Perfume house for three (by Ann)

Sorry, guys and gals, I had a longer post planned for today, but one crisis, and then
another (cracked oil pan in my car), prompted a slight change of plan.
So in the interest of brevity, here’s a fun fantasy post for Wednesday.
If you had to limit yourself to only one perfume house and could wear only three scents from that house, which would you choose?
I know there’ll be some Guerlain lovers weighing in, as well as fans of Chanel, Serge, etc.
As for me, it would be tough, but with price and availability (location-wise at least) no object, that made
it a little easier. I also took into consideration the weather/seasons to ensure that I had a great scent to
wear no matter what time of year it was.
All things considered, I think I’ll go with these three from Le Labo:
My beloved sunshine-bright Tubereuse 40 (I know you guys are sick of hearing about it); the yummy
warm vanilla incense of Vanille 44; and the elegant, calming simplicity of Gaiac 10.
Can’t wait to hear what your picks are!


  1. That’s kind of a hellish game. Haha. Sad.

    Le Labo is a good house; I could easily pick 3 from them and be pretty happy. However, I’ll go with Malle:
    – Noir Epices
    – Vetiver Extraordinaire
    – Dans tes Bras

    I was so tempted to choose Hermes.

    • Hi, Joe. Maybe I should have just said pick three houses that you could easily live with. Nice choices on the Malle, however.

  2. Ummm it’s just way to emotionally painful to even contemplate. I may actually be having an anxiety attack just thinking about it and I must go spritz and dab until I’m calm again.

    • No, no, Joanna. Do not get anxiety about this. As I mentioned to Joe above, maybe you could just pick three houses (much less stress).

      • I might have laid awake 1/2 the night thinking about this. I would probably have to choose L’Artisan with Safran Troublant, Traversee du Bosphore & Dzing being my 3 picks.

        • Yummy scents all, Joanna! Sleep tight and have lovely, fragrant dreams.

  3. Hmm..My first thought was SL with Tubereuse Criminelle and Un Lys and..
    but I think I’ll go with Frederic Malle : 1. Carnal Flower 2. Noir Epices 3. Iris Poudre/Une Rose

    • Hi Lavanya, me likey your Malle picks! Carnal Flower was a huge factor for me in favor of the Malles but couldn’t find enough love for two others there to sway the decision.

      • Yeah..I keep finding major love for two..might go with Therese instead of iris poudre even though I find it less wearable , but soooo interesting

        • Therese is sneaky….;)…one minute you’re all :-< ...the next, you can't get enough of her!!! xo >-)

    • Yep, I think I’ll go with Malle too: Carnal Flower, Iris Poudre, Noir Epices.

      Unless I’m broke. Then I pick Sonoma Scent Studio: Champagne de Bois, Tabac Aurea, and To Dream.

      Or Parfums de Nicolai: Le Temps d’une Fete, Juste une Reve, Odalisque.

      • Ooh, I second your Carnal Flower and Odalisque (like the others, but it’s not love). And remember, price doesn’t matter …

      • oh- how cool- same Malle !! I really need to try SSS champagne du bois (I’ve been craving bois des iles lately and from your review- this seems very similar!)

        • I do really think CdB and BdI share a lot. CdB is spicier and more robust, while BdI has that cool irisy Chanel thing instead, but both are fabulous.

        • Lavanya – if I had to pick one and only one perfume to take on a deserted island, it would be Champagne de Bois. Email me at rappleyea11 at yahoo dot com and I’ll be happy to send you a sample.

          • Rapp – I know for some crazy reason this past year my nose has changed or whatever you would say. After years of re-testing, I finally “get” Champagne de Bois. It is just so awesome and I can’t wait to dig into my bottle when the weather gets cooler. I totally understand why it would be your desert island choice.

            • That’s happened to me in the last year with a couple of scents that I formerly didn’t really like – mainly ones with a violet note – now I love them!

    • I could go with aftelier too (but I’d miss carnal flower too much)…tango, cepes and tuberose,shiso/fig

  4. Hmm Hermes would work if I could have 4711 &/or EA Green tea too.
    Ambre Narguile,24 Faubourg, mmm..nope.
    Attempt #2 (same caveat) Y,Opium,grrr I want at least 5 in a house!!(Nu edp, Baby Doll,Paris)
    I can’t.

