Spring Top Ten (goes to 11)

SPRING IS HERE!!!   (Make sure to check above or below this for Ari’s first post – you really, really don’t want to miss it! Yes, it’s two posts today!)


Never mind that it’s a blustery 39F, with a gale-force wind.  The lilacs are out, the robins are fighting….time for some Spring Scents!  I’m thinking about Iris – a lot.  It’s just cool enough to hone the stainless steel blade of that beautiful root (iris always smells, to me,  a bit like a freshly sharpened knife).  Now is the time for Xerjoff’s gorgeous Irisss.  Cool, chic, soignee – but still firmly grounded.  One spritz makes me feel like I lost 20 lbs and gained several inches (and a hefty trust fund).  And yet I’m grounded enough to pick up my own drycleaning.  Did you know Maserati makes an SUV?  And Xerjoff makes Irisss.

Iris 39, with that carrot!    I always think of this as a green/brown scent rather than the typical midnight blues and purples that iris usually conjures.  As the weather warms this becomes difficult for me to wear – the heat brings out that buttery smell that carrots have and gives my stomach nerves some anxiety.  But in this cooler weather (35F at night/ 50s daytime) it’s just perfect.  It is that pale bronzey-green shantung sheath I would wear, if that color looked good on me (it doesn’t).  Since I can’t wear the color, I wear the fragrance instead.

Delrae Mythique.  Patty and I just talked about this scent – we both love it but think it’s a bit heavy for warmer weather.  Which means a cool Spring day (or a nippy night) is the perfect time to celebrate this gorgeous homage to Iris. It took me awhile to understand this one – at first I thought Delrae Roth had lost her everlovin’ mind – but third try?  I was hooked.  I remember testing it last year, then going outside to mulch flower beds and rake leaves.  50degree temps and a slight elevation in body heat made this one just blossom!!


Ann’s picks:

Byredo La Tulipe: I’m not the world’s biggest floral fan, but this is just so
sheer and pretty — how can I resist? Serge Lutens’ Bas de Soie: Didn’t care that much for this when it first came out,
but found myself craving it a while back and had to snag a sample. It creates a
cool, crisp aura on warm days when I need a bit of professional chill.
Three-way tie between original Cristalle, Cristalle Eau Verte and Maison Margiela Untitled:
Gotta have my greens and any one of these is a great way to get my fix.
I’m thinking about pairing the MMM body lotion with the other two (not together)
to see what happens.
(btw – the italics and breaks are because I liked it!  I think it’s pretty!)
March’s picks:  Spring, schming.  I wear what I want.  My “office fragrance” dignity lasted about six weeks (I know, right?  Huge surprise.)  Now I wear anything I want, and if they think I smell weird, so be it.  We’ve had the typical mid-Atlantic spring where I am literally switching the house from heat to A/C to heat to A/C to heat…. it’s been cold-ish recently.  You know what I’m loving? Mitsouko.  Yep, good ol’ Mitsy.  Probably not everyone’s first choice for the office, but I put on a tiny dab of the extrait (which is all you need) and I’m ready for pretty much anything.  My daughter Diva wore a vintage-style dress to the prom, which she had made for her on Etsy.  That’s her to the left, with her posse, they go to the prom in packs these days.  I’m sure a bunch of you remember my original post years ago about how crappy the dress options were for teenagers.  Anyhoo, her dress had a cherry pattern, shaped bodice and halter-style top, flared skirt (with crinoline), and some killer heels.  She wore deep-wine-colored roses in her hair instead of a corsage… and she wore Mitsouko, because her mama dabbed it on her.  I was fascinated by how it smelled on her.  Mitsy on me is lovely, really, but it’s take-no-prisoners.  You’re not cuddling up to Mitsy.  On Diva, it was the smell of peaches, collected by angels at dawn, with a little moss.  It was stunning.
Patty’s picks (Dammit, Musette, do NOT give me colors, italics or anything else!):Furious (crap!  buuuusted! Hell Boy)
Totally going with Byredo La Tulipe FTW!  I don’t know what kind of Spring Crack they put in this, but once the weather starts heating up a little and the pollen and lilacs are blooming, I huff this like there is no tomorrow.  And my new fragrance obsessions – Mary Chess vintage soliflores – tuberose, caranation, white lilac.  I read that the Tuberose was Lana Turner’s go-to fragrance and she ordered it by the case. Um, HFS, I can see why.  I don’t know if it’s spring or not, but this little bit I have must be 4o years old and smells stunning.  Now, do not go out on eBay and start bidding against me this stuff or I will be quite vexed.  What, What?  I didn’t say anything about something that I don’t want anyone else hunting for.   And Musette sent me some Beloved.  I really should just choke her. It’s mesmerizing in all the best ways.  I admire the Amouage fragrances, but Lyric is the only one that’s a big winner for me, the one I crave. But Beloved, with it’s Really Beloved Price Tag is on the list.  More to come next week, if I can stay off the phone with Bergdorf asking them if they have it in yet.
And from our sweetie, Tom:
I chose as my favorite of spring Malle’s French Lover on PST but I’m going to mention a second one that’s like French Lover’s evil twin: Lutens’ Musc Kublai Kahn.  During the day when I want to project an air of “respectable person” at meetings I love French Lover (and love telling people what I’m wearing) but in the evening when I’m dealing with LA’s famous “May Greys” I can curl up in the warm, feral embrace of MKK and all is right in the world..
photo:  Laburnum Walk at my house.  Yah.  Okay,  Laburnum Walk at Barnsley Housse.  Dang.
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  • Diva looks adorable in her dress! My daughter went to the prom with a group of friends this year also. I’m glad they do that now–takes all the pressure of having to get a “date” off and they all have a blast! No denying her, either! She’s the picture of you! Beautiful!

