the house wrong)…I would also recommend Agraria Bitter Orange but I don’t know if it’s back in production yet.

      Stay warm and think sunny thoughts!

      xo >-)

  2. Vintage Vent Vert is my biggest galbanum love, and the one I turn to when Spring is reminding me that the darkest hour is just before dawn, or else when the weather suddenly goes up to 70 after 4 days of icy cold rain, hail and roaring wind.

    I work in a small office with non-perfume wearing women who are-well, not dumb-but they don’t “get a lot of stuff. Like one young femal M.D. had NO IDEA what “hair of the dog that bit you” meant. Scary. Anyway, I try to keep a low perfume profile at the office even though there are no scent free edicts there. Chanel Cristalle, Apres L’Ondee, Piment Brule, Safrant Troublant, Tam Dao-those sorts of things, very lightly applied.

    As a result of wearing quiet (for me) scents during the day and because the nights have been so cold here for the past few weeks (2 cat/2 quilt nights, though I could use 4 of each plus the flannel sheets and comforter) at night when I get home I go wild. Vintage Shocking, Boudoir, Montale Patchouli Leaves, vintage Chanel 22 (enough aldehydes to poke your adenoids out), aged patchouli oil, SSS Incense Pure, Norma Kamali Incense and more than one spritz of it, the CdG Incenses, Lonestar-all the heavy hitters. As a result, my sheets and night wear smell utterly, fascinatingly good and exotic and I get my fix.

    I also have 5 sock drawers in my armoire full of Indian, Tibetan, Mermade Magical Arts hand crafted and Japanese incenses, a hefty supply of pinon incense along with several jars of resins and charcoal on which to burn them, as well as an electric incense warmer.

    Northern California does have “seasons” but I find that with my yard being always green and often flowering 12 months a year, I have to create my own seasons with scent.

    • “Enough aldehydes to poke your adenoids out”! Love the description (if not No. 22). ‘Course, it could be because I already had my adenoids out, when I was six…

      • I love aldehydes in general, but not 22. Seems to be a texture issue – it feels like grains of sugar crunching in my teeth.

        • I think 22 is a love or hate. I love every second of it but the incense dry down that lingers into the next day is what makes me crave it.

          Love your texture description.

          • I get more powder and sugar than incense but you know…..:-? that I think on it a bit further…it’s the incense that does the opposite for me, (Ms) Christian. I struggle with incense, alas.

            xo >-)

            • I am sorry to hear that. Because 22 is dear to my heart, I naturally wish everyone could wear it.

              It’s to the point now (esp. with all my “real” incense) that incense in perfumes bores me witless, but the 22 is always fresh and exciting for me.

              • I love the current 22 – it’s the vintage I have a difficult time with – the edp is almost TOO lush for me, which is sayin’ something!

                xo >-)

  3. I am soooo ready for Spring. We too had the fake one day of Spring followed by two consecutive winter storms – Arghhh! I`m looking forward to Spring scents. I`ve been alternating between OJ Champaca and my new purchase, 7 Virtues Rose of Afghanistan (thanks Nava!).

    I`m eager to try some new Spring scents.

    BTW – full disclosure – I too have been known to selfishly spritz the dog… and the kids… and the hubby…

    • I would spritz the dog in a nanosecond – but the other dog is allergic. Don’t want to have to clean up dog snot all day long b-(

      El O will let me spritz him on rare occasion …:-? vintage Miss Dior?

      xo >-)

  4. It seems we’ve been having the same weather here in south-eastern Canada as you Anita in the Midwest. I half expected to see flowers popping up out of the ground on Friday, a balmy sunny spring day. But as quickly as it came, it was just as quickly taken away. Last night, it was -21 degrees Celsius (-5F). Needless to say, I’ve been kind of confused about which perfume to put on in the morning. Nothing seems to fit the current weather. So far, I’ve enjoyed Delices de Cartier as it seems fairly versatile and a little reminiscent of the summer that is to come. :)

    • I just came in from Dog Duty – it’s 36F at 6:30am – an unusual occurrence in February. NOT complaining!!!….but it is weird.