    • Bold choice there. I liked the Kiki, the Rubj had a leetle too much cumin for me, and have yet to try the Onda.

  5. Lavanya and I seem to be related, but I’ll choose Chanel:
    no 5 vintage extract
    no 19 vintage extract
    no 18 (or 28 la pausa) tie

    • Oooh..I just won a bid for some Chanel no.5 vintage extract (sort of unsniffed)..but if you love it hopefully I will too (and hopefully the juice is still good) :-)

  6. Hard time deciding. It’s either:

    Miel de Bois
    Douce Amère

    Incense Rose
    Carrillon pour un ange
    Rêverie au Jardin
    (and L’Air du Désert, if I’m feeling rebellious and break the rule of three)

    • You couldn’t go wrong with any of those! Although I have yet to try the Miel as I’m a bit cautious of honey.

  7. If we’re limited to three from one house, I’d have to go with Malle, too: En Passant, Angeliques sou la Pluie, and Carnal Flower.

    • Hi Francesca, glad to see another Malle fan. As I mentioned earlier, Carnal Flower gave me much pause for thought.

  8. Definitely Guerlain, though not the classics:

    Cuir Beluga, Secrets de Sophie, and SDV

    (providing I can keep my Lady Primrose bath products of course)

    Annick Goutal, Parfums (Heure Exquise, Des Lys, Eau du Sud), MDCI (Coeur en Mai, E au S, and Belle Helene) and Parfums de Nicolai (Le Temps d’une Fete, Odalisque, Sacrebleu) all tie for second place.

    • Hi, Sherri! Love your SDV, Odalisque, Sacrebleu and La Belle Helene picks especially. Of course you get to keep your bath products.

    • I’m interested in hearing more about why Secrets de Sophie is on the top of your list, Sherri. Maybe I’m drawing a blank on it, but I don’t remember much about that Guerlain. Sacriledge to type!

      • No sacrilege at all, Kirsten! Secrets de Sophie is one of the high-end (like L’art et la Matiere, Charnel Elixirs, Parisiennes, etc.) newer Guerlains. It is a delicate white floral jasmine-orange blossom with just a touch of violet. Like MDCI’s Coeur en Mai, there is nothing earth-shattering or orignal about it as much as it is just simply pretty and easy to wear. It was very overpriced–I think $400 but I got mine on evilbay–and is probably not worth that much (maybe I should start saving now to replace…lol). Still, it is one of the few I reach for all the time, and definitely worth sampling if you are a Guerlainiac, though be warned there is no vanilla, no Guerlainade in this one.

  9. No.

    This scares me.

    I’m a Guerlain girl. Or am I a Tauer fan? No, I’m a DSH fangirl. But I also love Lutens! Chanel loves my skin. So does Hermes.

    I have a headache.

  10. Deep breath, Jen. Just remain calm, back away from the computer and pretend you never saw this post. Enjoy your many favorites — it’s all good!

  11. Very tough. I’ll pick 3 houses:

    Parfumerie Generale – because they’re unique and I enjoy the gourmand twist PG does so well.

    Hermes – because they have beautiful classics and because Eau Claire des Merveilles has been my go-to fragrance this summer.

    Parfums de Nicolai – because I like Patricia and because I could live with many of her fragrances.

    • Hi, Springpansy. I’d forgotten about PG, so thanks for the reminder. They do some great stuff.

  12. Goutal: Heure Exquise, Songes, Eau du Sud ( with sly trips to the fridge for Eau de Monsieur, Eau du Fier and Passion)


    Nicolaï: Sacrebleu, New York, Weekend à Deauville ( while I would occasionally have to wear Balle de Match, Balkis and Le Temps!)


    Malle: Le Parfum de Thérèse, Carnal Flower, Angéliques sous la Pluie ( and Eau d’Hiver and Noir Epices)


    Guerlain: Mitsouko, Shalimar and Eau de Guerlain!

    I’d much rather be able to use all of my collection. My Goutals and Nicolaïs get the most skin-time of them all.

    • I think you’ve got it pretty well covered. Enjoy your collection.

    • I love Heure Exquise. Goutal is hands down my overall favorite house.

      • I know from your comments on Nowsmellthis, that this is one of your absolute favourites. Unwittingly you prompted me to get my first bottle of Heure Exquise unsniffed 2 years ago. I now have a backup bottle. ( edp of course), so a very belated thank you!

