Leaping and Hopping!

Hi, eerryyone!  ‘Tis moi, Musette, filling in for Cinnamon today~  Leaping and Hopping!  That’s the temps around here – yesterday it was 81F – and a solid 81F at that – none of this ‘feels like’ stuff.  A lovely, warm… Continue Reading

Mitsouko 100 Years

Hello Posse! Mitsouko is the most talked about fragrance currently on the scentbloggosphere. 100 years is a real feat in the 21st century where so much is about new and so little is about history. You probably know the history. Matvey… Continue Reading

(My) Best Transitional Perfumes – and The Winners!

We are having the strangest weather here:  23F one day and 53F 2 days later!  Hard to know what to wear, so I’ve been hauling out transitional perfumes that will not send me screaming from one end of the spectrum… Continue Reading

Spring Top Ten (goes to 11)

SPRING IS HERE!!!   (Make sure to check above or below this for Ari’s first post – you really, really don’t want to miss it! Yes, it’s two posts today!)   Never mind that it’s a blustery 39F, with a… Continue Reading