      I am thinking I will go with vintage Mitsouko today. It fits pretty much anything!

      Stay warm!

      xo >-)

  5. My answer to this weather and my boredom with winter scents has been to lean toward heavy but sweet (much like my diet!) Vanilla Tonka & Mecca Balsam have been ringing my bell. I had thought Havana Vanile was going to be just right too, but apparently it’s so attached in my mind to the time I bought it, that it just says “summer” to me.

    • I tried, all winter long, to keep the carbs and sugar to a minimum – to no avail. Perhaps it’s just a physical response to the frigid temps and blizzard-y conditions? That’s my story, anyway…[-( Interesting, though, that the moment the snow melted and it rose above 20F my carb cravings reduced by 60% or so. 😕

      In fragrance, I have no such problems. Sweet is usually not on the menu!

      xo >-)

  6. Trying to figure out how I can work the galbanum so that I can remain in contact with my Daddy’s kin whilst still enjoying the protection of genies and gnomes.

    I live in the Land of Perpetual Summer, so I have no comments to make on winter weather, (which I love, by the way) but I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new purchase, 7 Virtues Rose of Afghanistan (thanks Nava!)

      • ps. I think you just need to not be profane with the incense. Then you and the djinn and gnomes can hang out with your Daddy’s kin any time you want (can you imagine someone overhearing this conversation ;))

        xo >-)

        • I think galbanum’s fine unless it’s already been put into the sacred incense and consecrated, or whatever…

  7. I am not sure I am “ready” for spring in terms of the amount of work I should have done, but warmer-or atleast, less slushy-weather is welcome. I agree wholeheartedly about fragrance indecision: I tired of the winter oriental/spicy standbys, but I feel like my “spring” bottle purchase (Violette in Love)isn’t quite right either. So I have been trying on samples, and when I am unsatisfied with them (such as the case right now with Dzongkha), I have been spraying Demeter’s Dirt on top which seems to be hitting my fragrance mood of the movement. Something about early-almost-spring/ the last dregs of winter calls for dirt/earth/wet/damp scents for me.

    • I agree. I would’ve riffed on Liz Zorn’s Violets and Rainwater but it’s such a go-to spring scent for me (one I talk about ALL the time, come this weather) that I figure you guys already know it by heart. In case not, it’s a lovely, fresh violet, with a nice whump of dirt and rain.

      xo >-)

      • I have read your raves about it and it has definitely inspired a massive lemming! I MUST SMELL THAT THING! I must get ahold of it! Unfortunately, I am not sure how to because it is not on the only site I am familiar with (luckyscent).

        After that dirt rant, however, damned it I didn’t do the complete opposite today. I woke up and wondered what I would face the trek to the bus in -10 in, and decided “cold armour” aka. Bas de Soie aka. cold/metallic aka. pretty far from dirt, would suffice. Do I ever love this stuff!

            • This definitely still qualifies as “too early to be thinking straight.” Thank you!

              • ;))

                Don’t worry about corrections – we all ‘get’ it.

                It’s Monday! It’s foggy and rainy (here, anyway)! Go have a cup of ~o)

                Tiara, thanks for linking Meg.

                Meg, whilst on there, check out her Cordovan Rose. KILLLLLLAH!

                xo >-)

  8. I’m not ready for Spring yet! We don’t usually have much of a winter here in Tennessee (at least by my Pa.-born standards), and Spring brings with it the yardwork. We have alot of hybrid tearoses which are high-maintenance, and though I previously enjoyed taking care of them, with last year’s extreme heat and humidity (it has been a year of extremes, hasn’t it?) I really neglected them. Have to decide if I want to deal with them this year, or get them replaced by knock-outs. Knock-outs. The equivalent of standard department store perfume, I suppose: pretty from a distance, but no gorgeous smells, not the same deep beauty. Anyways, I’m not ready to do yardwork yet; I’d rather snuggle in the house and I’ll be happy if I just get a few kids’ closets cleaned.