  13. Guerlain for me, of course!

    Shalimar, L’Heure Bleue, and Mitsouko. But I sure would miss my YSL.

    • Hi, Pam — I knew it! You wear the Guerlain classics so well, you lucky girl! But no one’s looking, if you want to slip in your YSL, too. ;)

  14. Full-fledged Guerlainiac here. Mitsouko, L’Heure Bleue, and Shalimar.

    • Another Guerlain classics girl. Sigh. I am so envious, but glad you can love them so much and they love you back.

  15. Or Guerlain: Shalimar Light, Vega, and Terracotta Voile d’Ete.

    OR DSH: Oeillets Rouges, Rose Vert, and (the sadly discontinued) duplicate of Coty Chypre, or since that’s gone, Secrets of Egypt 1000 Lilies.

    You know what? I think I hate this game now. Pout.

    • Aw, c’mon now, Mals. I gave a cheat above — you can pick three houses if it’s too hard on you. That should turn that frown upside down (at least a little).

      • Well, you’re being nice! But I still hate this game. (Takes ball and goes home. I mean, takes perfume bottles and goes home. Stomping. Lip stuck out.)


        PS: I was totally confused as to why my regular avatar wasn’t showing up… looks like I said my email was yahoo when it’s really gmail. Oops. Fixed it now.

  16. Parfums de Nicolai Fig Tea and Sacrebleu are my go-to scents for summer and fall, respectively. But that third one is elusive for me.

    But, all scents and houses aside, if I could only pick ONE…(bad Highlander flashback there – why is it so sad when you see her walking over the hill and all of a sudden she’s old? So bittersweet.) Anyway, there can be only one Guerlain vintage Apres L’Ondee. (And Musette, I found 10ml of it in an old bottle! WOO-HOO!)

    • That was the saddest scene, wasn’t it? And the Apres L’Ondee is, hands-down, fabulous.

  17. This is a tough one! I’d have to go with Chanel: No. 5 Eau premiere, Eau de Cologne, and Bois des Iles. I can’t wait to try the new one, Jersey, since I love lavender – it might make the list but then I couldn’t decide what scent to leave off!

    • Hi, Maggiecat. Nice picks; I, too, am looking forward to the Jersey since I’m just now coming around to lavender.

  18. I’m definitely a Guerlie Girl, although lately I’ve been enjoying my Chanel Cuir de Russie and Roja Dove Unspoken alot. If you had a gun to my head and I *had* to pick just three, they would be:

    Philtre d’Amour (for summer), Attrape Coeur (for winter), and vintage Vol de Nuit extrait (for anytime!).

    • Ooh, yes, some lovelies on your list for sure. I want that Unspoken body cream …

        • I’ve seen it mentioned a little around the blogs but don’t see it on any of the sites for sale. Maybe you can only get it if you make the trip to Harrod’s. Let’s head across the Pond soon and get some!

  19. I love me some Parfums DelRae. I’d go with Bois de Paradis, Amoureuse and Debut.

    • Delrae is wonderful. I haven’t smelled Bois de Paradis yet, but own Emotionelle and Amoureuse, and would love to have bottles of Mythique and Début.

      • Amoureuse is the only DelRae that I’ve fallen for yet; it really does remind me of San Francisco. Need to try the Debut.

    • I was also going to say Parfums Delrae, with my 3rd choice being Mythique, not Debut. Glad to see another Delrae lover on here.

  20. Ok, if I had a champagne salary, it would be Chanel’s Sycomore, No.5, and maybe No.22.
    Since I’m on more of a soda salary it would have to be my new found obsession from ETSY
    called Wiggle Perfumes. This is a really well made line of SUPER comforting fragrances.
    My 3 (so far) would be Hither, BEE, and Theda. The one called BEE is the one I especially
    can’t stop sniffing. In my review for my first purchase, I described it as warm, salty, pollinated
    skin and I still think that fits. It’s a honey perfume but more. I think she uses a good dose of
    oakmoss in it. Total love!!!

    • Wiggle! What a fun name for a fragrance line, and they all sound great.

  21. Love this question! It would be Mona di Orio–and the three scents are Nuit Noire, Amber, and Cuir. The last two will be mine as soon as the temperatures in Oklahoma drop enough to safely ship the fragrances.

    Tuberose 40 is SO very beautiful.