    Love all your perfume picks, especially La Tulipe. I know a lot of people aren’t crazy about it but I really liked Phaedon’s Rue des Lilas (lilac, muguet and powder) as well!

  • nozknoz says:

    Musette, you devil! <3 I want that arbor, too!

    I took one look at that photo and knew that March was among us. Among that adorable pack of young people (they totally restore one's faith in the future) my eye was immediately drawn to Diva's dress – that kid has awesome taste! And I'm so glad to learn you no longer feel you have to wear Chanel No. 19 Poudre every day. You must be settling in just fine at the no longer so new job.

    I love all these spring perfume ideas!

  • Teri says:

    I’ve been all about La Haie Fleurie this spring. Not sure why I’m craving it so or why it satisfies me so much right now, but rather than analyzing, I’m just enjoying.

    One thing seems obvious from reading the comments — I NEED to try Chamade. I don’t believe I ever had and it seems to be quite loved. Guerlains and I have a prickly relationship….the Guerlainade and my skin don’t play well together. But even if Chamade is not for me, I still want to try it.

  • Victoria says:

    I’m always fascinated how different Mitsouko smells on everyone. I can just imagine thee young Diva trailing that veil of peaches. Love the dress too!

  • Suzy Q says:

    In heavy rotation this spring:

    Chamade pdt
    No. 5 Eau Premiere
    Calandre in the morning and when that wears off, Cristalle edp
    Infusion d’Iris edp in the morning, freshened up with the absolue version in the afternoon
    Hilde Soliani Il Tuo Tulipano Mals’s review: http://themuseinwoodenshoes.com/perfume-review-hilde-soliani-il-tuo-tulipano-plus-a-giveaway/

    • Poodle says:

      I love Calandre. I went through two bottles of that stuff back in high school. I should track down some more.

      • Suzy Q says:

        Poodle, I know, I know. I wore it in college, going through the edp, parfum, soap, lotion, powder, bath oil–my mom always knew what to give me for holidays. I hadn’t smelled it for years until I got bitten by the perfume bug again.

  • Mals86 says:

    THIS ONE GOES TO ELEVEN! And thanks for the smile.

    Miss A, I want that bronzey-green dress, just so my strawberry-blonde teenage daughter can wear it. Or, better yet, I want it on my copper-haired, hazel-eyed sister. Sigh. For all her whinin’ about her hair, I still would have traded her so fast it woulda made her head spin.