    As for perfume, after an uncharacteristic season of craving something strong like patchouli, my pendulum my pendulum seems to have completely swung the other way–maybe V-Day did it–and I’ve been wearing powdery, ultra-feminine things like Talco Delicato, Alessandro, Fifi Chachnil, samples from TPC with fun little names like “Keep It Fluffy”, “Angel Face” and “PoopooPidoo”. Oh, and I did buy (blind–very bad I know) a bottle of Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Model 2. It’s powdery as well. “Iris and Marshmallow” says it all, but then I haven’t been in exactly an intellectual mood lately as you can see!

    Your mention of galbanum and green scents made me think Angelique Noire might be good today–bitter green but with that warm and gorgeous Guerlain vanillic drydown.

    Thanks so much for a great review and Happy President’s Day! :-)

    • Sherri,

      Have you checked into Griffith Buck’s roses? I used to get them from a place called Roses of Yesterday and Today (don’t know if they’re still in biz) but they’re more readily available now, across the country (he was an Indiana rose-grower, iirc, who focused on hardy, mostly-scented roses for our general neck of the woods) I use Knockouts for those wack spaced where nothing else will grow but I don’t rely on them for any scent or even that much visual interest. Like you said, pretty from a distance.

      Your scent choices crack me up! In a good way. 😉

      xo >-)

      • Thanks, I am going to do a search for the Griffith’s Buck now! :-)

      • Dr. Buck’s roses are great…and I have good luck with *some* Austins in my Zone 5 climate, too. I’d also recommend a good old fashioned apothecary…I rescued one from a bus stop (!!–the owner of the house nearby was an avid gardener, but when she sold, the new owner was all about “no maintenance,” which meant grass, which cracked me up because that required weekly attention, but I digress…)…anyway, I rescued one from a bus stop, transplanted it to my yard, gave away cuttings, and then had the favor returned from the same “parent” when I moved to the current house. Pretty resilient. AND smells fabulous. Just one flush of bloom, though…maybe mix in some old fashioneds with a display of Knock Outs, and get long flush of color PLUS lovely smell?

        • But now I realize I totally slanted that toward my (cold winter, unpredictable snow cover) needs and not the challenges of high heat/humidity. Somebody else here will probably have something to offer….

          • Hey, hon! Happy Prez Day!

            Actually Buck was from Iowa (I said IN – but I wuz wa-ronnng! 😮 But HOUSTON, of all places, is a big Buck Roses area – I figure if they work in Houston (and in our absurd summer humidity) they orta do just fine in TN, what say you?

            xo >-)

    • Seconding all the other great advice, and also want to suggest you look for roses on their own roots…

      • Appropo of nothing, “Sutter’s Gold” is a beautiful yellow-pinkish tearose that reeks of rose and citrus. Here in Phx area it flowers in the winter, spring and summer. Hard to find, I moved mine with me years ago and it is now over 30 years old. Best rose smell ever.

  9. Spring is starting to flirt here in the UK, with a few days of weather that literally smelled like spring was in the air as if someone had baked it and put it on the windowsill to cool. My daughters ran and played outside with no hats and just a warm fleece and had glorious sun shining through their curls and I thought ‘yes, it is coming’ and took a deep, grateful breath – and then ran inside and spritzed some Chamade. Chamade is the perfect transitional scent because you get the nice green hit of galbanum when you first spray and as the day wears and the sun almost inevitably gets lost behind a cloud and the temperature drops, you get the lovely warm Guerlain drydown. Perfect.
    And on days like today,rainy, raw and rubbish I wear Black March because

    • Whoops hit ‘post comment’ by mistake!
      It fits my sort of funky, ‘let’s get on the with it mood’ and I can see the grave thing but it translates in my mind to the death of winter and the birth of spring. Can’t have one without the other!

      For the truly springy days with more than a touch of heat I like Hove Parfums Creole Days – New Orleans in spring! Not the drunken college kid part, either! :d Their Verveine, whilst not very good on longevity, is lovely as well. Or I like the Diptyque L’Eau de ‘Neroli .