    • Catherine, glad you, too, love the Le Labo. I have not tried many of the Monas but will definitely have to investigate. Can’t wait for cooler temps!

  22. I’d have to go with L’Artisan…Tea for Two, Dzing and Iris Pallida. I’d have chosen CB I Hate Perfume and Black March, Winter 1972, and Room With a View but they are all so brief on my skin.I think if I had to pick just one favorite right now though it would be Serge Lutens and Fille en Aiguilles….it’s the smell of pine trees in Heaven.

    • Samantha – have you tried Wazamba? And if so, how do FeA and Wazamba compare? Thanks!

  23. You guys crack me up! =))

    Mine would be Guerlain

    vintage Mitsouko
    Parure (which is discontinued but this is fantasy so I have ALLLL the bottles that I want/need)
    l’Imperiale – for those migraine-y days

    indie would be Liz Zorn:
    Historical Chypre (now called something else… Centennial! okay, that.
    Green Oakmoss
    Violets and Rainwater

    (I can hear all my other scents muttering with barely-suppressed rage, as they arm themselves with flaming cudgels and pitchforks 😮

    xo >-)

    • I really must try Violets and gets a fair amount of love and love the imagery in my head when I hear the name. Whether the scent will match remains to be seen…:-?

    • FLAMING CUDGELS! Okay, that’s my curse phrase for the week.

      What is Liz’ chypre thingy like? Anything like the Coty (I’ve only smelled the 80s rerelease edt), or the DSH?

      • Liz’s chypres are closest in style to the Coty that I’ve found – and they are (in my mind, anyway) her signatures. She has a great sample program – if you are a chypre lover, you must try Centennial and Love Speaks Primeval (LSP is a bit sweeter)….but also Green Oakmoss and…well go on the site and booble around, you’ll find some lovelies there. I don’t get the same love out of the DSH collection, for some reason….:-?

        xo >-)

        my curse phrase for the week is FIEND SEIZE HIM! I’m tired of throwing f-bombs, considering it lazytalk. I will use Flaming Cudgels next week (let me know how that fares, will you?)


        • I’ll report on Flaming Cudgels. (Next up is “Silence in a Fez!” It’s Jarvis’ fault.)

          I have not explored Liz’ site nearly in-depth enough, apparently.

        • Ladies, I have a great one for a future Curse of the Week. I work in the oil business and my supervisor spent many years in the Middle East. No one, but no one, curses with the fluidity and elegance of the Arabs.

          His favorite phrase when angry at someone is “that scrofulous son of a poxy camel” . Considering he’s a Scot with a pronounced burr, hearing him roll that phrase out is quite the experience.

          • What part of the oil biz are you in? I’m in Renewables, though we do some petrol stuff – and my guys (none are Arab) in Renewables construction are all country people. They actually don’t swear much (not too many f-bombs, surprisingly) but some of the hill people curses….I’ll have to pay better attention…:-? but I remember some of them taking my breath away!

            xo >-)

            • My company provides oilfield services of all types, from preliminary geological survey up through and including drilling, capping and closure. My particular division is Evaluation, Data Collection and Intervention. In English, that means we do various types of testing and offer various analyses regarding the results we obtain.

              We have a facility in Flora, IL, which might be somewhere near you.

              • It’s near a bunch of our plants – we should tawk, see if we can be of service (we’re actually global but near is always good 🙂 ) If you’re inclined…info AT bearboring Dot com.

                xo >-)

                ps. what perfume(s) do you wear to plants? I wear pre-reform Mitsouko. Seems to work!

                • We’re multinational, too. I work for the company with the big red “W”. I imagine at some point on the planet we probably do some business with you. :D I’ll have to ask my guys.

                  I do a lot of traveling, all over the world, so I honestly had to choose my work perfume carefully. There are so many people who are inexplicably offended by certain scents. And as much as I love BWF scents, they are Big White Flops in the oilfield.

                  After a lot of experimentation, I settled on Serge’s Gris Clair. It just seems appropriate to hard hats and coveralls in a way that many scents don’t. It also gives off a ‘take me seriously’ vibe that is still sometimes necessary in our male-dominated working world.