    Spring is the time when I usually have the hardest time picking what to wear, because the “green florals” section of my collection is probably the largest proportion of anything I own. And, funnily enough, I’m not seeing anything on the Posse list that I love in Springtime… Also strangely, I’m stuck on repeat: Le Temps d’une Fete, Le Temps d’une Fete, Le Temps d’une Fete, despite the fact that I practically live in this one three seasons anyway.

    LOVE Diva’s dress! She looks amazing. I made Bookworm’s prom dress myself (the zipper angst nearly killed me), because she didn’t like the options available to her, either. And what a beautiful description of Mitsy on her… Mama love knows no bounds.

  • Barbara says:

    I remember the crappy dress option post-think it was one of the first I read! No couples in the group? For homecoming here they go in packs, but don’t know about prom yet. My son says he will only go to prom if he has a girlfriend at the time

    Being a big oriental/woody person a light spring scent for me is L’Eau D’Hiver!

  • Joanna says:

    I’ve been drunk on Chamade and Quadrille lately…not at the same time although I might try that when my perfume buzz starts to crash. Chamade during the day and Quadrille in the evening have been perfect with the weather and my mood.
    I really like Delrae Mythique as well and luv me some French Lover. Iris just never works on me but I’ve been meaning to sample Tulipe.

  • Eldarwen 22 says:

    I don’t know why but I have been starting to crave Chanel no 19 in EDP form and EDT form and Deneuve in parfum form. I’m about to get a green sampler pack to see if I find a new love.

  • Patricia Hall Borow says:

    Olfacta here — I guess this FB-linky thing has blown my secret identity (oh well). I have a tiny bit of the Xeroff Iriss — a gift from a generous fume head friend — and it is very, very, very powdery on me but it lasts for-ev-ah, and we’re talking 12+ hours here. Have been loving my good ol’ have Eau Parfumee Extreme, too. And Odalisque, the reformulated version of which is very heavy on the LoV. Going to a big party tonight and I might just wear Fracas perfume if I don’t lose my nerve, vintage Mitsouko if I do.

    March, Diva looks amazing. Such style. But how could we expect otherwise?

    • Ann says:

      Hey, lady! Good to see you and hope you’re doing better. Here’s to you wearing Fracas and knocking ’em dead!

  • Carrie says:

    Our spring has turned cooler and damp, and I have been craving Mitsouko too! I bet I’ve worn it every day for the last week. Today the sun will be out so I was thinking about Cristalle, but it won’t be warm enough. I will wear Diorella then, she is a bit warmer than Cristalle. 🙂

    I love your blog, I’ve been lurking most of the year!

    • Ann says:

      Hi, Carrie, and welcome to the Posse! We’re so glad you de-lurked. I want to try Diorella again one of these days — I like your thought that she might be a little less chilly than Cristalle.

  • Patty says:

    March,Diva looks amazing! She has a great sense of style, and that is so cool to see!

    • Ann says:

      Also singing the praises for the lovely Diva and her gorgeous style. You go, girl! Thanks for sharing that great pic!

  • FragrantWitch says:

    First, soignee is one of my very favourite words. It just sounds like what it is..perfect. Also love voluptuary but I digress…
    Irisss always sounds lovely but the few Xerjoffs I have sampled have been just meh to me. I know they get lots of love but I can’t see it…yet, anyway. If I had Irisss, I would struggle not to sound like Gollum ‘Irisss, my preciousss’ :Wink:

    March, your daughter looks great! The retro look suits her and its nice to see a teenager who doesnt feel the need to display as much flesh as possible. :Approve: And your description of Mitsouko on her is wonderful. I want to smell like peaches collected by angels at dawn!

  • Poodle says:

    It may be looking like spring but it feels like winter so I’m still getting some mileage from my cold weather scents like Tea for Two. When the sun, if the sun, comes back out I may shift gears and spritz on some Cristalle or even Fracas. When I think spring I think either green or big white floral. Cartier Baiser Vole will probably be in the rotation too.