  10. I had a sleepover at my brother and sister in law’s Saturday night and yesterday morning my darling nephew (nearly five) asked, in a hopeful but not overly optimistic manner, “Is winter over yet?”. When I’d turned up on Saturday he had dragged me round the house making me smell all the hyacinths, bless him. Galbunam is such a great Spring smell and I second Chamade because of the warm dry down. I’m looking forward to giving the Martin Margiela “Untitled” decant I got in a swap a good workout soon. It could be my next full bottle purchase. It has a lovely incensey drydown. Only 7 more days of February to go…..

    • 😡 your nephew!!!

      What is it about ‘February’? It always sounds so ….final. Somehow, there isn’t that same psychotic terror attached to a March blizzard….:-? least not for me. Perhaps because I know that no matter how dire it seems, April really does follow, etc etc…

      xo >-)

  11. I made a spontaneous switch to Hadrien about two weeks ago. I began to crave it’s not-so-typical citrus, but only when I leave the house. It’s my permission slip to wear soft flower scarves and pretty layers of pastel patterns.

    • It’ll be awhile before I can even contemplate pastel anything – we’re expecting sleet and snow later today. Hadrien is cowering in the corner of the Citrus Drawer, trying to pull the flannel sheets up over its poor head. :-s

      xo >-)

  12. It’s been 70 degrees or more for several days here, and I’ve also been having difficulties choosing a scent. Don’t want to rush into the Spring scents, cause I know it’ll get cold again. This is just a tease. But it does call for something lighter. Your post brings it home. It must be the galbanum. I have trouble identifying notes, too. So I’ve pulled out Silences and YSL Y. Chamade is a favorite, but I haven’t sprayed that in awhile. Jolie Madame gives me a lighter feeling too.

    • I love JM, but it does the exact opposite. I always feel like I should be in a bespoke tweed suit and a really good strand of baroque pearls when I wear JM.

      xo >-)

  13. We had a glorious week last week, which often happens in February. We call them “false spring.” I’m glad to see spring but now have to deal with winter pudginess and The Yard and The Garden but never mind — memories of being icebound for 5 days shivering in my living room will stay with me for quite awhile. But I meant to wear more of my heavy perfumes and orientals — could be too late, but winter could also return. Yesterday I wore Safari, to celebrate the return of green things poking out of the ground.

    • I love that phrase ‘false spring’ – folks look at me funny when I use it – glad to know I’m not the only one!

      Being icebound for 5 days is traumatizing, indeed! We’ve had a couple of icy ‘stay in’ days – but 5 days straight? 😮

      xo >-)

  14. Ah, huge hugs to my fellow midwestern sister of scent one state over! My for real sis lives in the great state of Montana and their recent plunge back below 0 w/blowing snow……no thanks, please, no. I’ve been enjoying the recent thaw, and even more so, the blue skies & sunshine. Today it’s sleet, gray, ice, and the return of the s word. My recent scent acquisition is a bottle of Prada l’Eau Ambree that is perfect for this weather. I love the citrus of the top notes, it smells fresh and new, but then the amber sweetens into a cozy layer that’s just right, right now. I suspect I’m not done w/Patchouli Leaves quite yet, tho. Stay warm!

    • I was just yakking with someone who opined that it is a myth that people actually live (in winter) in places like Montana and North Dakota! 😕 ;))

      We are having your weather here – very depressing – but it beats 4′ of snow, don’tcha think? I wish I could get on the Amber Train…alas, no.

      Hang in there, doll! Summer is just around the corner!

      xo >-)

  15. It is Not Time yet. Not that time. Not yet. But I love the hints that come, and the potentially vicious tug of war between winter and spring that eventually results in the winter yielding. Sometimes gradually, somtimes abruptly…

    Galbanum and dirt. That’s what runs through my turn of the earth scents. Sometimes toss in a hint of flower, sometimes go heavy on the green, occasionally some leather, always some hay when the tug of war has clearly shown signs of spring prevailing, even if the match isn’t over. This year, I learned about hitting the dynamic GalDirt duo with a whomp of citrus (hello, Aliage). Generally, though, it is Silences that heralds the first creepings in (or in autumn, the last remnants out the door), and Bois Blond that shouts “I can see it!” or “It’s here!” With a few usual suspects filling out the transition ranks.