                  When I’m in the office, though, anything goes. I’m the only female in the regional office and trained my 35 co-workers to notice and appreciate quality fragrances. Several wives thanked me at our last Christmas party, as their husbands’ fragrance-buying ventures had improved by leaps and bounds. lol

                  • Teri –

                    Wait! we’re ‘global’ in the sense that we supply all over the place – but that’s where the comparison ends! =)) My shop is custom – and and would fit in one of your smaller ….I dunno…..derricks? Hell, probably just the bottom part of the left side of the derrick. Go on our website to see what we do. It’s all custom, some large, some small – and to peeps all over the place – but your company could step on us with the tip of its left little toenail, squash us like a bug….and never even notice!

                    But we’d still love to work with you! ;))

                    xo >-)

          • Teri, my former boss spent many years in the “oil bidness” mainly in Saudi Arabia. Even though he had retired from the business when I worked for him, he liked to refer to all his new employees as “worms.” I knew I’d made it when he started referring to me as a “top hand.” :-)

        • That’s a classic Regency curse! I also just read someone called a Baffle-to-All-Human-Understanding. I thought that was pretty original.

          • I KNEW someone would catch that one! Yep, if you know your Regency curses, that’s a real standout! I love using it.

            xo >-)

            • expletive-ish phrases from the 18th century – considered risque back then (no gentlewoman would EVER utter any of those phrases)… some of them sort of the equivalent of our flinging ‘sob’ and f-bombs now….but not quite as unattractive 😉

              xo >-)

      • You guys are doubling me over with all the hilarious “curses”!

      • Patou is a hard house to limit one’s self to, I think. Vacances and Joy are both serious loves…but I don’t think I could come up with a third for a ‘forever’ scent….:-?

        xo >-)

      • I ADORE Vacances. But I agree with Musette, Patou is hard to limit oneself to. I find most of the others — and I’ve tried a fair few — just too heavy to really like, even if I admire their composition. It always amazes me that my beloved, carefree Vacances came from the same house that produced Chaldee and Moment Supreme.

  24. This is too hard. Okay, I pick Chanel Coromandel, Bel Respiro and Eau Premiere:((

    • Hi Dleep, I’m with you on the luscious Coromandel and Bel Respiro but not as keen on the Eau Premiere. I’ll take Cristalle perhaps …

      • If I had Chanel I would take Cuir de Russie parfum (parfum ONLY), Bel Respiro and No 5 Parfum (not the edp).

        so there. [-(


        xo >-)

        • musette – how different is the cuir parfum from the edt? The edt is nice- but I thought it was little too- I don’t know- high pitched powdery sweet. I liked Prada Cuir Ambre better, I think *hides*

          • The parfum is the edt with a Guerlainade base…to my nose.

            • you are too sweet! You cannot spoil me like this!!..:) (you *have* piqued my interest though- edt+ guerlainade sounds like the right amount of ‘heft’)

          • Cuir de Russie in parfum is warm, heartstopping perfection. I like the EdT a lot and plan on getting a bottle, but the parfum makes me crazed with love.

            I have to go lie down now.

  25. I’m going with three houses, since I find the other option too difficult to contemplate:

    L’Artisan, for being my house of perfume “discovery.” I think Safran Troublant might have been my first experience in the world of great perfume (high-end, niche, whatever you want to call it), so I have to give them props for that. I had never smelled anything like it at the time, and the realization that there was of world of scents that ranged so far beyond the Macy’s counter was a thrilling one.

    Serge Lutens, for making SO MANY lovely, deep, strange and compelling scents. I couldn’t live without Feminite du Bois or Douce Amere.

    Hermes, for all of the high-pitched, ethereal, transparent loveliness that is the Jean Claude Ellena pantheon of perfumes.

  26. Chanel no5, no19 and no22 – all vintage, and with all the bath products too.

    But in real life, you know, I don’t have to limit myself to one house, much less three scents!

  27. I’ll do you one better: all of my picks are from one line of one house. I’m going with from Cartier’s Les Heures de Parfum, specifically Trezieme, Fougeuse, and Diaphane.

    • Good job, Disteza! You’ve definitely got the lock on one-stop shopping! I love several of the Heures, too, especially No. 12, I think it is.

  28. Great topic:

    As I am a Guerlie-girl, I have to say Guerlain with Shalimar, L’Heure Bleue and Chamade (or Habit Rouge or Vol de Nuit…arghh)

    But that would leave out my beloved Chaos so I could go Donna Karan and have Chaos, Wenge Essence and Black Cashmere

    This is hard…:((

    • Hi, M! Between the Guerlain and the Karan sounds like you’ve got your bases very well-covered. I can’t wait for cooler weather to wear the Wenge and even try mixing it with one or two of the others.

      • Hi Ann! Do try the Wenge with Chaos- it is simply gorgeous! Hope you are well and that the crises are well in hand now. :)

        • Yes, thanks, sweetie!! And I will be sure to do Chaos/Wenge the first coolish day we have — although it could be October around here. :(

  29. No hesitation for me, provided it’s PRE-reformulation!


    Nuit de Noel
    Or et Noir

    I’d miss Joy and TPIM horribly; thank goodness this is just a fabntasy!

    • Tammy, I forgot what a huge Caron fangirl you are. And ladies, that Poivre does sound mighty nice …

      • Yup Poivre is amazing- I picked the Malle Noir Epices because it evokes Poivre and is easier to find (though it is a lovely perfume in its on own right – it acts as a sort of Poivre fix for me..:))

        • Lavanya, that’s good to know. I like the FM Epices and am glad to hear that it resembles the Poivre.

  30. Gotta go with Gobin-Daude (she writes, with tear welling in her eyes)

    Nuit au Desert
    Sous le Buis
    Seve Exquise (though if there were no more bottles of this to be had anywhere I would happily substitute vintage Chamade)


    • Another line I’ve yet to explore, Mariekel. (Puts on sampling wish list immediately.)

  31. If I were forced to pick three houses I suppose I’d go with:

    L’Artisan (Fou d’Absinthe, Mechant Loup, Al Oudh)
    Guerlain (Vetiver, Habit Rouge, Derby (original))
    Serge Lutens (Iris Silver Mist, El Attarine, Chene)

    And if I were forced to pick one of the above three, I suppose with a lot of tears and trepidation I’d choose L’Artisan.

    • You Chanel fangirls are rocking it today! I so wanted to love Sycomore when it came out, but, horror of horrors, it smelled a bit too much like “weed” smoke on me. I got a couple of funny looks. :(

  32. OOOOOH. Deliberates. Cogitates. Guerlain? Shalimar Ode a La Vanille, Apres L’Ondee and Vetiver? Chanel Beige, No 5 and Cristalle? Gotta be Chanel

  33. ack! this is distressing. have to cheat and pick houses: Guerlain, Serge Lutens, Frederick Malle.

    • Don’t worry, dear, you’re in very good company. Think I might have to go back and cheat, too. :)
      Maybe Le Labo, Malle (for the Carnal Flower mainly) and perhaps Roja Dove (for the Unspoken, Scandal and the semi-bespoke No. 4 — thanks to London, I’m loving it!).

  34. Guerlain Vol de Nuit, Chamade and Paris-Tokyo (though I prefer Cologne du 68 but I need something for the summer)
    Closely followed by Chanel 31 Rue Cambon, Bois des Iles and Cristalle EDT
    Third place would be Caron Alpona, Parfum Sacre and Nuit de Noel

    • Hi, London, forgot how nice some of those Guerlains are. And you’re in good company with the Chanels and Carons.

  35. This is hard – been mulling it over all day…

    If I’m feeling high-brow, it would have to be Chanel. No5 EDP, No22 EDT and 28 La Pausa.

    For something I could live with everyday, Dior – Diorissimo, Ambre Nuit, and Hypnotic Poison.

    Or then there’s Hermes, Hiris, Vetiver Tonka and Osmanthe Yunnan.

    Ok, that’s 3 from 3, so I cheated a little…

    • Kirsten, it is hard but kinda fun to ponder. It was good for me because it made me think about what I enjoy the most.

  36. a no-brainer for me having been a Chanel addict since I was 6 and got into my grandmother’s No 5
    Chanel No 5 (I will cheat and include all it’s permutations), Cuir de Russie, and 31 Rue Cambon
    but that forces me to leave out Bois Des Iles, No 22, and No 19. Sigh.

    • Hi, Kim. You’re definitely a lifetime Chanel lover. Just enjoy them all. Have you tried the new 19 yet?

      • yes, I did
        can’t decide if I like it or not, seems to depend on the weather
        in the air conditioning of summer, it has a muskiness that I don’t like but it is nice layered with No 19 parfum
        I don’t think it is a winner like No 5 Eau Premiere

        • Hey, Kim. Maybe it will be a little better when the temps cool down slightly. The layering does sound good though.