    Man, I love the word “louche.” :)

  16. “because I don’t pay attention to notes”…Thank you for that!

    I have to admit I don’t spend much time figuring out what all I’m smelling within each fragrance. I don’t have a great sense of smell to begin with.

    However, I enjoy the changes in a perfume as it works it way around but don’t worry about what it is I’m smelling. Kinda like a light switch. I don’t have to know how electricity works to appreciate the warm glow of the bulb when the switch is flipped.

    • Tiara,

      You come sit by me! I don’t have a great sense of smell, either. My septum looks like an Escher staircase. Which makes my perfume habit just weird…:-? But I do like to smell the stuff I can smell!

      xo >-)

      and fwiw, I still can’t fathom the whole electricity thing – especially when they ‘send’ it somewhere else.

      • I do not understand how the telephone works. I know the science behind it, still don’t get it, especially land lines.

  17. It’s a mild, humid 60-ish degrees here (central Ky.) too today, but the temp. is supposed to drop like a rock and snow tonight! I had the same perfume quandary that you had and came up with the same solution: I’m wearing vintage Vol de Nuit parfum with its lovely petitgrain/galbanum opening blast. Probably back to the comfort scents tomorrow!

    • Kids are bicyling past my window, clad in fleece hoodies (hood up) and shorts! /:) – well they are kids! It’s supposed to rain and snow in a little while. Hope the babes get their bicyclin’ butts home in time!

      Vol De Nuit is a great option for these wackadoo days!

      xo >-)

  18. It is freezing here today, and we even had a little bit of snow. I am staying warm by smelling some L’Heure Bleue (I know, I know, it is your nemesis!)
    In general, to bring the spirit of spring to my home, I also use green scents. I love to burn my Figuier candles (either L’Artisan, Diptyque or L’Occitane.)

    • weird that I love L’Origan so much, isn’t it? 😕

      fwiw, I quite like L’HB in edt. Just not in parfum.

      xo >-)

      stay warm!

  19. Last week got into the 70s here in the DC area, with the first snowdrops and crocuses blooming and daffodils just breaking through the recently frozen crust. At the same time, I saw an article on the top ten US snowstorms and noted that several major East Coast storms occurred in March. :o

    You’re right, Musette, it’s an odd time of the year when winter favs seem too heavy and spring scents too chilly or fleeting in the dry, chilly air. I think the lightest scent I enjoyed recently was L’AP Iris Pallida, and the coziest were the (to me) similar Mecca Balsam and SSS Tabac Aurea. I’m also feeling inclined toward other scents with both richness and lightness like L’AP Traversee du Bosphore, BK Pure Oud or Rose Oud and SL Daim Blond.

    • I keep running over to Iris 39, which has that softness that is somewhat comforting in this wet,chilly weather but gives a nod to Spring.

      I haven’t tried an Oud in this weather – I usually hold those for extreme heat. An attar….:-? Tribute, anyone?

      xo >-)

      • I’m to hyperosmic to the smoke in Tribute to enjoy it, but every now and then I MUST experience Homage Attar.

  20. Early-early spring has surprised us here in the VA mountains. We may still get snow in March, but the winter has turned. The air has that restless, expectant feeling and the ground smells wet and possible, although the grass is still dead.

    I am seeing buds on the dogwoods.

    It’s not yet time for the really lightweight stuff, but you’re absolutely right about the galbanum, Anita, it’s like a chilly breeze with the smell of dirt in it, perfect for this time of year. Just this past week I put away my heavier scents (Alahine, Tabac Aurea, Tocade, et al) and got out the ones I think of as transitional: Le Temps d’une Fete, Jolie Madame, No. 19, Chamade, Silences, and Crown Bouquet, as well as (original) Kenzo Parfum d’Ete and Diorissimo. I think, too, that vintage Lauren might be suitable.

    • Diorissimo is perfect for this time of year, I think. It heralds Spring’s near-arrival. Somehow I prefer it pre-Spring. Once the season actually gets here, Diorissimo starts to feel a bit weird..

      xo >-)

  21. I regard the warm February days of late with deep suspicion, assuming it’s a feint on the part of nature to make me put away my winter coat just before another Snowpocolypse…I’ve been alternating in a schizophrenic way between comfort scents (Vanille Exquise, Eau Duelle) and florals (anything with jasmine) now, not really happy with either extreme. NR’s Musc for Her Intense, with it’s combination of white florals and soft musk is almost ideal. Almost…

  22. I adore galbanum. However the warm weather fragrances are still in storage in the basement. More g-d snow tonight. Ack. Gaaaaal-baaaa-nuuuuummmmmmmm. Soon.

    • We have a freezing-cold, oily/greasy misty rain right now. Way more bonechilling than snow, which is always surprising to me but there ya have it. We took the boys for their after-din walk and everybody dashed in, teeth chattering….:(

      xo >-)

      • Now you need a good shot of Laphroaig to be sipped. It’ll warm ya!

  23. Oh, you’ve gotten the key to my heart with galbanum. You’re right. If I had enough, I would probably spray myself with 19, but I have just a bit of vintage edp and it’s too gorgeous to waste. I’ve been craving gardenia and lily of the valley too. I chose Lanvin’s Oxygene today and it fit the bill completely. Wet cold, biting, but with the promise of Spring to come. Oxygene had the deep notes following the sprightly top, kinda like O de Lancome.

    Spring is difficult to choose a fragrance for. White flowers don’t seem to fit, orientals and chypres seem to much and citrus is just cold and leaves you feeling wan.

    I’ll have to pull out my Ivoire.

  24. As the piles of snow here continue to stubbornly resist melting, I’ve been just as stubbornly wearing Mugler Cologne day after day as if it really were mid-July. Right now I just cannot fathom another day of my usual OpiumAngelCocoFahrenheitGucciHommeHypnoticPoison wintry-spicy-cozy scent rotation; I need fresh, and I need zing, and I need it NOW. Reading reviews of Diorella and Chanel 19, neither of which I’ve ever smelled, makes my heart skip and my wallet vibrate. I can usually take or leave Tommy Girl, but I sprayed some on my wrist the other day and practically wanted to bathe in it. I’ve also got a bottle of Hanae Mori HM (aka. Hanae Men) on ice for when March finally hits; its green, mossy-woody character seems utterly tailor-made for damp spring days.

    So…yeah, you could say I’m ready for Some Change.

    • You’ve got Spring Fever, baby! I’ll bet you would really love Diorella. It’s at Saks so if you’re near one, hop on in and try it!

      xo >-)

  25. Even though I’m late to the party, I just had to comment since Galbanum is my favorite! I loved reading about your take on the rightness of Galbanum for this time of year, and I agree. I also agree with all the posters who suggested some of my favorite scents like No. 19, Chamade, Silences, Vol de Nuit and Safari. Love ’em all. I’ve been wearing another, newer galbanum scent as well: PG Papyrus De Ciane. Also, for that green, earthy thing: Le Labo Iris 39. Today I’m sampling a new green one to me: Calamus. Has a sappy, milky quality that’s soft and tender. I’m really appreciating it.

    Our weather, like yours, has been doing the warm-cool-warm-cold tease. We’ve got all the coats out of the closet, because you can never tell which one you’ll need to wear from day to day. I hope we’re spared any more big snowstorms. Fingers crossed.

  26. I always love me some green ,any time of year. But this weather – with a big freeze coming due AGAIN tonight – is getting me into more of a flower mood. I want blossoms, blooms, voluptuous flowers of every kind, spilling everywhere, especially roses, can’t get enough. During the worst of the cold in January I was living in Rosine’s Rose Kashmirie and feeling as though I were indeed wrapped in the softest, scent cashmere pashmina imaginable. If it’s girly ,and floral, and sweet, I am all for it at the moment. And this is coming from someone who is usually all about the green chypres! Once spring is really here i am sure I will go back to my greens, but all I want right now is comfort, and fantasies. You know, same as always. :-)

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