  37. I think about this kind of quiz all the time to keep my mind distracted. It’s so hard! If I’m playing by strict rules, it has to be Chanel: No 5 (either Eau Premier or vintage parfum), Coco and Cristalle edp. But… if I were to pick the three fragrances I couldn’t live without, it would be Ormonde Jayne Ta’if, Guerlain Chamade and Chanel Eau Premier. Funny how that works. There are too many beautiful fragrances for sure!

    • Hi, Ann. Glad you’re enjoying the Ta’if and that it made the cut. Have you sprung for a full bottle yet?

      • Ann – Yes, I did. I kind of used the debt ceiling debacle as an excuse – I was worried the dollar would fall vs. the pound. I was going to wait until birthday/Xmas, but there is no time like the present when world financial markets are at stake. I love it and it sits proudly in it’s red box on top of my dresser. Ta’if is now my HG fragrance.

        • Hooray for you, Ann and congratulations! I may have to adopt your “approach” one of these days. Enjoy your new beauty!

  38. This is actually easy. One house that has three very different favorites that I always enjoy wearing is Pafum d’Empire. The three favorites are Ambre Russe, Osmanthus Interdite, and Wazamba. With a holy grail amber, a lovely floral, and an interesting incense, I’d be set.

  39. Perfect! Sounds like you’ve got all your bases covered there. I like Wazamba but need to try the others one of these days.

  40. Also Chanel, if push came to shove: vintage Cristalle; Sycomore; and Cologne would get me through the seasons.

      • vintage Cristalle EDT is THE best summer perfume (well, that and Diptyque Virgilio). LOVE.

  41. I’d go with By Kilian and pick Beyond Love (the tuberose), Liaisons Dangereuses and either Pure Oud or Rose Oud.

    Though if price were no object, why not some Xerjoffs in the murano or precious stone bottles, though I don’t know the brand well enough to pick – I do like Irisss and Damarose, I know. :-)

    • Yay! A vote for By Kilian! I love LD, too. As for the Xerjoffs, haven’t found one to love yet but there’s still time …

  42. Chanel.

    I do not want to like Chanel so much–I am not a big fan of la belle Coco–but there it is.

    Bois des Iles, No. 19, and mabe La Pausa or No. 22.

    • Probably No. 22, since if I am stuck with three scents, may as well go total classic. And 19 is modern enough for all time.

      • BBJ, you’re in good company — I think Chanel is one of the big winners here today.

  43. I’m on the Chanel love boat, too. It’s my favorite house by far. The three I’d take are No. 19 edp, Bois des Iles, and 28 La Pausa. It’s hard to choose. I’d also love to have 31 Rue Cambon, Cuir de Russie, and Eau Premiere, too. Ah well.

      • Amen, ladies, it’s a tough choice. But for me the nod goes to Cristalle, which is just a touch friendlier on my skin than the 19.

        • Totally opposite for me – No 19 is crisp and pungent but much nicer on my skin than Cristalle. Something in Cristalle goes off on me, no matter which version of it I try

  44. Serge, most definitely: Santal Blanc, Douce Amere, and Chypre Rouge, I guess, although it’s hard to choose. I would miss Mitsouko and vintage Parfum d’Hermes extrait, but I would manage somehow.

    • Let’s hear it for the Serge contingent! I like many of them but only love, love, love two: Fleurs d’ Citronnier and Chergui. I want to try the Douce Amere soon though.

  45. For Classic, I’d take Chanel: 19; 31, Rue de Cambon; Coromandel.
    To make sure I’d always have one I loved: Frederic Malle: Lipstick Rose, Bigarade Concentree, Noir Epice.
    Hermes: Voyager, Pamplemousse Rose, Eau de Merveilles
    And that’s just the big names. I can do a whole basketful of the DSHs, the Liz Zorns, (whose new name I can’t remember, and when I finally remember it, can’t spell), Sonoma Studio, MCMC, Smell Bent, you know. . .

    • You’re mighty prepared there, Quinn. You’ve got favorites from all over so no matter what house land on, you’ve got a winner. BTW, haven’t forgotten you — just have to get to the P.O. when it opens again. Have a great holiday weekend!

      • Oops, that should have been “no matter what house you land on”. Sorry …

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